"Copper coins are the most basic currency in for everyone in Zinnoth continent regardless of which empire you go to. 100 copper coins equal 1 silver coin, 100 silver coin equal 1 gold coin. For my family of three, 1 silver coin could usually feed us for a month." Jef Frey explained.

"I see, and the Mercenary Guild is an easy way for strong people to earn money. How can I join the Mercenary Guild?" Heat was considering his options once he arrives in the city. He is all alone and must support himself, it would be best to earn as much money as he could.

Since Heat woke up a couple of days ago, there was nothing he could remember. The only practical skill he's been taught was how to hunt for wild hares. Even that skill he's not very proficient in yet.

The Mercenary Guild seems like a good choice to earn money since he does seem pretty strong. He thought back to how his body easily healed his wounds and how he killed that class 2 Demonic Beast.

Jef Frey shook his head. "To join the Mercenary Guild, all you have to do is pass their D Rank test and pay 1 silver" Jef Frey explained to Heat how to join even though he knew that Heat would not be able to pay the initial joining fee. Heat didn't even know what the currency of Zinnoth was, how could he possibly have any silvers to pay?

As Jef Frey finished saying that, Rock Edge city finally appeared in the distance behind the hill in front of them.

As the wagon approached Rock Edge city, Heat spotted that there was a small line up at the gate.

"To enter the city, every person must pay 5 copper coins. I know you don't have any copper so I'll pay your fee for you Quanye" Jef Frey took out 5 copper coins and handed it to Heat.

"Much appreciated Jef Frey, once I make some money I'll return the coins back to you. How can I find you in the city?" Heat inquired about any contact information from Jef Frey.

He decided in his heart that once he's able to make some money, he would repay Jef Frey for his help. Heat doesn't exactly know why, but the feeling of not repaying what you owe makes him uncomfortable.

"It's alright, 5 copper coins is nothing much. I won't be staying in Rock Edge city for long. We'll be leaving after a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, we'll be staying at Waterstone inn. If you have time you should come visit us" Jef Frey took out a silver coin and pushed it into Heat's hands.

"You'll need this silver coin if you wish to join the Mercenary Guild. Even though we've just met, you remind me of myself when I was younger and hot-blooded thinking I can make a fortune by rising through the mercenary ranks" Jef Frey smiled as he looked at Heat.

"Just remember not to take any job you don't have full confidence in being able to accomplish. Your life is more important than some coins"

Heat smiled back as he accepted the silver coin. He knew that without some help; forget about the Mercenary Guild, he wouldn't even be able to enter the city.

Once they passed the city gate and entered the city, Heat left the Frey family as Jef Frey pointed Heat toward the direction of the Mercenary Guild branch located in Rock Edge city.

Rock Edge city was a medium sized city with a couple hundred thousand people bustling about. The outer city buildings were made of wood and bamboo, this area was where the peasants resided. The inner city buildings were made of stone and wood, this was where the more expensive shops and nobles were located.

Without any place to stay or any money other than his 1 silver coin, Heat immediately went to find the Mercenary Guild located in the inner parts of the city.

The Mercenary Guild branch in Rock Edge city was a large building made almost entirely of stone. With three floors, it had a big sign of a shield and a sword piercing through it.

When Heat entered the Mercenary Guild the first thing he noticed was the number of people inside. There was no one there at all besides a muscular man with a scar on his left eye behind the counter at the far left of the lobby.

"I am looking to join the Mercenary Guild" Heat approached the counter and spoke to the only person there hoping he might be able to help.

The man grunted as he looked at Heat. Heat was a young man about 175cm tall with a skinny build. The man behind the counter immediately had a bad impression of Heat not because of his lack of muscles, but because of his energy aura.

Regardless of what rank you are, once you've reached Mortal Warrior level 1, you'll always have an aura of energy radiating from you due to your energy core's massive generation of energy.

If your body keeps generating energy and you can only contain so much, some of it will always leak out creating an energy aura that other energized humans who are more sensitive to energy, would easily feel. The stronger you are the more energy you produce and thus the larger your energy aura will be.

Heat's body radiated energy as well but the energy aura around Heat's body was very faint. The man behind the counter was an experienced worker at the Mercenary Guild. He's seen many powerful people so he was able to discern that with the energy aura Heat was emitting, at most Heat was only a level 1 Mortal Warrior.

"Name. Rank. Fee." The muscular man grunted out three words as if they were already too valuable for someone of Heat's caliber.

Before they parted ways in the city, Jef Frey gave one final piece of advice to Heat. Most people who join the Mercenary guild would do so only after reaching level 2 Mortal Warrior.

The D Rank mercenary test changes every year for every branch. Sometimes the test would be easy and a level 2 Mortal Warrior could pass but other times, if the test was hard, even a level 3 Mortal Warrior might die in the test.

Heat didn't know what Mortal Warrior level he was; he didn't even know how to feel his energy levels yet. All he knew was that Jef Frey said that Heat couldn't be a normal person and must be in the Mortal Warrior realm given his faint energy aura.

Heat needed to join the Mercenary Guild straightaway though because he had no money on him. If he used the 1 silver coin he was given for food and shelter, he would not be able to join the guild later.

"Quanye Lest, D Rank test" Heat replied as he handed his 1 silver coin to the man.

The man wrote down what Heat said as he took the 1 silver coin. "The next D Rank test will be in seven days at noon. Meet here and present your test token"

The man handed Heat a small copper token that had a shield and a sword piercing through the shield on it. "You can go over to Pebble inn across the street and present that token, you'll be given free stay until the test date as a temporary member of the Mercenary Guild."

Taking the token Heat went to Pebble inn. Upon entering Heat showed his token to a cute looking young girl at the counter. "Hello, I am Ru Yin; this is your room key. Your room is on the third floor, room 304. If you need anything else you can come down and speak to me."

Taking the room key, Heat headed to his room. Once Heat got up the staircase to the third floor, he saw a cold looking black haired girl walking toward him. She looked around 20 and wore a mini skirt that clearly revealed the daggers strapped to her thigh, but what made Heat take notice was that he felt a familiar feeling from her.

The girl didn't bother looking at Heat as she walked right past him and went down the staircase. Ignoring the odd feeling, Heat proceeded to go into his room.


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