Planet Thar’aron

In the palace Balgis has been focussing his aura on the surroundings of his planet as two of his guards request permission to enter the throne room.

“Hmm… It’s only been half a day yet there’s already been movement?” Balgis thinks “You two may enter.” He sends the two guards a mental message as he slowly opens his eyes.

Two firm demons enter the throne room as they prostate before Balgis. “Reporting, your highness, the organisations belonging to the necromancers has pulled away from Thar’aron entirely and the higher-ups from the Hybrids have left as well. Currently only their lackeys are still scouring around gathering information.”

“Mm, I see. I noticed the departure of the celestials belonging to the necromancers but those sneaky bastards from the hybrids managed to get past me undetected?” Balgis uses his mental aura once more to scan the entire planet to scan in search of any trace left behind by the hybrids but can’t seem to pin anything down. “Get 10 of the guards to scout every single area used by the hybrids and find out how they left the planet without me knowing!” He orders his two guards as he closes his eyes once more.

“Yes, we will get to it right away, your highness! However, there is still one more thing…” One of the guard says

A frown appears on Balgis’s face as he opens his eyes once more and looks at the guard “What is it?”

“The celestial from the capital’s betting hall, the succubus Sharlea requests an audience.”

“Hm? One of those insignificant beings that managed to rise up to the exalted realm in the past two million years? What does she want?” Balgis looks uninterested as the succubus are just another variation from the hybrids that was created by one of the former rulers of the hybrids in the lower realms. [A race that rose up from the lower realms will never exceed their creator.] He thinks critically.

“She wishes to trade information, your highness.”

“Information? What can a lowly ant that runs some worthless money grubbing hall gather that would deem it worthy enough to tell me? Tell the lowly ant if she comes in here with worthless information she will never see the light of day again!” Fury appears on Balgis’s head as this is a direct provocation to his status.

The guards shrink back from their ruler’s rage as they slowly nod “I will inform her, I will send her in if she still desires to come.”

Balgis waves his hand to shoo them off as he closes his eyes again “Damned inferior born races and their desire for power, she was one of the main influences that led Murgal astray into betting, was she not? I’ll teach her a lesson if she dares step in here.”


A few hours pass, and soft knocks can be heard on the doors of the throne room

Balgis raises his head and opens his eyes, glaring at the doors “Who dares disturb me?!” an enormously powerful blood-thirsty aura invades into the entire palace as he looks at the tiny being in front of his doors

“Y-your h-highness t-the emperor B-baligs… Y-our g-guards s-should have i-informed y-you o-of m-my c-coming” A succubus who is completely flattened to the ground from the sheer amount of pressure coming from Balgis barely mutters out these words as she fears for her very life.

Balgis retracts his aura as he looks at the succubus “Ah, yes. There was something about an ant wanting an audience with me. I do believe you were told if your information was worthless I would make you regret the day you were born.” A sneer appears on his face “Come in Skrela or whatever.”

Sharlea gathers herself as she slowly infuses some power to heal her outside wounds from being pushed too hard against the floor before an alluring smile appears on her face again and she enters the throne room “Thank you very much, your highness, for allowing this insignificant one into the glorious halls of Thar’aron”

Balgis looks uninterested at the succubus as he measures up her strength “5th level of the celestial core… not bad for an inferior race.” He thinks

Sharlea reaches the steps to the throne as she prostates before it, with her head facing the floor and her eyes closed.

“Speak, what is it you want.” Balgis releases his dominating aura, only fit for one who rules supreme over an entire race, as he looks down on the succubus.

“Certainly, your highness. I came here in hopes of you helping my race in exchange for information related to the rulers of the Hybrids and their current co-operation with the northern deva of the lizards.” The succubus says

Balgis slowly tilts his head as he processes what he just heard [The northern deva? This succubus must be making a fool of me, they would never involve themselves with the races, let stand a foreign one.] He looks back at Sharlea with a serious look “To speak of such words, you had better provide extremely hard proof or let stand helping your race, I will erase it from existence!”

Sharlea slowly becomes pale as she holds herself together “Naturally, I have proof! Originally, I didn’t desire to make this move as the youngest descendants of Thar’aron were unworthy of their names, however, now that your highness has started making his move once again, I believe a bright future awaits and I’m willing to do anything for your excellency to aid us!” Sharlea raises her head with completele determination in her eyes as she removes one of her eyes from her head and holds it up for Balgis to take, with blood flowing out of Sharlea’s right eye socket.

Balgis face starts twitching at the mention of his youngest three descendants as he lifts his fingers and instantly gets Sharlea’s eye in his hand. He scans it with his mental energy as memories from the eye are revealed to him “Hmm? You are actually capable of holding memories in your eye alone?”

Sharlea lowers her head again without fixing her eye, blood staining the carpet in the throne room “Indeed, in the exalted realm for the truly mighty existences to look into my memories they would require but a thought and I wouldn’t even know how it happened. However, if I store it in something like my eye, they would never notice unless I reveal it to them!”

Balgis lifts his hand and instantly heals Sharlea’s eye, even giving her a new one as the old is still in his hand “Quite a cunning succubus, interesting.” He says before fully focussing his aura on the memories in the eye

“To receive praise from your highness, I am unworthy.” The succubus says


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