“Dear customer, how may I help you!” An enthusiastic 20-year-old woman stands before Arkoluth with laughter visible in her eyes, clearly having heard what happened outside.


Arkoluth looks at the girl with confusion in his eyes. “Ah… Yes, yes. I would like to have some of your best dishes!” He blurts out, still looking at the girl confused. She has short brown hair with bright blue eyes and a smooth facial structure, she looks like an upper-class girl that would head one of the noble houses yet she stands here serving in a restaurant. “Are you the waitress here?” He asks.


“Oh? Do I not look like a waiter, dear customer?” A bright smile appears on the girl’s face as she takes out a menu and hands it to Arkoluth “I’m not sure what dear customer is thinking, but I am indeed a waitress here!”


Arkoluth takes the menu with blank eyes “I see… You look like you are someone from the noble houses, so I thought for sure you were joking for a second…”


The waitress smiles as she looks over at the demon in front of her, sizing him up as some country bumpkin with an extremely low status “This must be your first visit to Elohim, dear customer. You are in the long’s family lightning territory, all girls here with my looks are just average compared to the guardian family!”


Arkoluth nods “I see, so I have arrived in the long family’s territory… Thank you for telling me, miss. May I ask what your name is?”


“Puny demon, you shouldn’t try to eat a swan’s meat with your mere status!” A robust voice comes from the back of the restaurant as a barbaric looking man full of scars comes over and stands in front of the waitress “You should know your place and just order food and scram!”


The girl looks at the robust eyes with kind eyes as she looks back at Arkoluth “Dear customer, my name isn’t for one with your status to know. Once you have made the decision for what food you’d like to eat, you may call me!” The girl pulls the robust man’s arm as she drags him off to avoid further conflict


Arkoluth looks at the two [That robust old man feels like he’s slightly below Dhynetyh’s level… Just what is this place? I’ve learned everything there is about humans in my youth and know about the monstrous growth spurt they go through since birth but are even no-names this powerful?] He sighs before opening the menu and scanning through the contents [For now I’ll just eat… Nothing good will come from conversing in this place…]




In the northern’s middle realm Ror’iron has arrived next to Kegmoz who is deep in thought about the challenge ahead.


[So, he’s gone into silent cultivation to contemplate how to enter? Not bad.] Ror’iron nods his head in approval as he looks at the pieces of broken space. [Truly a devastating event, one cannot imagine how powerful the devas are at this moment… It is truly the only reason humanity doesn’t leave their safe haven in the east where the devas don’t dare come else during the great war humanity would’ve conquered everything with the dragon race.] Ror’iron extends his hand as he manipulates the pieces of space to come towards him and he starts observing it.


[The strength of the goblin deva… known for his terrifying control over the law of darkness and devouring, a cunning deva that has always hidden in the shadows was locked up in a mere middle realm…] Ror’iron takes out a piece from the broken space as he still feels the terrifying powers of law inside, contemplating just what it would take to control the universe to this degree.


[The devas of the north, south, west, and middle parts…. And the east without the devas but their terrifying stronghold that could kill the devas if they were to attack it… During our ventures with his highness’s army we never stepped out of bounds and only unified the west under our control to not cause the devas to unleash their wrath on us but the humans in the east have never even taken the steps to control the east… All they control is their stronghold and a few minor planets, not daring to expand for some reason… And the humans in the realms below the exalted realm are all pitifully weak? Just what happened during the great war… They are currently the most terrifying beings in the entire universe but act like cowards hiding in their turtle shell…] Ror’iron falls into deep thought as he forgets what’s happening around him.


Kegmoz suddenly seems enlightened and stands up shooting his eyes wide open as he notices Ror’iron next to him “Ah, I’m sorry Ror’iron, I didn’t know you had already returned…” He sees the thoughtful look on Ror’iron’s face as no response comes from the demon.


[I’ve finally found a way in but Ror’iron is still contemplating about something? Did I miss something? He’s holding a piece of the broken space in his hands as well and is observing some of the laws… maybe the poison is worse than I had assumed?] Worry appears on Kegmoz’s face as he just found a way to surround his body in the aura of his blood to awaken the Thar’aron’s special power to avoid the poison to reach at least the outer areas of the pieces of broken space.


Ror’iron notices something around him has changed as he comes back to reality and he looks to Kegmoz who has slightly started panicking next to him. “Have you finished the plan to enter?”


Kegmoz looks up at Ror’iron who seems to have completely turned back to normal “Ah, yes. But you were in such deep thought I might have completely come to the wrong conclusion to enter…”


Ror’iron frowns as he sends the piece of space back “What conclusion did you come to?”


“That is… I could awaken the special power of Thar’aron to unleash the law of conquest and suppress the other laws to enter since it’s been a very long time since this battle took place and although the laws are still here they are greatly weakened whilst the law of conquest would come directly out of my blood…”


“Mm, a good conclusion. There isn’t a problem with it, you can use it to enter, I’ll be going with you using my own method so don’t worry too much. If it becomes too much for you, we’ll simply go back, and you can cultivate on what you’ve learned.” Ror’iron nods as he approves of Kegmoz’s idea, although it won’t get him in very deep, it will get him to feel the true power of the laws that lay dormant inside, so he can get used to his surroundings.


Kegmoz’s eyes light up as he considers this praise from Ror’iron, finding a way inside this is far beyond what event he strongest being in this middle realm could even come close to. “Great! Great! Let’s try it right away, I wish to truly feel the might of the two northern devas!”


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