Mug’drezor reaches the ends of the western part as he enters “Heaven”.


“Time to give these damned gods a little surprise, shall we?” He sneers as he unleashes the full extent of his power, the might of an eight-level celestial core cultivator spreading all over Heaven as the angels and gods prepare for defence with over 100 archangels instantly surrounding Mug’drezor.


“Now this is more of a welcoming party.” Mug’drezor shows the full extent of a 10th stage celestial core cultivator as he pressures all the archangels to lower their heads before him.


Rage appears in the eyes of the archangels as they fully try to resist the pressure but to no avail.


“Heh, weak as ever.” Mug’drezor’s face appears full of pride as it has been many years since he last went a little wild.


Suddenly a terrifying aura surrounds Mug’drezor, all of his pressure vanishing instantly as his face turns pale. “That’s about enough playing commander of Balgis’s guard, there’s only so much you can do around here in your position.” A voice echoes through space as a man full of youth with human features and bright white eyes that seem like they can look through anything appears in front of Mug’drezor.


Mug’drezor barely manages to hold himself together as he lifts himself up “K-kek, l-long-time n-no see, D-Dydes”


The aura surrounding Mug’drezor disperses as the archangels gather themselves behind the youth “Although heaven is benevolent, a man with your cultivation shouldn’t bully the young ones, you should be aware of this.” Dydes says as his eyes move towards the man Mug’drezor is carrying “Hmm, is your visit after these tens of thousands of years to bring a sinner over?”


Mug’drezor looks at Dydes with slight irritation “You’re over two million years older than me with a cultivation already in the lower part of the origin core yet speak to me off bullying the young? Hypocritic as ever.” He re-adjusts Murgal who is in his hand before raising him up for Dydes to look at him “This is Murgal, descendant of his highness the emperor Balgis, I have come here on his orders to punish this lowly degenerate in the tunnel of disaster”


Dydes’s eyes widen up at the mention of the tunnel before measuring up the man Mug’drezor is holding up in front of him “There is almost no aura of sin around him yet Balgis wishes to punish him to such a degree? You demons really know no mercy.”


Mug’drezor sneers “Mind your own business, just lead me towards the cliff of hell so I can take the route down towards the tunnel”


Dydes frowns and goes into thought “Wait, you are coming with him? Are you insane? That place was created to punish even upper level origin core cultivators during the great war!”


Mug’drezor’s eyes look full of pride as he looks at Dydes “No matter, the emperor has decreed it, I will go wherever he tells me to. Even if it means dying with this disgusting waste of demon space”


“You demons and your weird obsessions towards your superiors will never cease to amaze me... Very well, I shall lead you towards the cliff” Dydes waves his hand around informing the archangels to take their positions back before turning around to lead Mug’drezor to his destination.


“Many thanks, God of the eternal night”


Dydes looks back “It’s been a long time since someone has used my title, do you address your devas such as Kor’gon the reaper the same way?”


Irritation comes back on Mug’drezor’s face at the mention of the deva in the western realm “Hmpf, Kor’gon blesses our war path, he does not need a title for any formalities.”


“Hmm, I see. You westerners are as uncivilized as ever.” Dydes turns back around as he breaks the light barrier directly flying pass several planets as Mug’drezor tries to keep up with Murgal in hand. “Do know once you’re there you’re on your own, Balgis’s follower.”


“You don’t need to tell me, just keep showing me the way.”




Two eagles in the sky fly over a beautiful mountain with waterfalls visible on every corner as a grand palace stands on top of the palace, made of wooden design with fairies flying all around making it seem like the home of nature itself.


Dhynetyh looks at the guard with hatred as flying here on the eagle’s back has used quite the amount of time “These birds are rather slow, I would’ve gotten here in an instant if I flew here myself.”


Cold sweat flows out of the guards back as he notices the killing intent coming from behind him unsure what to do “M-miss, w-we have arrived now, h-haven’t we?”


Dhynetyh sneers at the guard “I am here as a quick side-stop, I have limited time as his highness the emperor of demons Balgis wants me to go to Elohim, will you take responsibility for delaying my travels when I’m asked about this?”




“Hmpf, just a mere colossal core cultivator, next time no matter what that old dog tells you just have me enter the palace myself!” Dhynetyh launches off the eagle as she instantly penetrates through the barrier protecting the elven castle, blasting herself straight into the main building.


The guard looks at the actions of the dracaena as he flies down to save the eagle Dhynetyh launched off of “I-I’m, going to be in trouble for this…”


Dhynetyh arrives in the throne room as if she owns the palace with Arkoluth in hand as she is immediately surrounded by twenty elven guards exerting a terrifying celestial core pressure on the dracaena as they poke their spears against her throat.


Dhynetyh remains calm in front of the guards as she waves her hand “Now, now, calm down I’m here to see your king, not cause trouble. Put down your damned toothpicks”


The guards ignore her words as they remain in the same position, not allowing Dhynetyh to move in the slightest “You come barging into the palace like this, you should be glad we don’t kill you on the spot.”


A voice comes from deep inside the throne room as a pleasant feeling surrounds the guards and Dhynetyh “It’s fine, men. Lower your weapons and let the dracaena in. She is an old friend of mine.”


The guards instantly lower their spears as they go back into formation “Please, miss, follow us.”


“Thick-faced as always, you elves. Guiding me as if nothing happened” She shrugs as she moves her lower half around to follow the guards deeper inside the throne room.


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