When she heard that Heat wanted her to leave the city with him, she had mixed feelings. Many different thoughts rushed through her head as she was jolted awake from her daze.

Clearly, Heat is not a nobleman given his attire. Without even considering why or how he was here in a noble's mansion, she realized that he would not be able to appease the master of the house after destroying the jade dragon given his status. Thus, it makes sense for him to want to escape from the city.

But why did he want her to run away with him? Could he have fallen in love with her at first sight?

When she thought of that her heartbeat inexplicably faster. It was just for a fraction of a second, but she could imagine him carrying her away.

However, she immediately became aware of the fact that they've never met each other before, they don't even know each other's names. How could he expect her to drop everything in her life of stability and run away with someone she's never met before into a life of unknown?!

When she thought of that she got a bit angry. What a hooligan, first he bumps into her causing the jade dragon to break, then he stated that he would "take care of it," and now he shamelessly proposes for them run away from the responsibility!

Just as she was about to shout at him, she then thought of something else. What if he didn't want her to run away with her because he was being stupidly hot-headed. What if he asked her to run away with him because he was worried about her?

It would make sense for him to wish to flee since he would surely be killed if he stayed, but if he did flee - wouldn't that mean that she was the only one left who could take the blame for the destruction of the jade dragon?

As the thought dawned on her, her anger subsided. When has anyone cared so much about her?

She never had a father growing up, he was killed when she was a child because he offended an Earl. Her mother was always distant, busy with chores and as a result, spent very little time with her. The only other person who's cared about her would be her mistress Chi Mels.

However, she understood well that even though Miss Mels does treat her better than the other servants, she was still just a servant that Miss Mels could abandon at any point. Just like how Marquess Bryant Mels never spoke up for her father who was the Mels family servant when her father offended an Earl.

All of these thoughts happened in a heartbeat and before she could say anything else, Heat's arm has already left her body as he turned around to leave.

Once Heat heard her say that she would not leave, he understood her choice. Even though he did not wish for her to die, it did not mean that he was willing to sacrifice himself to save her.

As Heat prepared to leave, the maid reached out and grabbed Heat's hand.


With furrowed eyebrows, Heat turned around to see what she wanted.

"M-Mistress Mels dotes upon me well, she wouldn't punish me harshly for breaking this gift. I-I'll say that I accidentally dropped it...I'm sure master Mels wouldn't be too angry if the mistress pleaded for me. You don't have to leave the city..." She said with her head lowered. The truth was that even she was not very confident in what she was saying. Unsure why herself, she just said that because she didn't want Heat to leave.

Heat could feel her hand that's holding on to his, slightly trembling. His heart felt like it was being clutched, how could he not understand that she was suggesting to take the fall for this accident for him.

Even though he didn't entirely know why she would do such a thing, he did know that she was clearly trying to save him. How could he possibly let her take the blame for an accident where he was mostly at fault. She was doing her job but he was rushing around sneakily, this caused them to bump into each other.

"What is your name?" Heat knew that regardless of what happens, he would definitely regret it if he just left her to fend for herself. If he must offend a noble, then so be it!

"Alice...Alice Ciel"

"Alice... That's a lovely name. My name is Qua-" Heat was about to tell her that his name was Quanye Lest but then he remembered Lilim.

In his memories, Lilim called him by the name "Heat." Even though he didn't quite know if that was his real name, it felt more familiar than the "Quanye" that Fang Lest gave him.

"Heat. Heat Lest. Come, let's go find your mistress Mels."


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