Emperor of the Demon race


The Ineligible One

Chapter 3 - The branch family of Thar'aron


Just 100km outside the capital of Thar’aron there lies a dead mountain, surrounded by nothing but ashes and rocks lay the branch family of Thar’aron. This dead mountain which peaks far into the sky, piercing the clouds is named after one of the demon generals of Balgis whom attained the peak of the celestial core; Zolvalog.

The branch family has a large demonic castle surrounded by ghastly beings defending it as none but a Thar’aron is welcome here.

Below the mountain, 50 guards and 2 beaten up young princes arrive. The two moan in pain with the older one still bleeding profusely, his trail of blood leading all the way back to the entertainment district of the capital.

“I’ve already confirmed the eldest one to be here commander” Ror’iron looks at his commander, awaiting orders.

Mug’drezol turns around looking at his men “This worthless branch family means nothing, so we shall teach the entirety of the Thar’aron bloodline to think twice before they breed with the pure again, even if forced.” A bloodthirsty aura is unleashed from the commander as he takes out a great sword, covered in old blood with the edges looking so sharp the air itself is being cut just from being around it.

“March inside, slaughter anything that stands in our path until we find the last bastard.” The commander orders as he explodes forth with his cultivation, making the entire mountain tremble.

“As you command!” All other guards draw their weapons as well as the same bloodthirsty aura comes out as they follow their commander.


Inside the branch house, the family head runs out of his chambers and looks at the guards “What is going on?!” He asks in panic as the power he feels coming from below the mountain far exceeds any of them can afford to provoke.

“Sir, I believe we are under attack!” One of the guards responds

“Well? What are you waiting for then! Quickly activate the defensive formations and repel the attackers!”

The guards look at one another as cold sweat flows down their back, fully aware that the strength approaching them will easily wipe out this entire castle.

The family head starts looking irritated at the guards “Even if they can destroy us, do you think with their murderous aura they will let us off unscathed? Hurry up and activate the formations so at least some can escape! And tell the informant to hurry send a request of aid from the capital!”

The guards slowly firm their stance “As you command!” They yell out as they try to motivate themselves and run down the stairs to arm the defensive formation and rally the other troops.

The family head looks at his departing guards “Just who did we provoke? This strength is at least the celestial core… And there’s so many of them…” He sighs before re-entering his chambers to get his children to safety


“Commander, they seem to be activating their defensive formations” Ror’iron looks at the branch family’s castle walls as they slowly light up with cannons charging and being aimed down at them

The commander looks at the walls before lifting his hand to stop the advance and slowly raises his great sword. “Puny ants dare put up a fight? I’ll just cut half the mountain down!” The commander channels his strength as a terrifying aura of death appears enveloping the entire mountain before it gathers into his sword. “Let all fear the might of the reaper; Kor’gon!” The commander shouts as his voice vibrates across the entire mountain and he slashes his great sword down, blasting the mountain into two.

“Advance, murder everything on sight. Now they’ve dared to defend themselves, none shall be left alive.” The commander puts the great sword over his shoulder as he gathers his power and launches himself from the earth of the mountain directly into the branch family’s castle

The guards swiftly follow him as most of them arrive on the walls and they mercilessly start hacking through the bodies of anyone in their sight.

“T-this… a-aren’t you Mug’drezol…? W-why is the royal guard massacring inside the branch’s castle…?” A terrified voice comes out of one of the castle as he stares at the commander in the air with a pale face.

The commander looks over at the window and sees a red skinned, bald aged man with 8 horns coming out of his head as if forming a crown, an untrained body and very lecherous eyes still visible. “Arkoluth, the emperor has ordered your return. Since you have defiled the royal bloodline with your filthy rapist incestual nature, we are clearing the entire branch to ensure nothing vile remains.” He looks at Arkoluth in disgust as if wanting to cut him up before signaling at Ror’iron to come over.

Arkoluth looks at the commander with his eyes slowly losing its light, being the eldest of the three youngest descendants, he is fully aware of his ancestor’s personality. Nothing good is awaiting him back home.

“Cut off his manhood.” The commander slowly orders his vice-commander with cold eyes as if looking at a chicken ready to be butchered, only not ordering the kill since he needs to bring him back alive.

Ror’iron reveals a devilish smile “As you wish” he takes out a small dagger as he instantly arrives behind Arkoluth and holds him in a choke-hold.

“P-please… A-Anything but that!” Arkoluth starts wetting himself as he looks at the commander with absolute fear

Mug’drezor turns around and heads down the inner halls of the castle, no longer caring for Arkoluth. Making his way to the main hall to find the family head. Screams coming out from the entire castle as the stench of blood slowly fills the place, 1000’s having been killed already.

“How strange… I can’t find Ol'gorun’s aura. Did that bastard of a family head already manage to flee?” The commander thinks to himself, further spreading out his spiritual energy, enveloping the entire mountain in his deathly aura before a horrifying scream comes from the window where Ror’iron and Arkoluth are. The commander slowly raises his head as he ignores the screams and moves into the family head’s chambers.

“So, he’s escaped with his children… As cunning as always, using anything as fodder for his own survival.” The commander checks the room once more before flying out of the window and signaling his guards “Finish of the remaining ones, we’re heading back to Thar’aron.”

The guards nod their head as they kill of the remaining ones and slowly return to the base of the mountain where the princes were dumped before they tie a third person to them.

“That’s all three of them, I’m sure the emperor will give us a magnificent show for you guys when we’re back” Ror’iron looks at the three as if they’re already dead with an extremely satisfied smile.

“We need this kind of exercise more often, even lowly dogs nowadays think they can raise their puny fists that would shatter by our mere presence against us.” The commander looks slightly irritated before marching back to the capital.


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