When Heat got back to his room, he took out the pouch that Jac Ob gave him and looked inside. With a quick count, he found 10 gold coins inside. Heat was surprised and felt rich, from having no money to instantly gaining 10 gold coins!

Though thinking about it, this amount must be pocket change to nobles. He decided to not think about it and further inspect his energy core instead. Sitting on his bed with closed eyes, Heat concentrated on what he felt last time. After a moment, Heat was able to clearly feel his black energy core rotating in his mind.

It produced a heavy pressure. Heat attempted to control his energy core by having it release some energy and circulate it within his own body. Heat was able to feel the flow of energy from his head go down to his toes and back. With some confidence, Heat directed the energy flow toward his ring.

Instantly Heat's mind was able to feel a vast space and he was able to sense every inch of this space clearly. It encompassed an area of 1000x1000x1000 meters. Saying the space was huge is an understatement.

As big as it was, it was mostly empty space. In fact, there were only 4 items inside. A giant cube-shaped white rock that took up a quarter of the entire space, a black sword that resembled a katana without a guard, a glass sphere that was as big as a fist, and what looked like a really long ruler.

With a closer inspection, Heat noticed that the giant white cubed rock was actually made up of many tiny white cubed rocks that were about 1x1x1 inch. These tiny white cubes were all stacked upon each other to form the giant white cube. Unsure of what the giant white cube and the glass sphere were for, Heat focused on the black sword and the ruler.

The black sword was about 1 meter in length with a very slight curve in its blade body. It was emitting a purple aura that was so dense it looked like fog. The ruler was just a straight piece of matte-red unknown metal. It was about half an inch thick and 1 meter long. With black cloth wrapped around one end, it resembled a sword without an edge.

"I have no idea what this giant white cube is or what this glass sphere is...The sword looks strong but I'm not sure if I can control it" Without any information and having only fragmented memories, Heat didn't want to risk wielding something that looked as powerful as the black sword.

With a thought, the red ruler appeared in his hands. "Energy equipment requires the user's energy to fuel its power" With that thought, Heat injected the energy from his energy core into the red ruler.

The power from an energy equipment should be instantly activated once the user has refined it and infuses energy into it. When Jac Ob took out his saber and used his energy, the saber was able to direct the energy into its edge, making it sharper and emit an aura of energy.

Ten minutes have passed since Heat has put his energy into the red ruler and it has shown no change. "It must be because I have not refined this yet" Heat consoled himself as he attempted to refine the ruler.

"To refine an energy equipment, one must fuse their energy with the equipment making it their own." Knowing the method, Heat tried to fuse his energy with the red ruler. No matter how much he tried though, Heat was unable to refine this red ruler into his personal energy equipment. Every time Heat fed his energy into the red ruler, his energy would vaporize.

Heat was frustrated after trying to refine the red ruler all day only to have the same effect of his energy being extinguished every time. Heat put the red ruler back into his storage ring as he sighed "I can use it as a whacking stick at least"

There was one conclusion that Heat refused to think of. It was that the red ruler was in fact, not an energy equipment but just a metal ruler with a piece of cloth wrapped around one end.

Without thinking any further, Heat went to bed without dinner. He didn't want to encounter any dramatic events like what he faced earlier today. Even with the great gift of 10 gold, Heat would rather spend his days in peace until he recovers all of his memories.

The next morning, Heat had a quick breakfast at Rambling restaurant next door and quickly rushed to Waterstone inn. Now that he had some money he wanted to repay the Frey family for their kindness. Without their help, Heat would probably still be lost looking for a nearby city.

Waterstone inn looked just like Pebble inn, almost exactly the same. The only noticeable difference was the sign. Once inside, Heat walked up to the reception and asked the man there which room Jef Frey was staying in.

After being directed to the Frey family's room, Heat knocked on the door and waited. "Who is it?" The door opened as a sweet voice sounded out from within. Mey Frey answered the door with a pleasant smile "Oh hello Quanye, what are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for your uncle, is he in?" Heat had a positive opinion on Mey. Even though he hasn't spoken to her much, her demeanor showed that she was a delightfully friendly young lady.

"Ah yes come in, I'll find uncle for you" Mey went into another room to find Jef Frey. Meanwhile, Heat made himself comfortable as he took a seat on a chair next to a table.

"Quanye! It's good to see you again." Jef Frey was not sure why Heat was here to visit him so soon since he should be focused on the Mercenary Guild test and figured that Heat must have run into some trouble and needed more money.

Contrary to what he thought, Heat took out five gold coins and handed it over to Jef Frey. "I was able to gain some money recently so I wanted to come repay you for all the help you previously provided me"

"No no, Quanye you don't need to repay me. You should keep these 5 gold because you will need it to support yourself"

Jef Frey pushed the coins to Heat thinking that Heat must have somehow luckily earned 5 gold coins and that this was Heat's entire fortune. There was no way he could accept it.

"Don't worry, I can take care of myself, please accept it or I would feel uncomfortable for not repaying your kindness when I'm able. I also have some questions for you that I hope you can help me with since you're a level 3 Mortal Warrior" Heat replied pushing the 5 gold back to Jef Frey.

"Well then alright, what are you looking to know?"

Jef Frey was truly happy that the lost wanderer he met less than a week ago who lost everyone close to him was able to support himself well. Jef Frey saw a lot of himself when he was younger in Heat so he genuinely hoped for Heat to succeed in being a mercenary.


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