“Smelly Mug’drezor, filthy Mug’drezor, A**hole Mug’drezor” Inside the darkness curses can be heard as a demon sits there cultivating with an irritated look on his face.

That man is naturally Murgal. It’s been 2 months since he was pushed into the tunnel of disaster by Mug’drezor on his ancestor’s orders.

“I know you can hear me old man! You just wait… one day I will throw you in some swamp in the lower realms and have you stink so badly the entire west would avoid you whilst pinching their noses” Murgal curses out once more as these months have been nothing but pure mental torture, he has even stopped feeling that he is falling down, and it makes his entire body and soul believe he isn’t even moving anymore in the pitch blackness.

Mug’drezor looks at Murgal with irritation on his face as he observes his cultivation, to reach the upper stages of the colossal core at the age of 105 means very little in the western realm, compared to the eastern realm he would be considered the trash of trash, not even worthy of polishing their shoes. [This kid has truly wasted his time all these years, with all the elixirs, pills, and potions he was given since birth to not even touch on the first essential requirements of the celestial core despite all that… Heh, my great-great-grand daughter would slaughter him like a headless chicken and she’s only 38 years old!] Mug’drezor grins as he looks around.

He too has slowly stopped feeling that he is descending down the tunnel but still notices the passing of souls every now and then, so far they have been left alone without any danger. However, once time goes on, the more powerful and more aggressive souls will appear, and they will definitely strike them on sight.

“Murgal, you had best start getting ready. Soon, we will have to start fighting our way down, with your resources I’m sure you can last several years.” Mug’drezor warns

Murgal tenses up when he hears Mug’drezor’s voice but soon turns solemn as the true trial will soon begin. “I know… I still have all off my possessions in my interspatial ring as I’ve never trust anyone with them.”

“Good.” The dark space turns quiet once more as the two keep descending in the tunnel.


Meanwhile, in the throne room of planet Thar’aron

“Your highness, all the armies have been gathered. It’s taken quite a while, but everyone is now fully battle ready. The only missing ones are the three royal guards your highness has send out.” The 48 royal guards stand in the throne room as one gives Balgis the report.

“Mm, very well. How about the information department on Sharlae and all the succubi in the exalted realm?”

Another guard pops stands up, this information usually being Ror’iron’s department but with his absence another has taken the position temporarily. “We’ve done non-stop investigation the past two months on the succubi and there seems to be no issue other than Sharlae herself, she’s still hiding something and suspect it might be related to the northern deva.”

Balgis looks at the guard before closing his eyes in thought [She must have some suspicions on me immediately putting her in a position close to me, but by doing this she will be incapable of hiding with the royal mark on her.] He opens his eyes once more “Good. As of now Sharlae will be a new member of the royal guards, she is currently still in her old position in that pathetic betting hall. Have her permanently stationed inside the castle and disallow her access to everything, she will be guarding my door at all times. Failure in doing so will lead to direct punishment.”

The royal guards kneel once more “As you command, I shall pass the orders on”

“Very well, you are all dismissed. Begin training with the armies as soon as possible, I want them ready to face even the east within a year!” Balgis stands up and leaves the throne room for the first time in a very, very long time.

The guards all stand up and vanish from the throne room, leaving it empty as they all start executing Balgis’s order.


On Elohim, Arkoluth has been sticking around the restaurant and town he first arrived at for two months, unsure what to truly do he’s been sitting out his time hoping for any luck.

A dracaena appears in the sky above the city, which is inside the long family’s territory. [I wonder what this bastard has been up to.]

The city’s name is Lagoonreach, a city next to the border of the Condatis’s territory, a lake connecting the two. It’s both of beautiful ancient eastern and ancient western design, unifying the two territories into one city.

In the middle of the town is a giant fountain with a dragon statue on top with bright pure water coming out of it, it being so pure you can barely see the water coming out, only sound confirming that it actually does. It’s one of the biggest city in the Long family’s territory and an important one as well due to it having both people from the Long’s sector and Condatis’s sector.

The dracaena is naturally Dhynetyh. She has followed Balgis’s order and been to the royal family and delivered his gift. She’s been researching the situation around Elohim, attempting to obtain any necessary information to ensure she can stay here for an extended amount of time, completely ignoring Arkoluth not caring whether he lives or dies.

[It’s amazing enough he’s still alive with his attitude.] She lands in the town centre and scans around in search of Arkoluth’s presence. [Hmm? He’s in one of the restaurants? Probably wolfing down some food.]

She starts directly walking towards the restaurant as bystanders make way for her, detecting her celestial core cultivation relatively easy as strength means everything on Elohim and she, a dracaena, is technically a member of the east. With her gorgeous looks and demonic armour many men are curiously looking at her but not approaching her out of respect for her cultivation and not wanting to die since anyone strong enough has a license to kill.

She gets in front of the restaurant and opens the door as a bell rings.

“Welcome, customer!” A demon wearing waiter clothes welcomes Dynetyh in.

Dhynetyh freezes as she looks at the demon, clearly recognizing Arkoluth in the clothes as her face starts twitching and a terrifying killing aura spreads through the entire city “What in Balgis’s name are you doing?!" Dhynetyh erupts in complete and utter rage, a direct descendent of the Thar’aron family has lowered himself to working in a mere restaurant as a puny waiter, by far crossing Dhynetyh’s bottom line.

Arkoluth freezes up as she notices Dhynetyh’s arrival and doesn’t dare to move an inch.

A robust man panicky runs to the front of the restaurant as he looks at the enraged dracaena who is looking at his new waiter “Dear customer, please, cease your anger! I know demons are an unworthy bunch, but he is merely working in a restaurant, so he cannot do much!”


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