World with Mana

World with Mana

by Mogwai120

Eric King's day starts with a headache and ends with him getting attacked by zombies. Not a great day at all. All this occurs because suddenly mana enters the world and forces itself on and into everything completely changing the world. People now have classes and can use magic, they see their own status, and a variety of creatures enter your world with a variety of different motives. To top it off a group might want his death for nothing other than his class.


Note: I am not a great writer so expect to read subpaar writing, with an unoriginal story that I might not write for long. I am simply writing this to see if I enjoy writing stories like this and to test it as a hobby. The cover art is not mine, I found it online, if the owner does not want me to use this picture then I will take the picture down. 

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Wish it would start back up.

I write this review hoping that the author may pick up this story again, I quite enjoy it. This story has great fights, and a pretty good system for magic set up. I check back every couple weeks hoping that this would start back up again.


pretty cool Idea, can't wait for more chapters

So I have read up to chapter 13 atm and the story, class, and starter area are all unique and make it more fun to read but the thing that in my oppinion makes this a 4 star rather than a 5 is the chapters. Starting from chapter 1-11 could all be combined into two maybe three chapters and chapter 12 is a recap of everything that has happened to this point while he is traveling to a new city and honestly that doesn't really need to be posted since the series only has about 11 chapters into the story by this point. Also any information about the travel itself (i.e. travel time and other info) could just be added onto the start of the 13th chapter. But on the whole the story is cool and I am eagerly waiting for more chapters to be posted, thanks for the awsome work Mogwai120

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 Please continue this story I really like it.