“Hmm…” Balgis eyes turn completely dark as he takes in all the memories “ALL ROYAL GUARDS ARE TO COME HERE IMMEDIATELY!” A desire for war appears in Balgis’s eyes as an enormous blood-thirsty aura surrounds the entire planet

48 terrifying auras are released in the capital as they instantly appear in the throne room. They put their hands behind their back as they look at their ruler “You have summoned us, your higness?” They ask in unison.

Balgis looks at his guards “Summon my armies.”

The guards slightly frown as they start looking at each other before looking back to Balgis “All of them, your higness?”

Rage explodes from the throne as he forces all of his guards down to their knees “IF I TELL YOU TO SUMMON MY ARMIES, YOU SUMMON MY DAMN ARMIES. LEAVE YOUR WORTHLESS QUESTIONS FOR LATER!” Balgis’s eyes turn bloody-red as a terrifying mental pressure is unrestrainedly released from them.

“A-at o-once… y-your h-highness” The 48 guards slowly crawl out of the throne room as they are incapable of even standing at the severe pressure coming from Balgis.

“Hmpf, worthless swines. Can’t even follow a simple order.” Balgis calms down as he looks back down at the now completely shivering succubus below. “This information, I have indeed received it. State how you desire for me to help your race, I shall give you my full ability in exchange for it.”

Sharlea slowly raises her head, happiness appearing in her eyes as her body is still uncontrollably shivering, having slightly wet herself from Balgis’s actions just now. “T-thank you very much! Y-your highness!”

“Now, speak what it is you desire for me to do.”

Sharlea looks nervously at the ground as she tries to word out what she wants Balgis to do. All this time she’s been hording money to move her race away from the west into the more peaceful south or the more powerful east, so their race could live on peacefully.

But in the west, they are treated as toys for the pleasure of males. Over the past 500 years she gathered information, cultivated like crazy and sought options to freedom. However, 10 years ago she came across the hybrid lord where she was forced to comply with his demands. To take over the west and create a grand alliance with the northern deva to strike the south and become the superpower in the universe, keeping the east at bay.

This would lead to a massive war, and the east have always been close to the south, meaning billions would die. The hybrid lord wanted her to go to the east and seduce anyone and anything to have them delay their interference or not join the war at all.

Sharlae carefully opens her mouth as she stops shivering, her will having solidified for the peace of her race “I would… like for the succubus to join under your highness’s banner”

Balgis freezes for a second before narrowing his eyes “In the current circumstances, that would mean your kin are still joining this war. Is this not what you wanted to avoid?”

“Yes, it is. But for the succubi to truly hold a stronghold in such times, our blood will have to be spilled or we would never have true freedom. We would just hide under your highness’s banner for all eternity.” Sharlae closes her eyes, as her decision has been made she would have to inform all her kin of the upcoming war and prepare for that which is to come.

Balgis looks up at his pillars before moving his eyes to his ceiling. His twelve generals engraved in the pillars, and he himself painted on the ceiling together with them. “Very well, with your cultivation you are barely qualified to join my royal guard, but I shall make an exception. You will lead your kin with the rest of the royal guard and stand with my peerless army.”

Sharlae looks up to Balgis as tears flow down her face, she prostates once more “Thank you very much, your highness. Words cannot describe the favour my kin owe you. My worth, in the coming war, I will prove to you in blood!”

“Rise, Sharlae. Henceforth you are my 51st royal guard. Since Ror’iron isn’t here, you will have to go to the information centre to truly obtain your title. After that, you will follow my every word and follow the rest of the guard! Now leave, I have important matters to attend to!”

Sharlae stands up and bows again and leaves the throne room. “That was easier than I thought…”


Inside the eastern realm, on planet Elohim

A week has passed and a dracaena with a demon over her shoulder has entered the biggest and most powerful stronghold in the entire realm.

Elohim was build by the combined powers of the thirteen strongest humans of different kinds of laws to pass down their legacy. The planet is divided in 14 sectors, each representing the control over a certain power with the 14th sector holding the royal family of the human race who governs over all to keep the stability amongst one another as the only reason humanity has united is due to the great war.

The first sector, governed by the Long family, they are the only family with close ties with the dragon race and many of their martial arts and cultivation skills are linked with them.

The second sector, governed by the Tatewari family, the laws of fire, heat and ignition. This is the most dangerous family in the entire eastern realm as their powers could wipe out the realm itself if they were to all use it together as a last resort in the case of another great war.

The third sector, governed by the Condatis family, the laws of healing, water and formations being their foremost traits.

The fourth sector, governed by the Tezcatlipoca family, the laws of wind, destruction and control being their foremost traits.

The fifth sector, governed by the Annunaki. Nobody truly knows what their main traits are, every time a genius rises from this sector it is a completely different strength than the previous one. This family is shrouded in mystery and the only known fact about this family is that they have close ties with the long family.

The sixth sector, governed by the Erotes family. They specialise in combining laws or even beings into one to strike with the ultimate power, this family works closely with all other families to strengthen humanity’s forces even more.

The seventh sector, governed by the Ying family. This family came to live during the great war as the powers from humanity started learning and mastering the strength of the heaven forces whom all used holy powers that the east did not possess. After all these years, they are one of the top 10 powers in the entire east now.

The eight sector, Governed by the Yang family. Same as the Ying family, they gathered the power opposite of holy, the darkness. Once the humans started mastering heaven’s powers, several experts found that there was another side to the Ying, the Yang. When this family came to rise, many of heaven’s expert fell to how devastatingly powerful it was to use against them.

The ninth sector, governed by the Laran family. This is a pure war sector as everything related to the military including strategy, training, formation forming comes together with militaristic supremacy being their final goal. This family and the entire sector lives and breathes for war, it is also the sector with the highest death rate as during training, anything goes.

The tenth sector, governed by the Orishas family. They are masters of alchemy and the many type of formations. Their entire dedication lies into the advanced of pill making. Their main support is the royal family, as they sponsor the extreme amounts of wealth they require for their expertise.

The eleventh sector, governed by the Dushara family. They are the masters of space, any law related to the construction or destruction of space is managed and created by this family. They are often uninterested in any matter in the realm outside of obtaining new ways to control the fast space they live in.

The twelfth sector, governed by the Nerthus. This family rose to power through connections with the southern realm’s elven race. They are masters of mother nature, often being able to master all elements and constructing live in the name of nature itself.

The thirteenth sector, Governed by the Aion family. They are humanity’s entire dedication to fighting their biggest enemy; time. Little is known about this family as besides their family name and the sector they rule, all other families protect them as if their lives depend on it. Nothing goes in, nothing goes out. Unlike the fifth sector where one can come in and out if they desire to, access to the thirteenth sector is strictly forbidden and any intruder would have his entire soul crushed.

And finally, the last and smallest sector. The fourteenth sector, ruled by the royal family of all humanity with strength that can up to this day still uphold the other sectors, ensuring their rule remains unquestioned.


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