In the southern realm on planet Aolis, a teleportation formation lights up close to their capital as a dracaena comes out of the formation carrying a demon over her shoulder.

Two guards wearing fully clad in green with a spear and shield in their hands stand in front of the dracaena. “State your business” Both say at the same time.

The dracaena is naturally Dhynetyh with Arkoluth on her back. She looks at the guards “I’m here to see Flardryn Erendriel, as the king of the elves he should be in his palace.”

The guards look surprised at the newly arrived people directly wanting to see their king. They look at one another before one of the guards takes out a gem out of his interspatial ring and knocks against the gem three times. Slowly a watery mirror appears inside it as it connects with another gem on the planet with an old elf on the other side of the gem. “Lord Arbane, there is a dracaena here asking for his highness Flardyrn”

The elf on the other side frowns “Who would be so audacious to directly ask for the presence of our ruler?”

Dhynetyh steps forward and takes the gem out of the guard’s hands with impeccable speed as she looks at the gem “Arbane, tell Flardyrn the demonic dragon from the east is here to pay him a visit”

Arbane looks surprised before taking a closer look at the dracaena cladded in gold demonic armor. “If it isn’t one of Balgis’s 50… Very well I shall tell his highness of your arrival. Pass the gem back to the guards”

Dhynetyh nods as she casually drops the gem back in the guard’s hand.

“Give the woman an escort, I don’t want her rummaging around alone” Arbane commands the guard

“Very well, sir!” The guard responds as he puts the gem away “Miss, please, this way.”

Dhynetyh follows the guard as the other one remains guarding the formation.

The guard moves down the hall as he arrives at a docking station where 10 netherwind eagles are casually relaxing, the grandiose birds with dark black feathers and powerful red eyes emit a devastatingly strong windily power despite their current laziness. They notice the guard and give him a playful look.

“Not today guys, we are heading for the capital with our guests” The guard says to the eagles as disappointment comes into their eyes before looking at the guests.

The guard looks back at Dhynetyh “Although they’re very strong, they’re kind birds. Just hop on we’ll take a quick fly straight to the palace” he signals to one of the birds and gets on its back.

Dhynetyh looks at the eagles as she nods to one with a fierce look in its eyes and it looks back with disdain “Hmm, they’re interesting ones, aren’t they?” She unleashes her pressure on the eagle, forcing it straight to the floor as fear becomes visible on his face. “That’s better.” She releases the pressure as she approaches the eagle.

The eagle, still afraid of what suddenly happened doesn’t dare put up any kind of resistance as the two get on his back.

The guard looks at the actions of Dhynetyh with an indifferent looks on his face as he strokes the head of the eagle. The eagle rubs his head against the guard’s hand and spreads his wings launching himself into the air.

Dhynetyh slightly frowns as she commands the eagle “Fly.” The eagle slightly shudders as he spreads his wings and flies in the same direction as the other one.

Arkoluth still hung over Dhynetyh’s back slowly wakes up from all the moving around and the wind smashing against his body. He slowly opens his eyes and gets confused immediately. The last thing he recalls was him being in the throne room, yet, now he’s staring down at black feathers with clouds all around him. “Ugh… What is this?”

Dhynetyh rotates her head to the prince as she throws him down on the back of the eagle “So, you’ve finally decided to wake up? No matter, you may go back to sleep right away!” Her eyes turn into that of a snake’s, bright and yellow.

“Huh?” Arkoluth looks at the royal guard in surprise before his mind gets invaded by a terrifying power and his eyes instantly lose all signs of life.

The bird continues flying, thinking about the terrifying pressure he felt earlier from the woman as he ignores the actions taking place on his back.


Grand lights appear in the middle realm of the northern part as its entire universe trembles in horror. This marks the arrival of people from the exalted realm, beings who can wipe out their entire existence with a mere thought.

On planet Nash, home of the ogres where only ogres are allowed their king flies into the sky in absolute panic “Quick! Quick! Receive these guests, whoever they are, do not anger them!” The king, a fat ogre with his belly in full view, his skin entirely grey as barely any muscle is visible, opens the formation of their planet with his fat shaking everywhere. He has some hair on his head, and two lower teeth going all the way up to his nose, with his face being the only threatening thing about him.

Ror’iron steps out of the formation in the open space of the middle realm with Kegmoz next to him, a look of being defiled by just being in a realm of insignificance appears on his face. “The broken space is just up ahead, I’ll wait here and see what these lowly locals are up to whilst you try and contemplate how you’re going to enter that place where every move means certain death.”

Kegmoz looks at Ror’iron with slight fear as he nods his head and flies to an area in the north where there is no light from any star nor artificial light visible. It looks as if there’s nothing but pure darkness inside and he thinks back to the stories of this place.

The broken space of the northern realm created when the two devas of the north realm fought one another. Once their fight descended all the way to the middle realm, they destroyed planet and stars alike in the wake of their battle before the deva of the ogres smashed the goblin deva into the outer reaches of space, locking him up there before blasting down the laws of poison and destruction. As a result, everything in that place broke apart with a terrifying poison spread around the area everywhere and space itself being destroyed down to the last particle.

“To the ancestor, it’s either I survive here and retrain myself or I die the dog he thinks I am…” Kegmoz sighs as he arrives closer and closer to the broken space with his skin already slowly feeling the dread of poison that is present ahead.


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