When Viscount Leo Nard walked in, his first course of action was to scan the room looking for familiar faces. Once he saw Marquess Bryant Mels, he walked over with his son following behind.

"Marquess Bryant Mels, I've brought you a gift! What is it that required my attendance at this party?"

Viscount Leo Nard was polite but shrewd, he was almost certain that the Marquess' request must be related to his son since Marquess Bryant also stated that his son must come. Luckily, his son woke up in the afternoon shortly after the doctor left.

Without waiting for Marquess Bryant to reply, Viscount Leo Nard immediately noticed Heat with his distinct clothing.

"This is?" Viscount Leo asked with one eyebrow raised.

Viscount Leo knew that Marquess Bryant probably wished to discuss what his son did yesterday. Thus, he didn't wish to converse with Marquess Bryant in front of a stranger.

Even though Heat looked like a peasant, Viscount Leo knew that if Heat was conversing with Marquess Bryant at the Marquess' party, Heat must be someone of importance. This is why even though Viscount Leo Nard thought that Heat looked odd, he still tried to be polite.

What Viscount Leo Nard didn't expect though, was that the peasant in front of him and the unknown expert that his son offended were both the same person!

Viscount Leo Nard was oblivious, but Ren Nard realized the moment his eyes landed on Heat. How could he ever forget about Heat!

After he woke up, his father gave him a couple good slaps out of frustration, it was after being beaten senselessly by his own father that Ren Nan understood what sort of trouble he's brought upon his family.

"This is my friend sir Quanye Lest." Marquess Bryant said, subtly implying that Heat was closer than just an acquaintance.

"In fact, the reason why I wanted you to appear with your son is due to my good friend sir Lest. It's come to my attention that your son Ren Nard was being overbearingly rude to sir Lest yesterday and even attempted to attack him."

Before Marquess Bryant Mels could continue any further, Ren Nan stepped forward immediately dropping to his knees.

He didn't care about his pride or how this would publicly humiliate him. If his apology didn't seem sincere, a calamity could befall his family.

"I'm sorry for disrupting your meal and attacking you yesterday sir Lest. I'm a blind fool who was out of his mind! Please forgive me, I promise that it will never happen again."

Ren Nan spoke loud enough for most of the nobles in the lobby to hear. His behavior started attracting the gazes of many people there.

Viscount Leo Nard had a shocked expression, he was genuinely surprised for a brief moment. However, absorbing the words that his son said, he was able to quickly figure out what was happening.

Marquess Bryant Mels gave a very slight nod thinking to himself. "At least he's sharp enough to know how to save his life."

Meanwhile, as everyone involved was contemplating their own interpretations of what's happening, Heat was very confused.

"Why is he apologizing? I thought all nobles were overbearing?" Heat thought to himself. Of course, Heat could recognize Ren Nan since it was only yesterday that Ren Nan had his personal guard Jac Ob almost slice off Heat's arm!

"When did I get so influential that even nobles must beg for my forgiveness? Is there something here that I am missing?" Heat was contemplating with furrowed eyebrows as he was unsure of why everyone seemed to be afraid of offending him. How could he possibly guess that everyone thought of him as a mysterious powerful expert?

While Heat was thinking, Ren Nan was sweating. "He hasn't said anything for a few seconds, is he so angry that he won't forgive me and wants my life as compensation?!" Ren Nan was truly scared as he waited for Heat to speak without daring to lift his head.

"Sir Lest, to show our sincerity, please accept this storage ring as a gift." Viscount Leo Nard sensed the difficult position his son was in and stepped forward hoping to appease Heat. He figured that given Heat's rags for clothes, such an expensive gift should help.

Seeing that Viscount Leo Nard was willing to apologize as well, Marquess Bryant Mels gave Chi Mels a glance. Chi Mels understood immediately and softly tried to mediate the situation.

"A storage ring is worth at least a few hundred gold coins sir Lest, they are quite rare and this shows that they are genuinely feeling sorry for having offended you. Please don't hold what happened yesterday in your Heart sir Lest."

Chi Mels stepped forward and took the blue storage ring from Viscount Leo Nard and handed it to Heat.

Heat wasn't an idiot, he was able to clearly sense that everyone was behaving reservedly and weren't willing to offend him. The only question Heat wasn't able to answer was why they were treating him with such respect.

But, with all eyes on him, Heat knew he needed to do something. Thus, he threw his confusion into the back of his mind and decided that it would be best to ask Chi Mels later when there were not so many people listening to their conversation.

Understanding that Ren Nard was still waiting for his reply, Heat took the blue storage ring from Chi Mels' hand and spoke with dignity. "What's happened before is in the past, let's forget about it."

Hearing that Heat has forgiven him, Ren Nard got up with excitement in his smile. "Thank you sir Lest!"

Even Viscount Leo Nard bowed as he thanked Heat for his magnanimous behavior. Although his heart ached from having to give away his storage ring which cost him 700 gold coins to purchase, it was still better than having an Earth Knight stir up trouble with his Nard family.

"Since we are all on friendly terms, let's discuss the upcoming Mercenary Guild D Rank test. My daughter Chi and Viscount Leo Nards son Ren will both be attending the test in a couple of days. Even though they are both only level 1 Mortal Warriors, we've already arranged for them to have a level 4 Mortal Warrior to protect them during the test. If sir Lest is not busy, I would be much more assured if sir Lest could protect my daughter Chi as well during the test." Marquess Bryant then took out a bag of coins. "This is 200 gold coins, for your troubles."

Looking at the bag of coins, Heat put up his hand indicating that he didn't want to accept it. "Actually Marquess Bryant Mels, I will be attending the D Rank test as well. So there is no need to worry, if I am able to I will assist your daughter Chi Mels during the test."

With a hearty light laugh, Marquess Bryant Mels shoved the bag of coins into Heat's hands. "Aha, sir Lest, how could I get you to help me out without compensating you. Even if you were coincidentally taking the test as well, it would still only be fair to pay you for your troubles." Marquess Bryant Mels was a bit curious on why someone as powerful as Heat would not directly take the A Rank test meant for Earth Knights but he knew he shouldn't pry.

Seeing that Heat accepted his payment, Marquess Bryant Mels held up his glass. "Let's enjoy the wine!"


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