Ugghhhhhhh *mumble*... bullshit....whyyyyyy.....fcking gonna go back to hell again.

Heyyy wassup it's your gal kate *cringes*.
Summer vacation is over, because of that I'm feeling very shitty right now. School will start tommorow and i have not prepared my things yet. You know the best part of school is having to wake up early in the morning at 5:00 am, it's just dreadful.

I checked my phone to see if my friends were online...ugh my friends. Don't get me wrong I miss them and I have fun with them but my group of friends that used to have 9 members became 4. We used to be so happy with each other, the last few months of my first year in highschool (grade 9/freshman/in japan for example would be year 1) was filled with drama...i fucking hated it. Anyways *awkwardly laughs* most of them transferred to other schools and the conflict was resolved...

*ping!* someone messaged me it was my friend Yui. She was the mom of the group, she always took care of us and scolded us because of watching too many perverted shit. She was the person we relied on because she was responsible. Excellent grades,nice person,beautiful,and talented
You name it! that was our friend Yui.

Yui: hey do you know what to bring tommorow?

Kate:surprisingly yes but idk what my class is 😁

Yui: hahaha is that you? luckily we're all in the same class!

Kate:hahaha niiccee

Yui: There are 2 new transfer students this year a guy and a girl

Kate:  is that so, what are their names?

Yui: Erika Kousaka and Kaito Fujiwara

Kousaka and Fujiwara hmmm,kate thought

Yui: hey i need to arrange some stuff for tommorow ttyl


Kate checked her phone again to see if her other friends were online.

Guess they're not...knowing my friends they are probably not ecstatic to go to school tommorow.Well time to fix my things things.

After she fixed her things she finally went to bed


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