Fluctuations appear inside the black hole named the tunnel of disaster as two beings have gone inside it, all around them there is nothing but darkness and nothing to be seen in any position. Not even a sense of time can be felt here.

“T-this… W-what is this blackness… Mug’drezor… you bastard… if I get out of here I swear I will wipe out your entire family!” Murgal looks around, the darkness being so thick he knows Mug’drezor went inside with him in his true form yet can’t even see the slightest trace of the commander.

A voice comes out beside Murgal “Shut your damned mouth and start infusing your core with the strength of your element”

The voice, naturally, is Mug’drezor who is also speeding down the tunnel in utter darkness.

“D-Damnit M-Mug’drezor… Y-you crazy maniac! If you wanted to go in here, you should’ve gone by yourself!” Murgal says in a panic as he scans his surroundings but still can’t see anything but the darkness

“Hmpf, his highness the emperor decreed you to go in, you should feel lucky and appreciate the fact I even accompany you in this hellhole.”

“T-that…” Murgal holds his breath as his memories slowly organise again as he still feels himself falling more and more down with nothing but the darkness and Mug’drezor’s voice to keep him company.

“I’m sure you’re aware of the stories surrounding this place. And let me tell you, everything you’ve heard is true. So, prepare your pathetic self as I have no intention of dying with you here.”

Murgal remains silent as he thinks back of everything related to this place.

The tunnel of disaster created by the gods to extract the souls of the living and dump them in this eternal tunnel with no end to be tortured until their souls die out. The souls have no freedom or a will, all they pocess is their natural instinct before they were extracted from their bodies.

Most of the souls in this place belong to the human and dragon race from the east due to the war that took place all those years ago. Sometimes enormous levels of power explode out of the tunnel, reaching the realm of the living once more which has attacked heaven on several occasions. Nothing but bloodthirsty and vengeful souls remain in this place.

And although it is said to have no end, for those whose souls were not extracted, they can reach the inferior realm belonging to the middle part of the realm. This is where the punished who managed to stay alive during their fall from the tunnel which can take hundreds or even thousands of years.

In here, the true torture of the living begins, and even if you survive, you would wish you were dead every breath you take from then on.

Murgal attempts to collect himself and tries to think of ways to get out of here but to no avail “Y-you said I was lucky… B-but even with you here… W-we’re definitely going to die…” With Murgal’s weak will he barely mutters out these words

“I really can’t comprehend how a glorious demon who instilled fear in the hearts of all that saw him can have a descendant like you, muttering and afraid of everything your guards can’t protect you from” Mug’drezor has all this time been right above Murgal, his strength is more than sufficient enough to see what is going on in the tunnel and can see Murgal shiver from head to toe as he has tried to search for anyone in his surroundings several times. “You already know where you are and what is about to happen, how can you still not man up?!”

“E-easy for you to say…” Murgal gives up on trying to find anyone around him as he thinks back to his home, how he would be spoiled as much as he wanted there. Yet, now, a terrifying future awaits him.

“The beings in this tunnel are definitely terrifying, but I’ve seen far worse. If you even had a shred of mentality his highness the emperor has, you’d be seeing this as a challenge.”

Murgal starts wailing around as his eyes turn furious “A challenge?! This is nothing but a dead trap set for those that oppose heaven and those smelly gods, even if I make it out of here alive, my entire soul would have gone through excruciating pain!” He starts panting as his emotions are switching all over the place.

“Hmpf, it’s indeed a place to punish those who opposed the rules of the elder gods but that doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity in this place for those who haven’t sinned.” Mug’drezor gets an urge to just punch the young prince to the walls of the tunnel to have him experience some fun with the souls preaching into the tunnel but refrains himself due to the low cultivation of Murgal. “Instead of only thinking about worthless things, how about you try to gather your inner energy and cultivate whilst you fall.”

“W-wha? Cultivate?! At this moment? You’ve truly gone insane, Mug’drezor!” Murgal starts getting more and more furious as he gathers his strength and unleashes a powerful blow around him, blasting pieces of space away in an attempt to hit Mug’drezor in a fit of rage.

“Do you honestly believe a mere ant as yourself is capable of harming me, even in the current situation? If I tell you to cultivate, just shut your damned mouth and do it instead of wasting it on provoking the souls around the tunnel into coming here!” Mug’drezor reaches out with his giant hand and crushes the space Murgal is in

“ARGH” Murgal feels himself being shrinked by an enormous power above him as he once more tries to look around and see, yet still, only darkness.

“Now close your eyes, focus on your surroundings, shut your damned mouth and cultivate!” Mug’drezor keeps the space around Murgal locked as he infuses his power into making him incapable of doing anything.

“Y-you…” Murgal looks at his surroundings in complete hatred before giving up, he’s never been one to really show a fighting attitude despite his race and even now, he simply closes his eyes and cultivates as he’s told in the face of a stronger power.

“Truly, how is someone like this of demon blood?” Mug’drezor thinks as the two keep falling with Murgal now cultivating.


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