Kegmoz steps forward as he ignites the blood inside of him, a terrifying demonic pressure being unleashed from him instantly. His eyes turn bright red as his skin becomes darker and darker with his horns slowly giving off the presence that the demon of death has arrived.

Kegmoz looks up and lets out a loud demonic roar as the entire middle realm starts shaking from the overwhelming pressure both his cultivation and inheritance give off.

Ror’iron looks calmly at Kegmoz’s action [Not bad, although his cultivation is very far off from his highness, his bloodline is definitely pure and worthy of the Thar’aron name.]

Kegmoz slowly calms down as he looks at the pieces off broken space in front of him “Puny broken pieces of nothingness, make way for this king!” An imperial pressure descends upon the laws within the broken pieces of space as they slowly start making way for Kegmoz, however, only slightly so.

“I can at most take 10 steps inside with this…” Kegmoz looks dejected as he has already unleashed everything he has.

“Mm, not bad for a start. You mustn’t forget that with your cultivation level your control over your bloodline is miniscule.” Ror’iron starts walking ahead nonchalantly as if the surroundings around here mean very little to him.

Kegmoz quickly moves after him and steps inside the pieces of broken space as he feels the terrifying law of poison descend upon him, pressuring him down and invading his blood. “Argh!”

“Don’t move with haste, take your time advancing. Like this, you will only harm yourself.” Ror’iron takes 20 steps inside the pieces of broken space as he starts unleashing his domain, the domain of war.

With all of Ror’iron’s experiences under Balgis’s banner his greatest achievement is the war domain. A domain that summons the memories of all the fallen soldiers under him as they marched forward to unite the west.

Kegmoz slowly stabilizes himself as he looks at Ror’iron before feeling himself surrounded by hundreds of thousands of demonic soldiers with a terrifying killing intent aimed all around them. [So this is a domain… Thankfully Ror’iron isn’t using it offensively or I would’ve died just under the pressure of it…] He slowly sits down as he starts feeling the laws around him and purifying his body from the law of poison that had just entered.

The bloodline of Thar’aron first appeared in the western part during the Traglunoth era. Back in this era, this bloodline was pitifully weak as a new rising power amongst the demons and back then the demons themselves weren’t that strong, their appearance barbaric and their personalities vile and crude. Some characteristics from that time still exist but during Balgis’s era, the bloodline was perfected through the aid of the demonic deva, Kor’gon, to unify all demons under his orders.

The bloodline upon usage would explode the blood cells in the person’s body and unleash the full potential of the demonic laws, infusing the meridians with a terrifying power, making them triple in size and unleash the full might of a demon. The ancient bloodline would severely harm the person during Balgis’s first uses, but through many thousands of years of perfecting the bloodline, Balgis got rid of all the side-effects, turning his bloodline into a true powerhouse bloodline that could be used without consequence and it would start the rise of Thar’aron family. It was at this moment where Balgis got his first wives and started to build up his family as he gathered soldiers to fight the entire west with Kor’gon watching behind the side-lines.

Kegmoz’s bloodline is still only half-awakened due to long neglect and insufficient cultivation, one would need to be at least at the celestial core to show the true imperial might that is the Thar’aron bloodline where one’s mind would be invaded by sheer bloodthirst once one would encounter someone from the Thar’aron’s direct descendants.

Kegmoz feels the changes in his body as he has unleashed his bloodline to his maximum extent, feeling quite comfortable as his entire body gets completely purified from the previous invasion from the pieces of broken space. [It’s been a long time since I used my Thar’aron bloodline… It’s no wonder the ancestor is so disappointed in all of us with how hard he worked for what we have now…] He opens his eyes as he looks at Ror’iron in front of him who is still casually sitting not affected by the surrounding laws in the slightest.

Ror’iron turns around and looks at Kegmoz with a calm look on his face “How does it feel to use your bloodline after all these years?”

Kegmoz thinks, unsure what he really feels “It’s been decades since I last used it… But the feeling it gives off is as if it was only yesterday.”

Ror’iron nods his head “This is what his highness spent thousands of years perfecting, even if you have been ungrateful to his highness’s accomplishments, the bloodline will never betray its user unless it’s an outsider.”

Kegmoz’s head gets dizzy as a powerful surge of emotions come out from his bloodline into his mind and stands up as his horns start glowing fiery red and a terrifying demonic aura spreads out from him, pushing the pieces of broken space aside “Only we, the Thar’aron, are supreme in the west!” Arrogance, confidence and pride explode in Kegmoz’s mind as he looks at Ror’iron as if he’s looking at an ant “All will kneel before it!”

Ror’iron shrugs and turns around, not caring in the slightest about Kegmoz’s comments.

Kegmoz gets his sanity back as he starts rubbing his head with his hand “Having the bloodline awaken truly feels as if ancestor himself is with us…”

“Naturally, you are one of his descendants, even if he isn’t here he will watch over you through the book he spent hundreds of years creating to observe every living member of the Thar’aron member, even ones born without our knowledge from a concubine or other lowly whore.” Ror’iron spreads his domain out even further and launches himself inside the pieces of broken space, instantly reaching 500 kilometres inside.

“Ah…” Kegmoz looks at Ror’iron leaving him in the dust as he looks around him and sits down once more, not yet confident he can go in deeper.

[I must have patience… Else this really will be the place I die…] He shakes his head as he infuses his bloodline into his core and starts cultivating.


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