Back at the gates of the capital, 50 guards have returned from a rather quick journey. None daring to stop their entrée as they carry the emperor’s symbol on their backs. They enter the city and march directly for the palace without giving a care about anything in their path.

“I wonder how long it’s been since the royal guard has been outside the palace?” One of the guards at the gate looks at the back of the 50 men before noticing a trail of blood and seeing 3 demons tied up at the back of their march “Hey… Aren’t those the 3 young princes?”

Another guard takes a closer look before gasping in realisation “I-It looks like things are going to get ugly in the capital…”

The 50 guards enter the palace grounds with the 3 princes in tow heading straight to the throne room. The commander stands in front of the draconic doors before loudly smashing against the doors 5 times “Your highness, we have brought the three you requested.”

A bloodthirsty voice comes from inside “Mm, enter.”

The commander pushes the doors open as the fifty guards walk towards the stairs that lead to the throne before prostrating themselves before the emperor. The commander takes the tied-up princes and throws them over at the first step of the stairs before prostrating as well. “As you’ve ordered, we’re brought the three over. However, taking it upon ourselves to teach them a little… lesson, so to say.”

Balgis looks down at his three descendants, checking them up noticing each is even worse off than the other “untie them.”

Mug’drezol stands up and unties the three before prostrating himself once more.

Balgis slowly lifts his finger as he infuses some power into them and shoots it down at the three, most of it focussed on the second-eldest whom is pale from pure blood loss. Demons, especially demons at this level, can bleed profusely for hours on end without dying, but even for that this is quite horrible. The eldest is better off for his overall condition but is missing… his privates… The youngest one being perfectly fine, only having his head smashed against the ground with his skull slightly fractured.

He somewhat heals the three and lowers his hand once more when the three slowly start twitching “ugh” Kegmoz is the first to awaken from a long concussion and looks around him before lowering his eyes on his brothers, remembering what happened just before he passed out. “Ah…” He raises his head as he sees his ancestor sitting there staring at him with a murderous look in his eyes. “Ancestor… I-I know I did wrong…”

“Silence!” The ancestor domineeringly lets his power gush out. “You will not speak a word before the other two awaken.”

Kegmoz looks pale in fright, unsure what is to happen to them. He can already see how miserable the state of his brothers his and can only assume the worst.

Slowly Arkoluth opens his eyes before he slowly sits up and noticing the devastating pain in his crotch “AHH!” His face contorts in pain as he holds his hands on his crotch area and he rolls around on the floor in pain.

The ears of Murgal twitch as the noise slowly makes him open his eyes. He slowly tries to get up before his entire body roars in pain, but he holds it in as he stops trying to move. His eyes slowly moving to the stairs in front of him “Ah… So, I’m in the throne room…” He closes his eyes again, aware where he is now he awaits judgement.

Their ancestor is known to perform horrible tortures on anyone that displeases him within the family during the first 5 generations but afterwards he slowly became more a figure in the back, holding onto his throne and working on diplomatic situations. Now that he is active once more, Murgal can only imagine what awaits him before he focusses on the screams behind him again. “That’s Arkoluth’s voice… Why is he in so much pain?” He slowly opens his eyes before a presence descends next to him with a terrifying desire for blood flowing out.

“It’s just a mere cut, why are you screaming like a damned commoner?!” Balgis grabs Arkoluth’s head and throws him straight at one of the twelve pillars in the throne room before turning to Murgal.

Moans coming from behind Murgal as he looks his ancestor in the eye. “Do you know why you are here, Murgal?” Balgis asks

Murgal raises his chin to look his ancestor in the eye before slowly shaking his head.

“You are here because you are a disgrace to my bloodline.” Balgis looks at Murgal with cold eyes

Murgal slowly closes his eyes, already accepting his fate as he doesn’t desire to put up a fight he can’t even remotely win. He thinks back of his time in the gambling halls and how often he tried to pursue the president of the betting hall, all to no avail, before thinking back to his youth. How he chased the stars and desired absolute power back then. A weird smile forms on Murgal’s face as he fully relaxes, accepting his end.

Balgis’s brows frown as he starts looking at Murgal in complete disgust “And you are supposed to be of my bloodline? Simply looking back at life and you’re satisfied? Mug’drezol, drag him to the inferior realm and have him enter the tunnel of disaster. Don’t have him come out for at least 50 years.

Mug’drezol rises to his feet preparing to take away Murgal before Murgal violently starts moving around trying to get up.”I-I REFUSE!” A terrifying killing intent forms around him “IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE ANYONE THROWS ME IN THAT HELLHOLE THE GODS MADE” he slowly manages to get on his knees before Mug’drezol grabs him by the neck and his entire nerve system shuts down from the power Mug’drezol sent into his body.

Directly afterwards the two leave the throne room and disappear from the planet.

Balgis turns his head to Kegmoz who has been quietly hiding in fear all this time. “What will you do? I’m sure cowards can have a fun time in the broken space in the middle realm of the north”

Kegmoz rises to his feet before giving his ancestor a fierce glare “If that is what ancestor has decided, then Kegmoz will go.” Determination visible on his face, nothing like the usual playboy that always hangs around in the brothels of the city.

Surprise appears on Balgis’s face “Hmm, it seems you have at least some dignity left in you fitting to my bloodline. Ror’iron, take him there.”

Ror’iron stands up and looks the youngest prince in the eye as Kegmoz calmly walks towards Ror’iron and without any resistance lets the vice-commander take him away.

Balgis looks at his two departed descendants before rising the stairs to his throne again and taking his seat, coldly looking down at where Arkoluth is twitching around in pain.

“That only leaves one.”


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