There was only darkness...and heavy breathing, then there was a trace of light, growing closer and closer as if crawling towards it...then it was was a light coming from an open patch on the brick wall. Peeking from it was a faceless kneeling man with no hint of fright even though there was a gun pointblank through his head.


The shot was fired.


A girl in her teens woke up from her nap; she looked outside her carriage and saw the streets of Crestia, the capital of Eyria. On some particular window sill she saw a broken winged bird flapping helplessly, then a few feet before it was a homeless man sitting on an alleyway seemingly hiding yet couldn't be unseen from her eyes. The capital was eerily vibrant from the people to the overall baroque structural designs of the buildings and the colorful triangular banners lining the street up high, yet there was something that put her off of felt so dreary...just like how she had felt it before.


She ran her fingers on the panabas she brought for her brother, closed her eyes and leaned her head back on her seat's backrest.


"'s still a distant far...."


The girl took some deep breaths...and caressed her left back shoulder in agitation before deciding to take out a cigar, lighting and inhaling it before smoking it out of the window of her carriage.


~To Fall and To Fly~



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Bio: I'm a Filipino, queer and a psychologist student from the Philippines

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