The emperor sits in his throne looking at the eldest prince in complete and utter disgust as he tries to think where to send him to. He places his hand on his chin and starts thinking of the most horrible places in the realm.


“Mm…” Balgis looks at his remaining 48 guards “What do you guys think? Where should I send the biggest disgrace of my bloodline to?”


The guards rise to their feet as they hold their hands behind their back and look up to their emperor with reference. “I believe we should sent him to the humans on planet Elohim. They only respect the strong there, if he even as much as opens his mouth they will cripple him.” A dracaena stands in front of the guards with determination on her face, ready to take the task. She has beautiful long black hair and fair cheeks, looking like a frail young girl. Her lower body that of a snake she is fully armed in red armour riddled with demonic runes and scriptures.


“Ah, Dhynetyh, you are from the east, aren’t you?” The emperor asks


“Indeed, your highness. However, I haven’t been back there ever since I joined your forces. It is doubtful anything has changed there. So for him who has only been opening his mouth and throwing his family’s name around, this should be perfect. With me around, he should be able to get into Elohim.”


“Mm” Balgis nods his head “Very well, take him in his current state, the trip will be slightly longer but let his recovery be as painful as possible. Once you arrive there, give their current ruler this gift” He takes an interspatial ring from his hand and throws it to Dhynetyh.


“Very well, I shall see to it that it arrives to the current ruler of the east.” Dhynetyh receives the ring in her hand and prostates once more before her emperor and moves over to Arkoluth, grabs him by his clothes and drags him off.


“The rest of you are dismissed, inform the family and have them destroy all means of communication with the three.” Balgis looks at the remaining guards before closing his eyes, as if becoming one with the throne itself.




“Quite unexpected, although your crime was the lowest out of the three of you my image of you was that of a degenerate that was only capable of thinking with his lower half” Ror’iron enters the long-distance teleportation hall with Kegmoz without having to restrain the youngest prince.


“I knew this day would come, the ancestor is old, and nobody has managed to reach a level where the demon race can be protected yet. Although with the confederation in place, our race should be safe but with nobody to look to when things go south…” Kegmoz stops walking and looks toward the ceiling of the hall, on it is the painting of Balgis with his 12 armies that roared strong through all corners of the realm, seeking foes to fight and land to subjugate.


“Hmm, for one that has only been indulging in sexual pleasures you still have a proper brain in that head of yours.” Ror’iron slowly looks at Kegmoz more carefully, measuring him up. Everything he knows about the third prince is from reports of his intelligence division.


“Haha, I have actually long looked up to you, vice-commander of the ancestor’s royal guard. Brain and tactician of the 12 armies. Your strategy has turned losing wars into absolute victories many times in the past. Yet, when I looked at my brothers and my parents, I lost desire to chase that dream” Kegmoz slightly tears up whilst staring at the domineering painting.


Ror’iron looks at Kegmoz with a somewhat surprised look before turning his back to him “Since we’re going to cultivate in the northern most dangerous broken parts of space, I’m sure you will return a different demon than you left.” Ror’iron enters inside the hall and starts activating the teleportation formation “Stop being sentimental and get in” He looks at Kegmoz who is still looking at the painting in a trance.


Kegmoz looks back down and follows after Ror’iron, standing inside the teleportation formation.

“Off we go. This will be the last time you act unbefitting of a demon.”


The formation activates and a large amount of power gathers in the hall as the earth around it begins to tremble and thunder starts roaring all over the place. Several light shines down in the hall and vanishes as quickly as it came with everything returning to normal.




“Ah, ah… Why am I stuck with this degenerate? I could figure his highness had plans to make both me and Ror’iron take one of the princes out but why do I get the most pathetic one?” Mug’drezor looks at Murgal who is still completely paralyzed in his hand whilst he breaks through space and flies at the speed of light towards the middle part of the realm. “A greedy bastard who cowers in fear behind his guards at the first sight of danger, he’s probably never even had a proper fight in his life. Sending him to the tunnel of disaster is going easy, the Buddhist temple would have been many times more suitable.” Mug’drezor sighs as he continues his travel.




Dhynetyh arrives at the minor teleportation hall with Arkoluth hung over her back. “I’d like to travel to the Erendriel controlled border between the elves and demons.” She tells the cyclops in charge


The cyclops looks at the dracaena “Order. Go. East. South. Cannot.”


“I have some minor business at one of the planets there before heading out with this trash.”


The cyclops slightly tilts his head as if confirming whether she is speaking the truth “Ok. May. Go. Tell Emperor. Else. Problem.”


“You go inform his highness, I have to quickly follow his orders and head for Elohim after my business with the elves is done.”


The cyclops thinks once more before turning around infusing his power into the minor teleportation formation as it lights up. “Enter.”


Dhynetyh nods and enters the formation with Arkoluth and stands still inside it.


“May. Kor’gon. Bless. Your. Travels.” The cyclops smashes his hands together as the formation fully activates, sending the two off to the southern realm


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