Dhynetyh looks at the man in front of him, an old elf with pointy hairs, long pure white hair dressed in beautiful green ropes of elven design, his eyes still full of vigour, but his face makes him look like a well-aged man. “Long time no see, Flardryn.”

“Indeed! Indeed! You promised you’d come more often all these years ago yet when you ran into Balgis on the western front, you joined his armies and never came back!” The man, sitting on an ancient wooden chair which gives off a terrifying aura of nature, is Flardryn Erendriel. King of the elves in the southern exalted realm.

“I saw the opportunity to have fun and cause chaos and took it. His highness the emperor Balgis Thar’aron has been very good to me all these years.

“Hmm. Hmm. A pity, a pity. Our neutral stance towards the other races has always prevailed yet I took an exception for you, who was so powerless all those years ago, and then you went and joined the most blood-thirsty army of the current era.” Flardryn looks at Dhynetyh with great pity in his eyes. To him, a dracaena from the east would rise to the top if they cultivated on their home planet in the east, yet she took the path west and only managed to become a celestial core cultivator. Someone like her would have no power or position in the east, especially since she joined the west, making Flardryn’s plan to have an insider in the human’s strong-hold Elohim fail.

Dhynetyh thinks back to when she was still actively fighting with the western army “The desire for domination is in my blood, I believed Balgis would unleash that which was hidden inside of me, and during all the wars and battles I fought, he definitely did.” A satisfied look appears on her face, confident her decision was right.

“Ah, child, satisfied with a mere memory that won’t live on…” Flardryn over the years has gathered information about the single person he made an exception to and has always looked over her. “But you didn’t come here to reminisce about your life, did you?”

The satisfied look disappears from Dhynetyh as she looks at Flardryn with a serious look “Indeed, I came here to fulfil our promise from that day.”

“Hmm? The one where you would visit me from time to time?” Flardryn asks confused

A soft smile appears on Dhynetyh’s face “No, the promise I made even before that…”

Flardry raises his brows, thinking back to his promises with the young dracaena, unsure which she means.

“A few years after you took me in, I promised you I would give you part of my ancestral memories if I were to have ever fulfilled my wishes.”

Flardryn narrows his eyes, thinking back to a time where Dhynetyh was only eight years old.


Millions of years ago Flardryn set out to the lower realm to create life for the first time, twisting the laws and making nature descend. He made the entire universe tremble for 10 years at the creation of a new realm with the help of the elven deva, Selawin. In this time, he took all his youngest talents with him for them to experience true might and the birth of life itself.

It was at this time where Treants came into life in the southern lower realm. However, after all these years they still couldn’t cultivate, leaving them in the lower realm ever since.

[Grandpa, Grandpa! You are so amazing! You can twist the laws itself and create nature itself!] Dhynetyh, standing next to Flardryn, looks amazed at the birth of a new planet with the new race slowly coming into place.

[Haha, little Dhynetyh, once you become strong like grandpa you too will be capable of this, once your ancestral memories awaken you will rise like a true dragon and reign supreme like many of your race do.] Flardryn says

[My ancestral memories? You have spoken often about them, grandpa! Do you wish to see them too?] The young Dhynetyh asks

[Hmm… the ancestral memories of a dracaena? That would surely be an intriguing sight!] Flardryn smiles, thinking it but a mere innocent thought from a little girl.


“Such a thing… You still remember that? You needn’t worry, child. Your grandpa has no need for such memories.” Flardryn looks at the dracaena he spent many years raising with kind eyes, rejecting her promise.

“That won’t do! Even though all these years, I have chased strength and battle, I have no descendants nor a family name to leave behind! My current mission takes me to Elohim, I likely will not leave that place unharmed… I want at least something of me to live on if the worst possible scenario unfolds!” Dhynetyh looks stubbornly at Flardryn

Flardryn looks at the companion Dhynetyh brought as he puzzles things together “You actually intend to bring the same of the Thar’aron bloodline to Elohim for him to set his personality back in order and awaken the demonic blood inside of him? The humans will kill him on the first insult he makes, are you insane?!” Anger appears on Flardryn’s face as he already desires to kill the demon that already looks dead on the floor

Dhynetyh slightly shrinks back, as her domineering and powerful personality turns back into the little girl she once was before this king of the elven race “That is beside the point! Anyway! I just want you to have me fulfil my promise, ok, grandpa? It is all I have…”

A sigh comes from Flardryn, he closes his eyes and slowly reopens them as he looks at Dhynetyh “You’ve always been stubborn and refused to listen to me… Since you’re so set on your mission, very well. I will retrieve your ancestral memories and store them in the elven hall of memoire.”

A childish smile appears on Dhynetyh’s face “Thank you, grandpa!”

Flardryn’s eyes turn serious as the elven king unleashes the full extent of his divine sense, surrounding the entire palace in his being, making him seem like a giant ethereal god whose eyes see over the entire planet as they slowly focus on Dhynetyh.

Dhynetyh looks up, remembering the day she saw Flardryn create live in almost the exact same way before closing her eyes, opening her mind.

Flardryn slowly enters Dhynetyh’s mind as he invades her mental palace, unrevealing the hidden memories belonging to her ancestral line to him. He easily takes all of the memories and stores them inside a watery bowl before isolating it inside a formation and taking it inside his interspatial ring. Flardryn’s divine sense disappears from the planet as if nothing happened.

Dhynetyh collapses to the ground, the invasion of her mental palace having taking quite the toll on her she slowly looks back at Flardryn “Thank you, grandpa.”

A sigh escapes from Flardryn’s mouth as he also saw most of the memories of the live the dracaena has lived. “It’s fine, will you be staying a few more days?”

“No, now that my promise is fulfilled I must quickly return to my mission and take this unfilial bastard to Elohim…” Dhynetyh stands back up and swings Arkoluth back over her shoulder as she turns around and leaves the throne room.

Flardryn looks at Dhynetyh’s leaving back as he loses himself in thought and slowly closes his eyes, allowing himself to understand all the memories he just obtained.

Before Dhynetyh leaves the room, she slightly looks back at Flardryn with sad eyes before strengthening her will and launching herself in he air, heading straight for the teleportation formation to head for Elohim.


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