Dhynetyh channels her inner power as she places a hand on Arkoluth’s forehead, forcing her strength inside the prince as she removes the paralyzing spell she placed on him.

“Ugh…” Arkoluth slowly opens his eyes as his body starts twitching all over, the inactivity of his body gives him an enormous headache. “Where am I…”

Dhynetyh looks at Arkoluth with cold eyes “On Elohim.” She hasn’t made any preparations now she’s on Elohim yet other than that she has to visit the current ruler of the royal family on Balgis’s orders.

“Wha… Elohim?” Arkoluth spins his head around as he tries to stand up but instantly falling over again.

Dhynetyh takes a pill out of her interspatial ring as she shoves it in Arkoluth’s mouth “Recover already, you’re disgracing me in the presence of others.”

Arkoluth swallows the pill as he sits up and feels the aura of the pill spread through his entire body when he suddenly feels an enormous pain coming from his lower half… “F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! I swear I will have revenge for this one day.” He thinks before slowly opening his eyes and scouting his surroundings.

Around him humans are casually walking around in all kinds of length and skin colours. “This is the first time I’ve actually been in the east… I wonder if there’s any fine women I can play with” Arkoluth’s sexual desire urges up again at the thought of ravaging women as it instantly disappears again when he thinks off the fact he will never be able to do the deed again. “…”

“Are you done thinking about your degenerative behaviour? Now that you’re finally awake I can stop carrying your worthless body around and you can go do whatever you want as long as you stay on the planet. Not like you have any capability of leaving anyway.” Dhynetyh gets ready to depart as she confirms the healing pill has done its job.

“Wait wait wait wait… Aren’t you supposed to stay guard me? Since the ancestor had me sent here I shouldn’t be left alone!” Worry appears on Arkoluth’s face, since, although he has absolute confidence in his status back home, in the east even his ancestor himself would have to lower his head in the face of the most powerful families on Elohim.

“Guard you? Has your brain left as well now that your lower half is gone? I only guard his highness, a mere descendent isn’t worthy of me. I will check up on you every once in a while, to confirm you’re still alive. But anything outside that has nothing to do with me.” Dhynetyh steps out and instantly vanishes before Arkoluth, giving him no chance to reply.

“This damned woman…” Arkoluth looks around as he tries to figure out where to go. “The most powerful family outside the royal family is the Long family, currently led by Chao Long, some 2000-year-old geezer… My best bet is staying away from this family and stick with the weaker ones to avoid conflict… These guys are all killing machines that will only unify when outside forces invade.”

Arkoluth thinks back to what he was thought for many years as a child, to ensure if he were to ever take over the throne he would never attack the east.

The east is a very peculiar place, he whom has the strongest fist, rules supreme. Due to this, a unique system came into place in Elohim. The system of the guardians. The strongest of the thirteen sects would be named the supreme guardian, ruler over the entire military force humanity has. All those who cannot beat the supreme guardian, would be the guardian of their sector. They would be sub-leaders, reigning over their specific military force, making the grand army of humanity work in terrifying unison if they were to go to war.

However, due to this, many fights break out and all the ones that sit on the top of the food chain in the east don’t live long. There are some old crazy humans secluding themselves from the ways of Elohim, making them live on to be millions of years old. But, the ones on top are constantly challenged for their position until they are eventually killed in the battle for their position. Even blood-brothers would kill one another just to sit on top, such is the way of live in the east. This causes most supreme cultivators in the east to not live even close to half a million years old.

On the other hand, you have the dragon race.

The dragon race lives far away from Elohim, they will only show themselves if any of the other races dare invade the east again. Their kin can occasionally be found in human form travelling the many planets in the east but they’ve never left the east outside of battle. They are prideful beings and although they don’t dislike the humans, they don’t like them either. As both came into being in the east at time memorial, they simply live together without bothering one another.

“Honestly, there’s something wrong with these two races. Must be because they killed their devas that they lack certain values.” Arkoluth sighs as he tries to figure out where the hell on Elohim he is.

He looks around and spots a restaurant on the side of the road and calmly walks towards it as he suddenly feels hundreds of eyes stare at him with terrifying killing intent.

“Brothers! Brothers! I am merely a visitor, why the sudden hostility?” Arkoluth spreads his arms wide to show he means no harm while speaking out loudly for everyone to hear.

“Hmpf, lowly demon, you should be glad we even allow you to talk instead of just killing you right now.” One of the spectators says

“Exactly, exactly! Damned demons have no place here.” Another one comments.

“I am but a humble demon, if you were to check you would see I do not even have a lower half! I truly desire nothing but to visit your wonderful culture!” Arkoluth tries his best to put on his nicest smiling face as he tries to calm down the people around him.

“A demon without a lower half…? Does that even still make you a demon?” The killing intent placed on Arkoluth vanishes as loud amount of laughter comes out from the people around him.

[F*cking humans, at least show some sympathy… This brother has lost his only identification to claim himself a man, you know?] Arkoluth curses inside as he remains all smiles “I wish to enter this lovely restaurant to enjoy some of the eastern dishes, I’m sure fellow brothers won’t mind!”

“Hahaha, sure, sure, demon. Go and enjoy some food since it’s the only thing you’re left to enjoy!” The humans around him spread out as they keep laughing.

Arkoluth slowly enters the restaurant as he sits down at a table [This is going to be pure hell… If I even say a word of retaliation my head flies off…] he deeply sighs


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