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The protagonist Kishinami Hakuno here is a mixture of his EXTRA/EXTELLA and Last Encore incarnations.

I look around the new chamber that Hestia-sama brought me.

Apparently, the room was the basement of the abandoned church. There were cracks, large and small, all over the area's walls evident that the entire place and the building had already suffered gradual deterioration due to old age and being deserted for a long time.

Inside the said room were a queen-size bed and a sofa. There was a wooden locker placed on the left portion of the room, and a single small, round, wooden table placed in front of the long upholstered seat.

"Okay Hakuno-kun, please take off your top clothes and lie down on the bed in a prone position."

Hestia-sama said as she takes off both of her gloves and flip-flops.

"Take off my clothes?"

I asked, somewhat a slight confuse at her request but remove my clothes as she instructed.

"I am about to bestow you a Falna and in order for me to do that is for my blood to have a direct contact with your skin. So now, lie down will you?"

As she said this, the Goddess gently shoved me to the bed which made me to slowly slump on the soft cradle with my bare naked chest. And this Falna that Hestia-sama is talking about... it was an unfamiliar term for me to be honest. Although if my memory serves me right, there is a Hindi word falna which means thrive in the English language.

As I was thinking whether the context of the term is similar to the one back in my previous world, Hestia-sama then straddled on top me.

"A Falna is the only magic a deity can use in the lower world you see…"

She started as I can feel her fingers touching the bare skin of my back.

"When we Gods and Goddesses came down to the lower world about a thousand years ago, we are forbidden to use our powers, known as Arcanum. A Falna, as I said a while ago, is a grace that a deity, as the head of a Familia, given to her or his Familia members."

Ah, I see. So Falna is just basically a term that generally means blessing of a deity, huh?

"I'm gonna start the ritual by dripping a single bead of my blood on your back, this will create the Falna. This Falna will give you a set of various parameters like strength, speed, intelligence, magic potential and list of skills you may have known as Status. Just be sure not to show it to anyone except members of your own Familia, okay? This is a secret information about yourself so you don't want people knowing that kinda stuff, okay?"

So a Falna works like that too? I'm a bit surprised about this information but would that particular warning about it being a secret information rendered moot if one can see the Status of an individual by using a magic that appropriately reveals one's Status?

Thinking about it, I think I am somewhat a cheat in this entire field...

A single drop of warm liquid landed on my back and I immediately could sense the essence of her power permeating my back as I felt a small change in me. A sudden gasp escaped her lips and I exactly knew the reason why.

" something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong but how should I say this... This is quite unexpected."

She says this as her fingers once again began tracing my epidermis.

"I had just given you Falna yet it says here that you had already possessed Magic called Code Cast. You must be truly blessed to have unlocked such potential this early!"

Though there was a slight bewilderment on Hestia-sama's voice, still there was a huge hint of happiness in her chirp. It would seem that my Code Cast would be qualified as Magic in this new world.

"But these on the other hand..."

I could literally feel her entire weight as she sat on my lower back, just above my buttocks. Her fingers were impressing against my skin as she outlined something over it.

"This should be impossible."

"What's impossible?"

I asked Goddess-sama who just folded her arms as I tilted my head towards her in slight confusion.

"You see since you just joined a Familia, you are Level 1. Most people on Level 1 don't have any Skills until they upgraded their Status… So you having a few Skills is kinda...unheard of."

"Is that so?"

At my inquiry, Hestia-sama just nods her head as a response.

"And that's not all. You also have a few Development Abilities despite being Level 1 which is absurd, to begin with!"

"Eh? So you mean something like this shouldn't suppose to happen? Ack!"

The moment I state my query, I immediately let out a painful grunt as Goddess-sama slapped my back hard. Glancing at her, my eyes could discern the worry expression all over Goddess-sama's face.

"Of course it shouldn't! Development Abilities are special abilities that can be achieved once an Adventurer reached Level 2, something which is the norm but you on the other hand "broken" that standard. And these Skills of yours... the description of each and every one of them are pretty rare yet their effects are something of an eye catcher and that's bad! Very, very bad!"

While I understood that I accidentally broke the standard that was established and set for Adventurers, I still don't quite get it why Hestia-sama is worried about such thing. As if reading my thoughts on my face, Goddess-sama pulled out a blank sheet of brown paper somewhere and slammed it gently on my back.

After a few seconds, she took the paper and handed it to me which I then give a look. As my eyes read the contents of the paper that were written in this world's writing system, my orbs couldn't help but widen in stupefaction and surprise.

"This is..."

Those are the words that I could mutter under my breath as my eyes ran through each information written on the sheet. After all, the Skills and Development Abilities listed on there were very familiar to me since I've used each and one of them in my past life.

Under the Skills tab, the Skills listed there are Bravery, Marshall, and Dead Face. There are others that were blurred but I think I have an inkling what are those and I believe that Hestia-sama knows about these as well.

Then under the Development Abilities tab are MysteryMage, Spirit Healing, Magic Resistance, Swordsman, and Fist Fighter. If I have to be honest with myself, I could only recognize three or four of them judging from their names but I'm not entirely sure about the others.

Though I have a feeling that these Development Abilities are somewhat being influenced by my past deeds in my previous life. Like the Fist Fighter for example, if I would make an assumption, I think I have gained this one during the time when I was using the Bajiquan Skill in one of my battles in the past.

"As you can see, those Skills and Development Abilities of yours are something that would garner the attention of other deities especially of your Status as a Level 1 Adventurer. If the other Gods and Goddesses ever found out about those they would never leave you alone and just treat you like their own plaything!"

Now it made sense to me why Goddess-sama is worried. Her explanation of how other Deities would see fit to use me as a plaything sounded a lot like what the Age of Gods was like back in my previous world. So it would not hurt to keep my abilities to a minimum as possible especially the Skill Dead Face.

I'm pretty sure that I would garner a Death God's attention towards me.

Looking at Hestia-sama, I could see it in her eyes that she wanted to ask something but was restraining herself from doing so. Maybe it was due to out of respect towards me and my personal matters...

Well, since we are now technically a "family" I'm okay with sharing my past with her but if she doesn't want to talk about it then I won't.

"Hakuno, please promise me to never activate Dead Face and other Skills unless your life's in danger."

"I promise I won't use it unless absolutely necessary, Hestia-sama."

Goddess-sama just smiled, with her blue eyes still gazing at me. She was a bit ditzy and kind, which was very odd for a Goddess. As far as I'm concerned, female deities back home are haughty...or maybe that sentiment is only applicable to my previous world?

The Goddess then clapped her hands.

"Okay. Now with all that done, once again, welcome to Hestia Familia Hakuno-kun!"

With that all being said, I am now officially a part of the Hestia Familia and thus, tomorrow would be the start of my job as a dungeon crawler.


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theres not enough i need more

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oh wth and there goes the advantage of having access to past life... what's the point in him having them if he barely ever uses them =,=