Doomed Dungeon



Chapter Four, The Dungeon of Castration

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Bastill watched as the sculpture’s head dissolved on the ground, the rest of the statue took on a radiant red glow. Despite being the statue being headless he still oozed a sense of accomplishment, as if it had won the battle. A notification popped into Bastill’s view. He briefly checked it before turning his attention to his uninvited guest who had caused him to decapitate his creation. As he mumbled to himself in his mind.

Sculpture Completed

Headless Winged Angel of Victory

Effects- Creatures of this room that are of this domain are capable of continuing fighting with their heads cut off for up to two minutes.


Now my dungeon will be known for headless creatures. Just Perfect. I know I don’t know everything about dungeons, but I do know headless creatures are supposed to die. Not run around with their head cut off for two minutes.


**        **                    **                    Alice Everglade                        **                    **            **


Alice’s blue eyes were currently tracking the most peculiar birds she had ever seen through a heavily forested area. She noticed them staring at her, while they rested on a branch. She ignored them for a while. After watching her for a while they began to land near where she was picking herbs. When she went over to them, they would casually fly over to another area. When looking at the area they had been in, she noticed rarer herbs. This happened twenty more times until it freaked her out. It was almost like they were learning her habits. After she decided these weren’t ordinary birds she decided to follow them. They seemed to have realized this and started to fly off into the wilderness only resting to let her catch up. They also would come back if she got lost. She was officially freaked out.

These birds could be leading to my death, but I will be on my guard. Besides a little danger always gives you more rewards. Plus, anything is better than picking herbs every day for the next couple months. To get further you need to risk it.

Alice had just joined the adventurer’s guild this month. So far, the only thing they let her do was collect herbs, which could be turned in for rewards and Guild points. She would only need to make about twenty more herb trips to be taken seriously and taken on a dangerous mission where she could actually kill some creatures. She had been out traveling for the last week. She had taken her horse about three days away from the city of Azul. The city of Azul was a medium sized mining town that drew a decent amount of iron and copper.

Of course, the herb gathering was a safe quest to partake. There were occasional animal attacks, but they were mostly harmless. Still it was not ranked as a hard mission and the harder missions rewarded far more coin and experience. Alice could certainly handle a couple wolves with the spear she had sheathed onto her back. Not that it was ever sheathed for long. When she wasn’t kneeling to gather herbs, she was quick drawing and spinning it with incredible skill and dexterity. While following the birds she quickly glanced at her Stat Menu.


Stat Menu

Level:12,   Race: Human,   Name: Alice Everglade,   Age: 15,   Gender: Female,   Vocation: Vanguard


Strength:15,   Constitution:19,   Dexterity:26,   Intelligence:17,   Wisdom:10,   Charisma:12


Spear Goddess- Your non-stopped handling of the spear from a young age has lead you to create some of your very own spear moves. You level Skill Spear Mastery 50% faster than most. You also gain the Skill Spear Ingenuity.


Spear Mastery: 45, Advanced,   Herb Gathering: 29, Intermediate,   Spear Ingenuity: 23, Intermediate,   Sewing: 18, Novice,   Forestry: 7, Novice,   Tracking: 8, Novice,   Cooking: 26, Intermediate,   Observing: 27, Intermediate


            Most adventurers were around level nineteen to thirty-nine. Rank B and up were harder to get into. Alice’s skill level in spear mastery was rare among beginner members. Her father had also used the spear and she had been taught and trained ever since she was young. The Vanguard Vocation focused are on being the assaulting and absorbing damage also known as tanking. In this case she usually wouldn’t do any tanking since she didn’t have any armor yet, however she could still draw all the attention and dodge nearly every attack with her high dexterity and reflex’s. She was quite the rare beginning adventurer. Some were even just starting their weapon training. Yet they still got taken on some of the more dangerous missions.

Part of the reason she wasn’t going on better missions was due to the fact that her father refused to give her any special treatment and no one knew who her father was, because she kept that secret. She went by a different last name currently to hide her lineage. The rest of the reason was due to their prejudice against females being on the front line. They didn’t think females were very effective in combat. Something about not strong enough, too emotional, and the typical period comments. If they had known who her father was they would have sucked up to her and been kinder, but she didn’t want to carve a path with her father’s name. She hid their relationship and therefore they treated her like shit, even though she could probably beat those a rank above her.

            The birds had finally lead her to a clearing that was snug against a mountainside. What truly shook her core though was the small doorway leading inside the mountain. She was rather wary now. Remembering stories of cults carving lairs and ceremonial rooms into mountains to carry out horrid rituals out of sight from society. She began to worry that someone had controlled the birds in order to lure her to an early grave or long torture. Despite her worry she decided to take a risk and continued to the door frame. She dismounted from her steed and tied it off on a nearby tree. She couldn’t imagine what a small room would be doing in the side of the hill, but she felt an irrational need to check it. If it was something she felt she couldn’t handle, then she would retreat and go tell the Adventurer Guild.

            She walked across the clearing and approached the door. As she stepped into the room her gaze instantly went right to the giant glowing goddess that was shedding tears of blood. She had never seen anything so beautiful. She stumbled forward and went to her knees as she gazed upon the goddess. It took her several minutes to realize that it was actually a statue and not alive. She realized that her attention to her surrounding had completely left, and she had been wide open for any attack. Since nothing had decided to attack her she guessed it wasn’t all an elaborate trap. She noticed the plaque and read it out loud, “Here I stand, the Goddess of The Dungeon, I weep for those Adventurers who fall, gift to me and I will it in kind, I will watch over you. For I am the Goddess of The Dungeon.”

            Alice then realized this was a dungeon. The closest dungeon before had been about a month away by horse. Finding a new one was quite fortuitous. She hadn’t recognized the dense mana due to having been completely captivated by the Statue of the goddess. Dungeons were huge boons when discovered in a region. The finder was always offered a generous prize reward and increased reputation. She would be able to buy herself decent armor and even a great spear. Although dungeons were known to be very dangerous, it wasn’t uncommon for dungeons to have a safe area, which is what she suspected this area was. After all someone had enough time to sculpt an amazing sculpture in the middle of the room.

Deciding that this area was safe zone in the dungeon after peering around the rest of the room. The only other thing in the room was a bird nest. If the dungeon didn’t get rid of such an average creature then the room must certainly be pretty safe. Intrigued by the plaque she decided to give it a try and went to go gather some things from her horse. Nearly injuring herself as half her leg fell into a pitfall trap. Luckily it was only one foot wide and long, otherwise she would have been done in. She reminded herself to pay attention and didn’t fall for the remaining four. It was a miracle she hadn’t triggered any traps the first time. She rushed out to her horse, grabbed all the herbs she had spent the last week gathering and headed back inside. Upon approaching she bowed to the goddess and presented the herbs. Then she spoke to the statue, “For you the Goddess of The Dungeon, I present these herbs that I have spent the last week gathering, please accept my offering and continue to watch over me. I do pray for your tears to dry.”

            With that she tossed the herbs upon the stone platform she knelt upon. Instantly all the herbs dissolved. For a solid minute the statue stopped crying. Alice was completely mesmerized again. After the minute of dryness, the tears began to streak again. When they started again, Alice received a notification.

Offering Accepted

Thank you for your offering.

+Bonus for being the first: Unknown Reward in the future

+25% to all characterizes for the next 24 hours


            She was simply amazed at this generous reward. Not direct points added, but a percentage, meaning it would be incredibly beneficial for others, especially those at higher levels. Most increases in characteristics, while not only on the rare side, normally only increased one or two characteristic by a set number. This however gave it as a percentage and a massive one based off of what you already have. For someone that had all characteristics around 10 their stats would jump up to 12.5. For someone they had all characteristics around 30, their stats would jump up to 37.5. It was simply amazing. What really caught her eye was the bonus and the promise of an Unknown Reward in the future. She simply couldn’t imagine what it could be after receiving the other reward. It was sure to be amazing. She wondered how long it would take to get the reward.

            If she had known this was a dungeon in the first place she wouldn’t have entered, however the door was so ordinary that she hadn’t thought it through. She had been expecting to slay some evil doing sorcerer or sorceress. The birds were quite peculiar to lead her to such a treasure. She saddled back up and headed back to the city of Azul to report the finding to the Adventurer Guild Master. They would be able to take a team to test the dungeon in about a week. Three days back, one day to get the team together, and the last three days to travel back here. She hoped she could be on the team to test the dungeon, after all she did find it.

I guess those stories of evil sorcerers and sorceresses are just childish tales.




**        **                    **                    Bastill               **                    **        **


I get you’re happy about that Unknown Reward in the future. Now I just need to make sure that its equal parts punishment and reward. After all you beheaded my angel.


Offering Accepted

54 (Common) Toad Stool x .1 mana

Learned Toad Stool

28 (Uncommon) Moon Shade x.5 mana

Learned Moon Shade

10 (Rare) Mandrake root x 1 mana

Learned Mandrake root

Total: 29.4 Mana


The girl, which he had observed as Alice, had started to leave. While he had been extremely interested when she had been here he quickly lost interest. First, she was most likely bringing back more adventures, and second something very interesting had been going on in Bastill’s mind. Alice had managed to scare a fox into his dungeon before going in. He was quite aware that the Red Fox was much brighter than the other creatures he had. If it hadn’t been running in fear it would have never fallen for his pit fall traps. He knew this because a younger fox had come in before but had always been wary and avoided his traps. However, this fox had been more scared of Alice and ran into the dungeon for cover only to fall to its death. The death of the fox not only let him learn how to make a Red Fox but gave him thirty-five mana. This was more than any other creature so far.  Bastill assumed either size or intelligence was responsible for it.

He knew it was supposed to be wrong, but he was starting to wonder what would happen if he killed a human. Of course, he wouldn’t purposely try to kill a human, but this was his home and if his creatures killed them in self-defense then he wasn’t evil, was he? Bastill was simply protecting himself. It felt like the right thing to do. He knew it was wrong, but it just felt right. There’s no problem planning to kill things in self-defense, besides they still weren’t here yet. He has enough time to finalize the ethics and morality of this later. For now, he would just assume that his aim was to kill for self-defense. He could change his mind later

With Alice bringing back more adventurers, he needed to be ready for them. Everything needed to be perfect. The adventures would come in here in their standard groups of weapon swingers, healers, and maybe a mage or two. They would probably give him offerings in the first room. In the second room they will walk on through and continue to the last room where they will laugh at his headless statue. Then they would turn around and leave. Wait something seemed wrong with his plan… Maybe I need more rooms?


I have no god damn monsters to fight them…


The whole plan was for groups to come here and fight, but he had nothing to fight them. He did happen to have three Grey Squirrels and two birds…


Perfect the birds can shit on them and while they are distracted the squirrels will go for the nuts…


All this will achieve is castrating all the male adventures and possibly giving them a serious eye infection. They definitely won’t die and worse no one else will challenge the dungeon. No sane adventure would travel into a dungeon that held super weak creatures that planned on shitting on them and castrating them. He seriously needed to have something capable of fighting them. He still hadn’t figured out whether killing them is right or not, but if he died before he got to decide then it would all be pointless.

So it seems my philosophy is kill the adventures so I have enough time to figure out if killing them is the right choice. NO. This is self-defense. I am only doing this to ensure survival. I am not killing them for my own selfish gain. Or is killing them to live selfish?

Bastill had recently learned how to make foxes, however they seemed happier to go after smaller prey and using their wits to ambush them. Realistically they would hardly be a threat to a group of adventurers. He realized that his only real option to protect himself was to reach level four. When he reached the next level, he would earn a new power, which hopefully could summon some powerful creatures. Maybe an elemental creature or a cunning spirit. He couldn’t wait to see what he would be able to create. He now had about one and a half more days until his mana capacity was filled and the next level would come.

To be productive during this time he decided to do some sculpting. He decided to create two sculptures to the second room. He was amazed that the statues he had created so far seemed to each have a unique power. He loved making new creations and couldn’t wait to see the next result. He was still hoping that he would be able to summon a more powerful creature when he leveled up. If he couldn’t get any creatures before the adventures got here, he would be destroyed or simply ignored. He checked his Stat Menu briefly before he began sculpting the rooms to the stones desire.


Stat Menu

Level:3,   Race: Dungeon Core,   Name: Bastill


Mana Capacity: 100/250,   Mana Absorption: 75/day,   Creatures:5,   Rooms:3,   Floors:1


 Expand Consciousness- You can now use mana to expand your body around you, which in turn gives you a greater area of control. Current mana cost: 1 mana per every 4 cubic foot.

Passive Mana Absorption- You no longer need to pull mana to you. It is now naturally drawn towards your core. Current rate 75/Day. To increase grow stronger or larger.

Stone Touch- Due to your talent and diligence your ability working with stone has increased. You have a great understanding of the stone you work and are able to make stone you work on glow with radiance.

Observe- Ability to see the level and vocation of other creatures, while seeing the whole stat menu of dungeon creatures.

Dissolve- Lets you dissolve matter and recreate learned matter with mana.


Materials -1 cubic foot

Coal: 20, Dirt: .1, Agate:5, Quartz:5, Granite: .2, Marble:10,


 Grey Squirrel:10, Common Spider:.1, Blue Bird:15, Red Fox: 35


Door:1, Leaf: .1, Toad Stool: .1, Moon Shade: .5, Mandrake root: 1


Ceremonial BloodConfused??


**                    **                    **                    **                    **                    **                    **


After a day and a half of sculpting in the second room his two statues glowed. One silver and one yellow. As soon as he had finished he remembered that he had send the three squirrels to collect plants. He had ignored them after their large argument about picking important plants and not picking…

God dammit. The squirrels filled all the pitfalls with acorns. Maybe the Gods hate me.

            Bastill absorbed all the plants the squirrels had gathered. The majority mainly consisting of acorns even after their long discussion. I guess getting into arguments with squirrels wasn’t quite the sanest activity. The over a thousand acorns and plants, but mostly acorns, managed to net him a little over a hundred mana, which spilled over into his new capacity. He learned acorn, fern, elder berry bush, whistling leaf, and elves ear. He had broken into the fourth level but hadn’t had any time to glance it.

He stupidly realized with all the useless acorns he probably could have reached level four in half the time, but he enjoyed sculpting. In the future he needed to work on passively absorbing things that were put in his area of influence. He had managed to finish the two statues in the second room. He didn’t want to make one in the third room yet because he didn’t know what statue he could create that could counter balance his headless angel.

The first statue he made was a silver glowing knight in armor with a beautiful shield on its back and a sword piercing the ground with both his hand on the handle. Across from the knight was the second statue. It showed a mother cradling a swaddled baby. She had her face gazing upon the infant with it drawn up close to her face. She glowed with a yellow gleam. They were still skillfully made but they didn’t have the same level as the initial statue. Of course, he hadn’t put as much time into these two. He was just lucky that they had their heads.

Bastill had several notifications to attend to now. He had been waiting for this moment for a while. He was crossing his fingers hoping he would be able to summon something with a draconic heritage. Or maybe a new unknown creature. The only thing he would not want was undead or demons. He wanted to keep morals in check. He wanted to protect himself. He felt that having stronger creatures was important, but he didn’t want to be evil. He wouldn’t use vile means to protect himself. He would never resort to using necromancy or demonic creatures. He checked his notifications and was glad to see that the first few involved his recently sculptured creations and their effects.

Statue Complete

Guardian Knight of Honor

Effect- Creatures in this room have increased armor and attack. They have a greater sense of duty.

Statue Complete

Caring Mother of Fertility

Effect- Creatures in this room have a greatly increased pregnancy rate, with a decreased gestation and maturing period.


            Both Statues turned out to be pretty decent. He didn’t understand how increased sense of duty would help his creatures, but he felt proud about it. He liked the thought of having creatures with a sense of honor. The Caring Mother of Fertility would be great as well. He could create a side area attached to the room that only the animals can get to. He would make it a breeding ground for the creatures. Of course, it only worked for one room, but he would be able to populate it easier, while saving him some mana in the long run.

            Now came the important notification. His fourth level. It was time to see what type of amazing creatures he would be able to cast. He wasn’t completely sure if he would be able to, but he had put all his hope on this moment. It was time to look now.


Level Up! Current Level: 4

Congratulations you successfully gained 1 room and filled mana to capacity.

+ Passive Mana Regeneration Increased to 100/day.

+ Forced Evolution- Ability to inject mana into a creature body part or characteristic, which will evolve the creature and raise its level and abilities.

+ Next Level Requirements: Second Floor, Create a Floor Boss, Fill Mana Capacity.


Dear gods, if you are listening right now. I want to apologize about being picky with my summons. I would very much appreciate demons or even undead. I don’t mind being evil after all. I was self-righteous before, but I am a changed man…dungeon core. I just want to live a little longer. I hope that isn’t too much to ask.

After taking fifteen minutes to catch his breath. He glances back at the notification and also checked his Stat Menu. Yep, he had no summoning ability only a Forced Evolution ability.

Well I guess the gods are all dead or deaf. When you can’t rely on the gods what else can you do but rely on squirrels. SQUIRRELS, come here.

A note from Cass262

Let me know your favorite parts. What did you like? What didn't you like? I love feed back. 

(edited as of 6/6/2018)

Sorry for shatting out the longest chapter yet... when editing I ended up combining what was going to be the fith chapter with the fourth chapter. Hope you enjoyed it.

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NobodySpecial @NobodySpecial ago

if you found an undiscovered dungeon do you A. report it to the adventure guild B. form a party to explore it first or C. go it alone against the unknown dangers such dungeons would no doubt be known for, the only reasonable reason someone would pick C would be uncontrollable greed, that they are confident they can handly it by themselves or they are an airheaded idiot, guess which one the adventurer alice is

if you were a dungeon would you feel confident enough to provoke random humans despite knowing you have almost zero defenses aside from some pit traps that any cautious adventurer could avoid by testing the ground infront of them? i don't think so

if you were an evil s-rank whatever class she had, would you have experience hiding from the good guys during your earlier years? if you wanted to set up a dungeon core (that it is specified takes a lot of resources to make) to claim in 5 years would you put it in a place anybody (like some level 12 spear user) could find by wandering around some generic area? or would you put it in a place that is near impossible to reach like some cave that opens in the middle of a cliff face?

while the last plot hole could be explained by some plot revealed in the future that she intended the dungeon to be found to satisfy some obscure requirement of the ritual the other plotholes make the characters just look like idiots

also why does the door cost so much? he could just sculpt a door himself (itself?) with just 1 mp while a random door costs 15, also could you maybe spearate the sections for objects and materials? like grouping door and leaf etc in one group and have materials in the other, that way you don't have to specify that the material costs per cubic foot for each material instead you put it in a note in the material sechion heading

vampfan @vampfan ago

Shouldn't he have Learned Herbs and Acorns from the Alice's offering and from what the Squirrels brought back?

Plus what about him learning/absorbing the remains of his Blood from the alter?  Might be useful in the future, perhaps as a way to recreate his original body, to feed or evolve a creature or even just as background mood decoration in the Dungeon? 

Also you might want to think about including him learning things like parasites from the creatures he Tames that they might be carrying, it might more difficult to do so from creatures that are killed in the Dungeon because Fleas and Ticks can live a long time without a host and learning internal parasites might be an issue because they maybe destroyed when the body is absorbed? I suppose it would be up to you? But any parasites or bugs that a Tamed creature has on or in them I would think would be eventually Tamed by the Dungeon Mana as well eventually and so Learned that way?

Giant Ticks might make a good monster in time, and unleashing large numbers of Fleas on an Adventure would be a good way of showing his displeasure on them by making their life very uncomfortable till they get themselves de-loused.


    Cass262 @Cass262 ago

    I did skip out on the materials from the offering I will alter that bit.

    The blood absorbtion is a good idea, I might edit that in. Great idea!

    That parasite idea is very interesting and I will try to play around with that idea.

    Thank you so much for your feed back! I will work on those points.

Taotuz @Taotuz ago

The only issue I have with the story is he instantly knows that humans will give him more power. Even though we on royal road know this to be from other stories.

You should add in, before you send the tamed birds go out to search for humans, where maybe a sickly or stupid human or other sentient being dies from the pit trap.

Showing that yes humans are the best method of mana and material gathering.

Also there is no transition mentally for him about killing other humans. This can be shown after he kills one by accident or a bit later. If shown a bit later then the dungeon core should be to blame. Influencing his subcoinsious to keep him alive.

incama @incama ago

Dude, I just wanted you to know I'm quite enjoying this story (plotholes and all) and I would be very thankful if you continue to write it... Most dungeon novels get dropped.

Darquesse @Darquesse ago

Most adventurers were around level nineteen to thirty-nine. Rank B and up were harder to get into. Alice’s skill level in spear mastery was rare among begging members.


Some were even just starting their weapon trading. Yet they still got taken on some of the more dangerous missions.

trading-> training

Aftercall you beheaded my angel.


Expand Consciousness- You can now use mana to expand your body around you, which in turn gives you a greater area of control. Current mana cost: 1 mana per every 4 cubed foot.

cubed foot-> cubic feet

After a day and a half of sculpting in the second room his two statues glowed. One silver and one yellow. As soon as he had finished he remembered that he had send the three squirrels to collet plants.



Materials -1ft cubed

ft cubed-> cubic foot


    Cass262 @Cass262 ago

    Thanks a ton! The 'cubic foot' change will take a bit longer to fix throughout the book, but all error's in chapter four are resolved. Thank you for taking the time to show me what needs editing! It means alot and you have personally helped improve this story!

laandra @laandra ago

some of your very own spear moves.

Some were even just starting their weapon trading training

but she felt a unnational unrational need to check it

recognized the dense mana due, because she had been completely captured due to having been compleatly captured or mana because she had beeb compleatly captured

I do pray your tears to dry.”

did this reward do it? all, but it was a percentage and a massive one at that based of what you already have.

I get you(r) happy about that Unknown

He has enough time to finalize

which was hoping hopefully could summon some powerful creature

To be productive during this time he decided to do some sculpting

sculpting in? the rooms to the stones desire.

Mastersgtjames @Mastersgtjames ago

+25% to all characterizes for the next 24 hours

I think you meant Characteristics...

Also, Maybe have him make a plaque or a mural... something that dictates how the dungeon was formed. That a sorceress had killed someone to make the dungeon. MAybe even just claim the "Goddess of the Dungeon" looked down on the act and wishes her brought to justice. Could be vague. Does not need to tell people the dungeon is alive. Honestly. Dungeon stories where someone is turned into a dungeon only to be harvested in the future. Where they could, easily, expose the people who want to harvest them. But instead, choose to wait and fight on their own... It's ridiculous. USe the adventurers!

SuperLeno @SuperLeno ago

Anything is better then than* picking herbs

You're better than that.

If you could stop mixing up conjunctions then that would be great.

Root @Root ago

so your telling me that he thinks mutating the squirells are the best options, when he can make mutated foxes(which are carnivorus and the mutation can make them much much larger..), or mutated air support as birds

Moridin @Moridin ago

I like how he tried to be all righteous and moral, and then went back on it so fast I got whiplash ahhaahaha. I would actually enjoy seeing an undead dungeon but Would moreso enjoy seeing a dungeon that manages to build enough to actually have many different types of creatures throughout many different floors.

    rusticsoldier @rusticsoldier ago

    Id like a nice religious moral dungeon. Then when the priests come. He can have monks with maces bashing everything. Priest can use maces and clubs. Everyone thinks swords and axes are so cool. The best thing about priest monks and nuns and such is that there obediant. So for secondady characters they are automatically the quiet background characters.