Meanwhile, in the middle realm of the northern part, Kegmoz has reached the edge of the broken space.

“The poison aura is way too thick here… How am I even supposed to get in…” Kegmoz looks at the pieces of broken space as he considers his options “If I ask Ror’iron, I’m sure he has something to deal with the poison… I’ll fly around the area until he gets here to look for entrée spots.”

On the ogre planet Ror’iron has entered the “Palace” which can hardly be considered one by Ror’iron’s standards but he enters nonetheless.

“Esteemed guest, welcome to my humble home. Is there any specific reason for you coming to this lowly one’s place?” The king sits on his knees in front of his own throne as Ror’iron is currently sitting in it, not showing any sign of dissatisfaction.

“My reasoning for being here is of little concern to you, a mere garbage level cultivator.” Ror’iron looks at the fat ogre king with disdain as he scans around the planet to get used to the environment. “Tell me about the current situation in the middle realm”

The ogre king starts sweating from his forehead, not even having the slightest clue what is going on. Beings from the Exalted realm are all so far above him he knows nothing of them “Ah, yes yes, this lowly one is unworthy of asking your reasonings… The current situation in the northern part is very simple… We have formed a northern alliance with the lizard king and goblin lord to unify the north and have trade with the eastern and western parts respectively. There hasn’t been a big fight here since the two devas fought one another.”

Ror’iron frowns as he looks at the fat ogre “You are actually trading with the humans and dragons on the east? Are you mad? Their strength is far too much for just a tiny alliance to handle, you should shut them out!” Fear and anger appear on his face as he thinks of the east and these ogres trading with those people.

Although Ror’iron is in the middle realm and the east should be insignificant, his fear for the east is etched deep into his soul. Their control of the laws devastated many of his comrades when Balgis challenged the east in the grand tournament of the exalted confederation.

An ominous feeling appears inside the fat ogre king as he isn’t sure why the attitude of the person in front of him suddenly changed “T-That is… The humans possess many cultivation techniques and martial arts that aid us greatly… Breaking that deal will only do us harm…”

Ror’iron looks at the king and slowly calms down “A mere cultivator of the middle realm wouldn’t know, but in the exalted realm their strength far surpasses all other races in the entire universe!”

The fat ogre king shakes and looks at Ror’iron in full surprise as he processes the words he just heard “T-the humans… h-haven’t won a single tournament in the middle realm for the past fifty-thousand years… H-How- would they form any threat to us…”

“Not a single win in such a long time…?” Ror’iron thinks back to his time on the grand tournament where the humans and dragons in co-operation dominated everything taking first on fifty different laws “Are the differences between the exalted realm and lower realms that big?” He makes a mental note to investigate the lower realms to find a pattern.

The fat ogre king slowly looks up at Ror’iron as he has been quiet for a while when he suddenly feels a piercing gaze gazing deep into his soul.

“What you just said, is that the truth?” Ror’iron asks

“A-Ah… Y-yes, yes… The east is amongst the weakest in the middle realm and lower realm, only in the upper realm do they have some strength but those of the upper realm and above have never descended to the middle realm or below…. However, the other parts often get visitors from the higher realms, such as exalted sir…”

“I see. Go investigate everything about the east and give me a fully detailed report, I have other business to attend now.” Ror’iron orders the fat ogre as he tears apart space itself to instantly move himself towards the broken parts of the north.

“O-of course, w-whatever exalted sir wants, this one will obtain” The fat ogre king speaks out, not knowing the person in front of him has already left.

As he gets no response he realises that presence and terrifying aura left him a while ago as he raises his head noticing his throne empty. He lets out a loud sigh “Guards! Go get me all the information you can get on the east!” He shouts out to the outside as he sits back in his throne, completely exhausted.


We’re here, Mug’drezor. I hope you’ve made proper preparations to go down else this will be the last time we see one another.” Dydes looks at the two with pity in his eyes, knowing he is likely to never see them again.

“Hmpf, nothing to worry about. As long as I, Mug’drezor Yakug lives, I will not fall pray to some lowly play-room the devas of heaven made!” Mug’drezor looks at the cliff, below it a dark black hole that looks like a tunnel that leads into nothing but pure darkness.

Dydes sighs as he no longer says anything, standing aside as he looks down the tunnel.

Mug’drezor unleashes the full strength of his celestial core cultivation as the entire middle realm starts shaking. He turns into a giant, three-hundred tall red demon, as the space around him turns into an illusion of pure blood and war, slowly he stands on the edge of the cliff as he channels his true power to wake up Murgal.

“You’ve slept long enough damned brat, time to have some fun in hell!”

Murgal’s veins nearly pop out as the strength Mug’drezor infuses in him far exceeds what he is capable of receiving. His eyes pop wide open as he shouts in pain “WHAT IS THIS?”

Mug’drezor releases Murgal as he throws him into the tunnel of disaster “This is what his highness the emperor decreed for you, a disgrace to the glorious Thar’aron bloodline!”

Murgal, still completely confused, looks at his surroundings as he is sucked into the black hole below him. He slowly turns around, realising now what is to come. “NOOOOO! MUG’DREZOR YOU CRAZY BASTARD, YOU KNOW WHAT THIS PLACE IS AND STILL THREW ME IN?!”

Mug’drezor steps off the cliff as his giant body descends down into the black hole as well “Naturally, since I’m going in as well!”

Dydes looks as the two get sucked into the tunnel of disaster “So… This is where the glorious commander of Balgis’s million year old army will meet his end… How regretful.” He turns around and heads back to his home, quickly forgetting about the two that went down.


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