The Dark Demon Lord

The Dark Demon Lord

by Tahamohawk

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The strongest in the universe! The most vile creature in heaven! Unmatched in his ruthlessness and strength! This very being, who is known as the Demon Lord, has reincarnated into the body of a newborn child. What will become of this new world, where the most powerful Demon Lord has been reborn?

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Reads like a power trip fantasy where the mc goes around bashing ppl in the face as a 5 year old child and no one does anything until it's too late and the mc is stronger than them. Everyone is 1 dimensional and only serves as fodder to the op child. 


When i read this, i gt a massive xuanhuan feel. Face slapping, strong MC, Idiot 'young masters.' 

But there are a few things you really need to work on. One of which are characters. Every single character is bland and boring. the only somewhat interesting one in my opinion is Surk, and even then he rarely has any 'screen time.' As of the recent chapters, this has been getting a little better though. Fae and 'That guy' (You know who im talking about, once you reach the right chapter) Have a somewhat interesting backstory which you can definitely expand on. But you really need to work on some of the others. I know that osot of them are really young, but if the reccurring characters are so bland and 2 dimensional, it kinda gets boring to see our Mc do what he does. The two sisters are making some improvements thats for sure.

Another problem is the pacing. I feel like MC gets stronger every minute. I know he was a Demon lord With tons of experience, but it was practically explained in the first chapter that he has no idea how this worlds cultivation works. It makes little sense as to why he can be some sort of Godly genius with 0 information or foundation in this worlds cultivation system. Especially as of the recent chapters, i feel like you just want him to be the strongest in the world at the age of like, 9. You really need to work on the pacing.

Another thing is the cultivatio realms. They seem to serve little to no purpose, if our MC can just jump big realms like he is able to. Whats the point in making a whole system, if it becomes useless? I feel like his power need to be toned down a little bit, or make him have a rude awakening when he fights someone of a higher realm. 

One thing thats nice about this novel though, is that our MC is truly evil. Something you don't see in many others. It is a nice breath of fresh air.

Although these are some glaring issues, if you're looking for a quick read, something to just have that feeling of "Oh yea, thats awesome," then i guess this can be something to read. But keep in mind, this is more one of those 'Last Resort' novels. Unless it gets improved, it can't exactly be a 'main read.'

Of course, this is all just my opinion. You can take from this what you wil, this is just what I think can be improved.