"What's going on Jac Ob?!" Ren Nard saw the entire thing as he became quickly alarmed. It clearly looked like Jac Ob is unable to do anything to Heat while Heat was not even paying attention to Jac Ob.

At this point, Heat finally took noticed and turned his head to look at Jac Ob whose wrist he was still holding on to. Seeing the thick saber on top of his forearm, Heat quickly came to the realization that he's in danger. With wide eyes and a face of surprise, Heat didn't understand what was going on.

"Why is there a blade on my arm!?" It was only a few seconds from when Heat grabbed Jac Ob's arm until Heat finally noticed the saber on his own arm. During that time all that was in Heat's mind was the loss of his sister Lilim and to eat some more food to feel less hollow.

Heat thought that as long as he could prevent the bald man from grabbing him, he would be able to finish his meal and leave. The apparent danger completely snapped Heat out of his daze and woke him up.

Even though Heat read about how peasant's lives are worthless in the eyes of a nobleman, he has never experienced how ridiculous it truly was and how easily nobleman could be triggered to kill peasants.

Looking at Heat's face, Jac Ob thought that Heat was angry and felt his back being drenched in cold sweat. It dawned on him that the reason why he is unable to budge from Heat's grip and why he is unable to harm Heat is because Heat is undoubtedly a power master.

Even though Heat's energy aura is so faint it could barely be considered level 1 Mortal Warrior, Jac Ob has heard of powerful Saint Monarchs that are able to conceal their auras.

Understanding this, Jac Ob quickly dropped his saber and got down on his knees. "Forgive me lord, this one has no eyes to not be able to see your grace. Please do not take any offense; my young house master is Ren Nard, son of Viscount Leo Nard. We'll no longer disturb your meal if you could let this lowly one go."

Heat opened his mouth but didn't know what to say. In less than a second, Heat went from the fear of Jac Ob's saber to the surprise of the safety of his arm, to the shock of seeing Jac Ob begging him.

Without waiting for the situation to change, Heat quickly released Jac Ob's arm. Before Jac Ob could even express his feelings of gratitude, Ren Nard intervened. "What are you doing Jac Ob?! I am ordering you to kill this bastard!" Ren Nard shouted as he pointed straight at Heat.

As the only son of Viscount Leo Nard, Ren Nard has always felt superior to the common people with his status of nobility. Any chance he could get he would bully the peasants just for fun. Today after many weeks of pestering, he was finally able to get Chi Mels to agree to have lunch with him but before he could even impress her, he was humiliated by this peasant eating beside him.

Without waiting for Heat to react, Jac Ob stood up, turned around, and slapped Ren Nard away. "Eww" Shrieked a lady from a nearby table as she ran away. Jac Ob's slap was so hard that it caused some of Ren Nard's teeth to fly out of his mouth and into the food of nearby tables.

Anyone with half a brain would be able to tell that Jac Ob was obviously inferior to the peasant that he looked down on. Jac Ob knew that Ren Nard was too frustrated to think clearly and if he continued offending this mysterious youth that had powers beyond what he could imagine, Ren Nard would surely be killed.

Even though Ren Nard's father was a Viscount, the Marquess of Rock Edge city would definitely overlook this incident if it was a Saintly Monarch that killed Ren Nard. Earthly Knights were already uncommon in the Herya Empire and anyone who is an Earthly Knight would be considered an expert.

Saintly Monarchs are on an entirely different level, forget about a Viscounts son, for a Saintly Monarch to kill a Viscount or even an Earl, not even the King of Herya Empire could say anything if the victim offended the Saintly Monarch first.

Thus, even though it seemed like Jac Ob betrayed Ren Nard by slapping him to appease Heat, he actually didn't have the intention of betraying Ren Nard but rather Jac Ob had the intention of saving him.

Jac Ob knew that if he held back in this slap, it would not seem genuine and risk angering Heat even further so he used all the force he could muster in that one slap. It served to make his intentions sincere and also knock Ren Nard unconscious so that he would not be able to keep saying provoking things to Heat.

Even though Jac Ob has been a thug and a guard his whole life, he was quite clever. He was able to think clearly and immediately come up with the best course of action given what he knew of the situation and just as he wanted it to be, Ren Nard fainted from his slap.

Bowing to Heat and speaking with his head lowered, Jac Ob humbly pleaded. "Please Lord, forgive my young house master."

Heat was put in a very awkward position. He didn't really know what to say or even what exactly transpired.

During the silence, every second felt like a year to Jac Ob, he was not sure if Heat would kill Ren Nard and himself or if they could be allowed to live.

After 10 seconds passed, just as Heat was about to speak, Jac Ob took the initiative. "If lord could forgive us and accept this small gift as compensation for our offense" With his head still lowered, Jac Ob took out a small pouch from his shirt pocket and handed it to Heat.

Looking at the Jac Ob's extended hands offering the small pouch, Heat figured that it would be best not to speak and just accept his tribute so that they could leave.

With a nod of his head, Heat took the pouch and placed it into his shirt pocket. "Lord is magnanimous!" Jac Ob sternly said in gratitude. Jac Ob then picked up Ren Nard and left the restaurant.

As Heat saw Jac Ob leave carrying Ren Nard, Heat stood up to go back to his room and explore his mysterious energy core.

Before he could walk out of the restaurant, the lady that was sitting at the same table as Ren Nard blocked his path. Extending her hand she held a blue token that had a flower resembling a tulip etched on one side.

"My name is Chi Mels, if sire has the time you should come visit my Mels family mansion because my father will be hosting a social gathering for all the nobles of Rock Edge tomorrow night."

Chi Mels was wearing a loose fitting light green dress with purple lace on the hem that highlighted her smooth creamy legs. Her gorgeous body figure combined with a charming smile and seductive eyes made her invitation extremely alluring when spoken with her enchanting voice.

Heat didn't regard her attractiveness for more than two seconds while listening to her invitation. "I'm sorry but I'm quite busy so I won't be able to attend." Without taking her token Heat walked passed her and left the restaurant.


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