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Warning This fiction contains:
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 What if the next time you fall asleep you don't wake up?

My name is Caleb Huff and I used to be a typical teenager from Chicago, working a shitty night shift and living in a shitty apartment while trying to eek out a living and go to college.

Now though, I'm fighting every day to remain awake when suddenly everyone in the world loses the ability to wake up from sleep. Sleep is one of those things you can't get away from, and once I fall asleep I find that after saving a woman's life that the reality I have long known is quite a bit different than how we all thought it was and that I've inadvertently given myself a bit of a leg up.

Hey, thanks for takign the time to read my story!

I'm a pretty new writer and I'm taking the time to improve myself and have some fun while creating this story. If you have any constructive critism or parts where you think I sound stilted or janky let me know, I'm here to try to improve as well as to entertain.

I'm going to have some reader interactive elements in the story once we get past the prologe too, so look out!

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