After asking all of the questions he had for Jef Frey, Heat went back to Pebble inn to prepare for the upcoming D Rank test. One question he did want to ask but chose not to was how to figure out what element affinity your energy core has. Asking that would have Jef Frey question Heat on how he was able to form an energy core without knowing his own elemental affinity.

Since Heat's energy core is just a black sphere rotating out a gloomy aura. It gave him no hints on what element, if any, his energy core has an affinity with. He wanted to use his 5 gold coins and the next two days to prepare for the D Rank test, however, what can Heat do to prepare without knowing what element his energy core is? If he bought a water element energy equipment and his elemental affinity is actually fire, he would be giving away his money to drop a rock on his own foot.

Heat was truly in a predicament though, the major difference between an energized human and a regular human is not just the ability to control energy. Controlling energy does nothing without a skill or an energy equipment. If Heat can't use a skill and has no energy equipment, he would be no different than a regular human trying to take the D Rank test.

Heat didn't want to participate in the D Rank test without knowing what his elemental affinity was. There are some rare people with no elemental affinity, just like how there are some skills and energy equipment with no element but to they tend to have very little combat potential; storage rings for example.

Left with no other choice, Heat decided to attend the social gathering that Chi Mels invited him to yesterday. Sitting in his room doing nothing won't help him but meeting new people might give him new knowledge.

As Heat got down to the first floor of Pebble inn he saw the vibrant Ru Yin behind the counter reading a book with a bored expression. "Excuse me, do you know where the Mels family mansion is?" Heat asked with an inquisitive smile.

He could not help but feel happy when he saw Ru Yin. Since she told him about the free meals for temporary members of the Mercenary Guild while he was starving, Ru Yin has been a goddess in his mind.

Looking up from her book, Ru Yin furrows her eyebrows as she stares at Heat. Ru Yin didn't understand why Heat would be looking for the Mels family mansion, the Mels family was widely known as the most powerful family in Rock Edge city since the head of the family, Marquess Bryant Mels governs Rock Edge. With Heat's demeanor and clothing, it did not seem like he was a nobleman.

Nonetheless, since Heat was a customer of Pebble inn and Ru Yin knew better than to ask, she took out a piece of paper and wrote down the directions to get there by foot. "It should take you about 30 minutes if you walk there slowly" Ru Yin expressed lazily as she went back to reading her book after handing Heat the directions.

"Thank you!" Grinning, Heat left Pebble in and wandered the streets of Rock Edge city for a while since it was still the afternoon and Chi Mels mentioned that the gathering would be in the evening.

After some time, Heat found the energy equipment store in Rock Edge city. It was a medium-sized stone building with the picture of a dagger on the sign.

Heat went into the shop to look at the defensive energy equipment. Even if he didn't know his own element yet, he still wanted to prepare while he had the time.

Looking around the shop Heat saw a variety of different types of equipment from swords, to spears, to daggers, to poles. Heat furrowed his eyebrows because even though there were a lot of different weapons, Heat could not see any type of defensive equipment.

"Can I help you find anything, sir?" A tall and slender man spoke up at the perfect time. Heat was just about to find an employee of the store to inquire about what he was looking for but the employee took the initiative to speak up first.

"I'm want to look for energy equipment that could defend. Does this store have anything of that nature?" Heat asked as he was hoping they would be able to help provide him with a defensive energy equipment in the future.

"Yes we do, it's on the second floor. Please follow me" The slender man led Heat up a staircase as and showed Heat to a shelf of different types of equipment.

Heat's eyes lit up as he saw all the different types of defensive equipment and started inquiring about their capabilities.

"These are all Low tier Mortal defensive energy equipment. They will all provide protection against physical attacks decently" The slender man patiently explained as he gestured at the different types of equipment. "If sir is looking for protection against more powerful attacks, we also have one Mid tier Mortal defensive equipment but that armor is a bit expensive."

The slender man led Heat to a thin piece of chain in the shape of a vest. "This silver chainmail is a Mid tier Mortal defensive equipment that can easily block physical attacks at the mid level Mortal realm aimed at the torso of the user, it was forged from the white silver ore and threaded with a class 5 Demonic Beast's tendons. We're currently offering this majestic piece of equipment at only 100 gold."

Heat gasped at the ridiculous price. 1 silver would be able to feed a family of three people for a month, how much could 100 gold feed them for? Even if Heat did have that much money, he would still be reluctant to buy it. "That's too expensive for me, what can I get for 5 gold?" Heat hesitated slightly before he asking.

Although Heat's entire fortune only amounts to 5 gold coins, he wouldn't skimp on protection if it could save his life in the upcoming D Rank test. Once he becomes a Mercenary Guild member, he would be able to earn the money back.

The slender man immediately frowned upon hearing that Heat wished to purchase a defensive energy equipment for 5 gold. The cheapest defensive energy equipment in the store costs at least 20 gold, even bargaining they would not be able to lower the price below 15 gold yet this peasant actually wishes to purchase it for 5 gold. The man was beginning to wonder if Heat might have mistaken this for a regular weapons shop and not an energy equipment shop.

"Sir, the all defensive equipment costs more than normal weapons of the same level since they are able to save the user's life if used correctly. There would be no ene-" Before he could finish his sentence, the slender man came to an abrupt halt. "Actually, there is one defensive type energy equipment that our store could sell you for 5 gold, but I must warn you, it is badly damaged. If you'd like to see I could bring it out for you."

"Yes, allow me to have a look" Heat replied without hesitation. Even if it is a damaged equipment, as long as it could have some use then Heat would not hesitate to buy it. He knew that with these large price tags on all the equipment, he would be unable to afford any defensive equipment. Thus, he would accept anything that could be used since it might end up saving him in the D Rank test.


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