バルキリー (Valkyrie)

バルキリー (Valkyrie)

by ArcanePunkster

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content
The Valkyrie's are the mechanized suits that Valkyrie Pilots use in today's warfare. Using their power to fight the Terra that constantly threatens to invade our world.
But that's not the only concern of everyday citizens, the tensions between the Federation and Space Alliance Systems are at an all-time high since the conclusion of the Valkyrie Wars.
Hazer who was once a Valkyrie Pilot has since lost the ability to pilot a Valkyrie. He now lives a life normality with his family when an unstoppable force threats to tear down everything he knows and loves.

An Original Light Novel/Manga Series! A concept in the works!

Mecha Light Novel!

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I want to see what will happen next

/* This review was written when only 10 chapters were avaliable. */

This story seems to be shaping into sci-fi military novel about pilot aces of human space hegemon faction A, keeping border against unfriendly human hegemon faction B, and at war with unnegotiatable alien faction C which started invasion this very chapter. Hm. Will it turn into Wing Commander?

I liked that military rituals and organization in this story feel believable.

MC has some some Japanese tropes going on, but those are not unlikable. The only one that freaks me out is that military guy (MC), pilot, a freaking modern analog of knight calvary or hussars, or airplane pilot is still a clamped virgin? That's a big cultural shock for me. It could happen, I know, it's just a clash of Western and Eastern stereotypes and practices happening, I guess.

Overall, story gives me vibes of Full Metal Panic and good mecha anime. Ridiculous anime tropes are toned done to being non-disruptive and charming. Story feels serious, centered, and that grabs attention.

I want to see what will happen next.

Would there be interesting tactics, strategy, stratagems? Techporn? Resource management? Horror and wonder? Consequences of actions and choises? XCOM-like research? Interesting aliens? Loss? Despair? Victories? Interesting plot?

Ah, time will tell.

Elliot Moors

This review applies up to chapter three, part one.

STYLE - The style is easy to read, for the most part, and simple in its flow. Not many massive paragraphs clogging up the flow, which is nice on the eye. However, there is also a large number of scene breaks in many of the chapters so far, which kind of cuts chapters into many little pieces. Not necessarily bad in itself, but it makes it a little harder (at least for me) to engage with the scene at hand.

GRAMMAR - Some mistakes, but not enough to make the text jarring to read. Descriptions are sometiems jumbled, and there are words missing in certain sentences, but nothing that a pass of editing couldn't fix.

STORY - It's about fighting mechs. Do you like mechs? Give this a whirl, see if you like it. I have no personal like or dislike for the genre, so I cannot comment too far, but I feel like the story is going places in terms of plot.

CHARACTER - The main character's not half bad. He seems kinda stoic, but he's set up as a big deal in military he used to fight for before he was discharged. It gives you something to sink your teeth into--why was he discharged? How good is he compared to the other mech pilots we see in the story? Some of the supporting cast is a bit bland so far, but I don't know what the author has planned for them in the future.

OVERALL - Probably a story to pick up if you're a fan of the genre. Deals with a lot of familiar tropes. The author has some improvements to make in terms of characters and prose, but I'm sure they will improve in these areas as the story progresses.