Once inside his room, Heat closed the door and sat on his bed. Taking out the "Man, Sword, Beast" book, Heat began reading the last part of the book.

This part of the book contained information on how to control energy. Heat was too tired yesterday to bother reading this part of the book since it required him to experiment with energy control.

Energy is the power source for all life. Ordinary living beings such as normal humans, plants, and animals have very little energy in them that circulate throughout their entire body.

Every human that condenses their own energy core will be able to control their energy.

Once a person absorbs enough energy to break into the Mortal Warrior realm, they will be able to condense and form their own energy core within themselves. This energy core acts as a storage and generator for human energy.

The only way for living beings to absorb energy is by refining an energized object's energy. When an ordinary being dies, their energy will dissipate quickly. When an energized being dies, their energy dissipates in unique ways.

Energized plants would retain their energy as long as they are kept in good condition. Energized humans would usually have their energy cores leave their bodies as their souls carry it away.

Demonic Beasts have their energy completely fused into every fiber of their body so it would be impossible to absorb their energy directly, however; there is a 10% chance of their energy condensing into a beast core in their brain.

There are also energy stones that contain massive amounts of energy inside them and can be refined, but they are very, very rare.

If a person is able to refine an energized object they will be able to absorb that energy into their body. Absorbing energy will either refill your lost energy if you've used up a lot or increase your energy capacity.

Energy also has affinity according to the elements that have their own strengths and weaknesses: Water > Fire > Wind > Earth > Wood > Water. Having elemental advantage would boost your strength by a whole tier, or 3 Mortal Warrior levels, against an opponent with an elemental disadvantage.

"So that's why Min Lest was able to control the Flame Tailed Lion even while it was a class 2 Demonic Beast. Min Lest's skill was water while the beast was fire" Heat came to an understanding as he read.

Min Lest was most likely only a level 1 Mortal Warrior given how he didn't seem that strong and yet he was still able to control the level 2 Demonic Beast. This was due to the elemental advantage he held over the beast.

Energy cores also have an elemental affinity and most skills that have elemental affinity would usually require the correct energy core element to be able to use the skill.

Outside of the normal elements, very talented people are able to evolve their energy core's affinity into the hidden elements: Water to Ice, Fire to Lightning, Wind to Void, Earth to Metal, and Wood to Life.

The hidden elements have no advantage or disadvantage facing any other element but contained inside them are the keys to use hidden skills. Hidden skills are unique skills that almost always have a massive impact on battles.

"Jef Frey said that he was able to feel my energy aura which must mean that I am at least level 1 Mortal Warrior and according to this book, that means that I must have already condensed an energy core" Heat deduced based on what he already knew that he must already have an energy core but just did not know it.

Trying to feel his energy core, Heat closed his eyes and concentrated.

Nothing. An hour of concentration and all Heat was able to feel was his own breathing.

Frustrated, Heat decided to try to absorb energy from the beast core that Min Lest dug out of the brain of the Flame Tailed Lion.

Holding the tiny red sphere in his hands, Heat closed his eyes and tried to feel the energy from the beast core.

Heat felt a cool sensation that seemed to have seeped into his hand from the beast core. That cool sensation went from his hand up his arm and straight into his brain.

With all of his focus on the destination of the cool sensation, Heat finally was able to notice it. Within him was a black spherical core that emitted a powerful dominance.

Once Heat noticed his energy core and attempted to manipulate it, his mind was struck with immense pain as memories came flooding into his mind.


Heat was an orphan, with no parents. The furthest back he could remember was when he was 8 years old being taken care of as a child by his older sister, Lilim.

She was two years older than him and he didn't know if she was his biological sister but they were both without parents so they only relied on each other. Lilim had pink hair and was a little bit shorter than Heat even though she was older. She was extremely caring and would always give Heat food first before she ate herself.

Heat and Lilim always roamed around as she would always try to find food for them to survive. Sometimes they would sleep under shelter if they could find shelter, other times they would sleep under trees in the freezing cold.

They spent most of their time in small villages which were mostly safe. Food was hard to find and one day, they haven't eaten anything in days so Lilim decided to bring him into a forest to see if they could find something edible.

They searched for the whole day to finally find wild berries that looked edible. Lilim helped feed him some when she spotted some red eyes looking at them within a bush. She got scared and tried to protect Heat by standing in front of him.

Lilim whispered with a shaky voice "Go back to the village Heat, I'll gather more berries for you"

Heat couldn't see her face, but he could see her whole body shivering and before he could speak, a grey-furred wolf came out from the bushes.

Lilim tried to walk back a few steps pushing on to Heat. Heat was too young to understand fear, he was not sure what was going on but he could feel that Lilim was uneasy.

As the wolf pounced forward, Lilim turned around and pushed Heat away. He could see the tears in her eyes as she screamed.

Lilim's blood splattered all over Heat's face as he watched the grey-furred wolf rip Lilim's body apart.

Heat's mind went blank, his whole body froze. He could only mutter one word as his mind snapped.



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