"Please excuse me, Marquess, but I need to speak to Chi Mels alone." Heat said. "There are some important matters that I must discuss with her."

"Of course, the D Rank test is in two days, you should discuss how to coordinate when the time comes. I have some news though sir Lest, my informants told me that the test this time will be very hard. Its danger level is recommended for level 3 Mortal Warrior or stronger and requires you to form a team of two people." Marquess Bryant Mels took a sip of wine as he explained.

"Ah, I will keep that in mind. Please excuse me." Heat walked away from the group with Chi Mels and Alice following. "Is there somewhere we can speak in private here Chi Mels?"

"Yes, this way." Chi Mels led them through the lobby, up some large stairs, and toward a set of large doors. "Wait outside Alice, I'll speak to sir Lest alone."

Heat looked at Alice and nodded slightly before following Chi Mels inside. All around there were shelves of books and in the middle of the room stood a wide wooden desk with some chairs surrounding it.

"What is it that you wished to speak about sir Lest?" Chi Mels felt slightly excited because she thought that Heat wanted to team up with her for the D Rank test. It would be much better to have him as a teammate than a level 4 Mortal Warrior that her father prepared.

"Well if we are to assist each other during the test, it would be best to understand each other's powers to prepare. More specifically I am wondering what element your energy core is. Since your father is looking for the Azure Lantern flower, I assume you have water affinity?" Heat inquired carefully. What Heat really wanted to know was how to find out one's own element since Heat did not know what element he had.

"Yes, I recently broke into level 1 Mortal Warrior and took the neutral crystal test. It shone brightly blue indicating that I have water affinity. Unfortunately, even though most strong noble families have their own skills that were passed down from their ancestors, almost all the energized humans in my Mels family were of the earth element. Thus our family skill is of the earth element and I am unable to utilize it." Chi Mels spoke with a trace of disappointment in her voice.

Neutral crystal test! When Heat heard that, he knew that this "neutral crystal test" must be the method to figure out his own energy core's element.

"Err, I'm actually not from the Herya Empire and traveled here only recently. What is this neutral crystal test you speak of?" Heat inquired hoping that his lie wouldn't have any holes that could be exposed.

Since Chi Mels didn't know anything about Heat, he figured that he would be able to feign ignorance of this subject by saying that he's only arrived in Herya Empire recently. Ironically, the "lie" he told is not entirely untrue since he really did recently arrive in the Herya Empire!

"Oh, well the neutral crystal test is a crystal with no elemental affinity. It shines a different color when you put your energy into, it indicating what elemental affinity you have, before it turns to dust. Blue for water, red for fire, yellow for wind, brown for earth, and green for wood." Chi Mels explained in a matter-of-fact manner.

It seemed weird to her that someone wouldn't know about the neutral crystal test since as far as she knew, every energized human would use this once they broke into level 1 Mortal Warrior to test for their element.

Of course, it's a big world and Chi Mels knew that there might be other methods as well. Since Heat seemed so powerful and mysterious, perhaps he came from far away and never heard of the neutral crystal test.

"Where can I get this neutral crystal? I wish to take a closer look at one." Heat was really excited now, so this neutral crystal test really will tell him what element he has. Once he finds out, it would make taking the D Rank test much easier.

"You can usually buy them from alchemy stores. They only cost 1-2 gold but my father should have some in the mansion since we would carry out the neutral crystal test for our troops if any of the normal humans break into level 1 Mortal Warrior. I'll have Alice get you some before you leave."

"Then I will have to trouble you. Also, your father said that the D Rank test would be extra difficult this time, do you know anything about it?" With the mystery of his energy core's element about to be resolved, Heat wanted to know more about how to prepare for the test now while he had the chance to ask Chi Mels.

"Not really, even my father as the Marquess of Rock Edge city only gets limited information. All we know is that everyone will be required to team up in pairs and that we will be going far away to grave-dig in an ancient catacomb. The passing requirement and more specific details are still unknown to us." Chi Mels started fiddling with her fingers looking nervous. She wanted to ask if Heat wanted to team up with her for this test but didn't know how to say it.

"I see, well then I will be taking my leave to prepare for the upcoming test. I will meet you during the test so that our two different teams can coordinate with each other and assist each other if possible."

Even though Marquess Bryant Mels paid Heat a large amount of money, Heat thought that the Marquess only wanted him to help Chi Mels during the test rather than actually team up with her. In Heat's mind, a level 4 Mortal Warrior would be a much stronger teammate for Chi Mels than himself.

"Ah...Okay, I'll see you in two days then sir Lest. I'll have Alice bring you some neutral crystals and see you out." Chi Mels said with some hesitation. If Heat did not want to be her teammate then all she could do was just accept his assistance during the test. She knew that it was not her place to insist.


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