The realms are divided in the north, west, east, south and middle parts. Each part is ruled by different kind of races and generally, due to the severe amount of distance there is between the parts, they don’t usually enter each other’s. However, far in time immemorial that mattered not.

The north, ruled by the Lizards, orcs and goblins.

The west, ruled by the Hybrids, demons and necromancers.

The east, ruled by the humans and dragons.

The south, ruled by the elves, fairies and dwarves.

And lastly, the middle part, often named "Heaven". Ruled by the gods as everything in the universe comes together here where the river of reincarnation flows and the laws merge together.

Besides the middle part, that only has an inferior realm for the punished, all four other realms are divided. At time creation there was only the exalted realm but as the races got stronger they started creating life and created other realms to let these beings live in. The highest realm being the exalted realm, where all parts of the universe are connected. Below that are the upper realm middle realm, the lower realm and the inferior realm. For any being to ascend to a higher realm, they must pass many trials.

At the time of creation, all parts had different laws and the deva were born to govern over the laws that made the universe. However, the lower beings in the east slew their devas and took control over the laws themselves. Making them feared by the other parts as war loving savages.

Soon after, a wide-scale war brew out. With the middle realm in charge attacking the east together with the north and western realm, naming the eastern realm heathens. However, they proved themselves too strong. The control they took over from the devas made them freely use their laws in mass-use and the realms were pushed back, losing many.

The southern realm was more peace loving, with their devas more focused towards unity and decided not to participate in this brutal war that lasted over 5 million years.

After too much blood was shed, the realms decided on a status-quo and henceforth no longer trespassed on the eastern realm, leaving them in peace.

With the middle realm still in charge of the sea of reincarnation an agreement was made between just the middle and eastern realm. The east would never step foot outside their realm nor seek out war or revenge and the middle would not interfere on their cycle of reincarnation.

Millions of years passed, and the agreement always stood firm. However, with the changes in the universe and the lower realms becoming more and more populous with the beings in the exalted realm never finding new strength, they became unable to reincarnate and death meant an eternal rest.

This lead to the creation of a confederation between all races to work together towards eternity, removing the east’s restriction on not moving freely. The realms started a non-aggression pact and set up tournaments for their young ones to become strong and learn. However, bloodshed and discrimination became more and more common as races started migrating amongst the parts of the realm to discover the new and unknown.

The cooperation still goes on to this day, but so far, none of the races from the lower realms have managed to ascend to the exalted realm. The step being too large to take. Kin born in the exalted realm being their only forces. The southern realm being the most populous since they never partook in the war.

The eastern realm having the smallest exalted population followed by the middle, west and lastly north. Interbreeding has already become a common aspect as the realms try to create the being that will rise their universe from possible extinction.



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