One hour later, in the red-light district of the city of Traglunoth 50 royal guards march the streets, heading to the Dheryn brothel. Their bright red armor and robust postures with fierce hawk-eyes and an aura filled with desire for war, each of them having fought many battles. Everyone in the district quickly averts their eyes as they make way for the incoming guards.

The guards arrive in front of the brothel as their commander, Mug'drezor, stands in front of the doors and slams them open, breaking them apart upon impact.

A light scream comes out from inside “Excuse me, sir! You can’t just come in and destroy our establishment! We are trying to do fair business here!” A succubus standing behind the counter at the entrance states, with fear visible on her face as nobody has ever dared to enter their establishment this way.

Mug’drezor moves his eyes to the succubus piercing through her entire skin “Lowly prostitute, we are here on official orders of the emperor! I will do as I please and if you open your damned mouth in complaint again, I will erase this entire establishment!”

The succubus’s eyes open wide with the mention of the emperor as she takes a closer look at the outfit the man is wearing. “T-that outfit… y-you are of the emperor’s royal guard!” She quickly prostates before the commander in absolute fear as she remembers the terrorising rumours surrounding this 50 manned guard.

“Hmpf, men, search the entire place and drag that bastard of a descendant out!”

The remaining 49 guards move in unison and start rampaging in the entire place, blowing open every door and searching every hook for the youngest of the 3 siblings.

A voice comes out from the back as a red skinned demon with a robust posture, 6 dark black horns coming out of his head and a fierce look in his eyes stands in front of one of the guards completely nude with a succubus in each of his hands “What is all this noise! Do you not see that I am trying to enjoy myself here!”

His eyes move to the man standing domineeringly at the entrance, noticing it to be the commander of his ancestor’s guards. “Mug’drezor, what brings you here?” He asks in bewilderment

“Kegmoz, by the order of the emperor you are to come with us to meet him at once, failure in obeying will end in immediate execution by torture on the walls of the palace!” Mug’drezor looks at Kegmoz in complete disdain. Demons are blood loving fighters that feast themselves on battle, yet this man only knows how to feast on sexual pleasures.

The fierceness leaves Kegmoz’s eyes as he slightly starts trembling “Ancestor desires my presence? I’ll go… of course I’ll go!” Blood drains from his face as he slowly starts looking pale. “I don’t think I’ve done anything to offend the ancestor! But… if he has made his personal guard come out with such consequences… if I don’t quickly go…” he mutters

Five guards surround the youngest prince as one punches him in the stomach

“Ugh” Kegmoz bends over with pain visible on his face “What was that for you damned servant!” Blood-thirst starts coming off him as he desires immediate revenge.

Another guard casually steps inside as he gathers power in his left arm, smashing it on Kegmoz’s head and launching him straight into the floor.

Mug’drezor looks at the fainted prince“Tie this degenerate up, we’re going to the next one” Mug’drezor says before turning around.


In the betting halls of Sharlea, a succubus with slick black hair, sexy eyes and round tits with almost no clothes sits in the control room as she receives the news of what just occured in the red-light district. A minotaur standing next to her. “Quickly tell the gorgon in charge today to go to the front of the district and meet the guards, they are likely to come here next”

“As you command” The minotaur gets up and leaves the room

“So, his highness the emperor has finally had enough of the behaviour of his youngest descendants?” The succubus sighs, although Murgal often uses his personal guard to cause trouble, he is still good for business with how much money he throws at his bets.


The fifty guards march towards the entertainment district with Kegmoz in tow, his face rubbing against the floor with each step they take.

“Any news on where the second bastard is?” The commander asks

The vice-commander behind him manages most of the information amongst their royal guard through his spiritual power and slowly nods “He’s somewhere around the southern parts, most likely the succubus owned arm-wrestling hall.”

Just as he informs his commander, a gorgon with fierce snake-eyes, snake hair and a snake’s tail with a human body comes up to them “Lord-commander of the emperor’s royal guard, my lady has sent me to receive you into our humble establishment.”

Mug’drezor looks at the barely dressed gorgon with disdain “Is Murgal in there?”

The gorgon lowers her head, almost prostrating before them “Indeed, he is currently betting between two minotaur”

Mug’drezor’s brows start twitching as he nods his head and looks onward “Very well, lead the way.”

The gorgon slowly raises her head as she starts moving to the Sharlea betting hall with the guards all following right behind her.

As they pass by many onlookers look curiously at the fifty men and one of the young princes of the Thar’aron family being dragged behind them before a few slowly leave the crowd and start passing down information to certain organisations.

A spectator looks curiously at the spectacle “Hey, hey. Isn’t that Kegmoz? Why is he being dragged around like this, aren’t they afraid of the consequences?”

A guard approaches the spectator “You believe a mere prince overrules our authority?” He puts his hand on top of the spectator’s head as he slowly starts crushing the man’s head

“H-Hey w-wait”

“In your next life, try to know your place lowly commoner.” He crushes the man’s head as he moves back in formation with the other guards, leaving the spectator bleeding on the street of the district.

The guards slowly arrive in front of a grand building, a statue of two minotaur wrestling one another stands in front of the building with the name Sharlea written on the building itself.

“Here it is, lord-commander. If possible, I wish to ask you only send in a few men to take the young prince with you” The gorgon once more deeply lowers her head

“Mm, very well.” The commander looks at his vice-commander “Ror'inod, take 4 men and retrieve him”

“As you wish.” Ror’inod nods his head and signals four guards with his hand before heading inside, leaving the remaining guards outside with Kegmoz and the gorgon.


Ror’inod enters the building, immediately hearing the cheers of demons and hybrids inside “What a bunch of low-lives, can they find nothing better to do in their spare time?” He thinks

Ror’inod signals his fingers to the four guards and each walk in a different direction trying to find the second youngest sibling before they hear a loud demonic voice.

“HAHAHAHA, YOU SEE THAT, BARGUN? I TOLD YOU THAT COW WOULD WIN!” A crazy laughter can be heard in the northern end of the betting hall where one minotaur has a broken arm and lies on the ground with the other holding his arms in the air victoriously.

Ror’inod frowns his brow as he signals the guards to move over to the position the crazy laughter came from “That miserable laugh must be him.”

A demon dressed in golden robes with greedy eyes, red skin and three red horns coming out of his head sits in an honourable chair next to the arm-wrestling event with his guards next to him. “Bargun, go collect the money I won!”

A robust guard standing next to the demon lowers his head as he walks off, accidently bumping into Ror’iron. Ror’iron looks at the guard in absolute disgust as a terrifying murderous aura emits from him, smacking the guard’s head making it explode with blood flying everywhere. “Filthy lowlife, you dare place your disgusting hands on me?”

The demon in the chair notices his guard being instantly killed as he looks over “DAMNED BASTERD, YOU DARE KILL ONE OF MY GUARDS? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” His power erupts as he takes out a sword from his interspatial ring ready to attack.

“Murgal, the emperor demands your immediate return to the palace. It matters not how we take you there, as long as we keep you alive.” Ror’iron sneers at the second eldest prince as he signals the four guards towards Murgal.

“Wha-?” Murgal’s power immediately disperses after noticing who it is in front of him. “Vice-commander, I’ll go! I’ll go! You don’t need to use force!”

The four guards surround Murgal as Murgal’s guards have already lowered their heads, since their direct superior is the emperor.

“Beat him up, I want to spread his blood all over the path we take to the oldest one.”

Murgal’s eyes lose colour as he looks at the guards surrounding him “There is no need for this!”

The four guards each unleash their full power as they start beating on the second youngest sibling, breaking his arms and making his teeth fly out of his mouth.

Murgal falls to the floor as he looks at the guards in fear, still trying to mutter words. “T-this s-should b-be e-enough.”

The four guards ignore his words as they each take out a blunt weapon and start smacking it on his back.

After five minutes of smashing down, leaving Murgal in a puddle of his own blood, the guards stop.

“Mm, that should suffice. Drag him outside and tie him up with his brother.”

The guards nod as they grab Murgal by his arms and drag him towards the exit, leaving a trail of blood behind.


Mug’drezor looks at the beaten up Murgal slowly being tied to his younger brother before moving his eyes to his vice-commander “Mm, well done. Now we can move towards the last one.”

Ror’iron nods his head as he joins the rest of the guard behind Mug’drezor, ready to depart.

Mug’drezor throws a coin pouch over to the gorgon still lowering her head before them “For the trouble, tell that lowly succubus in charge we won’t poke further into her business.”

The gorgon nods her head “I shall inform the missus, thank you lord-commander” she bows once more before heading inside

“Well then, that last bastard should be in one of the branch houses. Let’s move out!”

The guards nod as they leave the entertainment district with the two young princes in tow, one of them leaving a trail of blood as he looks completely messed up, the other tied up and paralyzed in rope.


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