The Mage Emperor

by CorpseDead

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content


On a fated day, Seth ran into an old acquaintance, his childhood friend. There was a slight problem, though. The once small and cute girl turned into a tempting beauty and thanks to some misfortune, she was forced to find new lodging. Being a gentleman, Seth offered the empty room in his family house.

What the girl didn't know was that Seth was the incarnation of a god, the Egyptian god of sex and 'creator of all things', Khem. Although he was a very conservative person, not even he could resist the girl's tempting body, which finally unlocked his slumbering potential. The nobles in the city wanted the girl for themselves since she was a talented magician, but little did they know that the world was more than the city they lived in. Meeting one threat after the other, Seth was forced to leave his cover and come out of hiding.

Naturally, he wasn't the only god incarnation around.


(AN:\\I warn everyone in advance. This is a rather light-hearted story with quite a lot of 18+ scenes in it. If that's a turn-off for you, you're probably better off not reading this novel. The same goes if you're a highly religious person because you'll probably find yourself offended. This novel is mainly about the lead couple and if you liked my first novel, you're likely to enjoy this one as well.)

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Darkness dwells in us.

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Word Count (18)
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - My childhood friend returned and... ago
Chapter 2 - A weekend together ago
Chapter 3 - Starting business ago
Chapter 4 - Father in law ago
Chapter 5 - Survival trial ago
Chapter 6 - Commandments and the finish line ago
Chapter 7 - Breath of the Wild ago
Chapter 8 - Marriage ago
Chapter 9 - Lurking Danger ago
Chapter 10 - Once a machine ago
Chapter 11 - The light sucks ago
Chapter 12 - Cards down, Cards up! ago
Chapter 13 - The 'meeting' ago
Chapter 14 - Leviathan (+ a poll) ago
Chapter 15 - Resolving enmity ago
Chapter 16 - Finding my place in the world ago
Chapter 17 - Pretending to be a resident is... fun! ago
Chapter 18 - Boss? ago
Chapter 19 - Holiday ago
News about delay + poll (and no, no hiatus or dropping... I'm not like that :P) ago
Chapter 20 - The last day of peace ago
Chapter 21 - Birthday raid ago
Chapter 22 - Apostles ago
Chapter 23 - Birth ago
Chapter 24 - Business and Babies ago
Chapter 25 - A deal ago
Chapter 26 - First Words ago
Chapter 27 - A new... religion? ago
Chapter 28 - Conspiracy? ago
Chapter 29 - God helps! Or not... ago
Chapter 30 - Two sides of the same coin ago
Chapter 31 - The first steps ago
Chapter 32 - Lurking enemies ago
Chapter 33 - Unsealed ago
Chapter 34 - Catch me if you can ago
Chapter 35 - Consolidation ago
Chapter 36 - Training ago
Chapter 37 - Taking out the trash ago
Chapter 38 - To the stars ago
Chapter 39 - Back to the desk ago
Chapter 40 - Festival ago
Chapter 41 - The competition ago
Chapter 42 - A growing child ago
Chapter 43 - Revisit (end for now...) ago

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To start out with, I'd like to mention that the chapters are long, so you need time to read it, but I have to tell you, it's really worth it if you like romance/erotic themes. Also, don't be mislead by the title, this novel isn't some half-assed stuff.

There were no info dumps, which is quite rare. The characters and the world is slowly but steadily being fleshed out as the novel progresses. There are small and simple things revealed about the characters continuously, which makes them more and more likeable in my eyes. You can easily grow fond of them.

I've been following the author since his first novel, so I can tell you that if you don't like novels containing descriptive sex then neither this novel nor this author is for your taste. You better leave now and look for another novel.

By no means I'm saying that it's taking anything from the story or the novel as a whole, especially with a length like this. Personally, I enjoyed very much the way they interacted with each other and the way their relationship is continuously progressing.

I think that the author's style was at its best while writing his third novel, topping the other two. It's a five for me, but your opinion may be different.

The story line starts out a bit slowly, but I really don't mind it since I had a lot of fun reading about the characters progressing lives. This IS a fantasy novel with a fitting story line revolving around our mythologies. I can't say much about the 'bad side' for now since the villains started appearing around the 5th chapter, but things seem to be promising.

As mentioned in the other reviews, the grammar is totally okay and edited, which I miss a bit from his other novels. So good job. If there were any errors, I probably glossed over them since I was having fun reading.

The number of characters is slowly increasing and those who count get their back stories as well. I imagine there will be more. I love the main characters and their family, especially the MC's mother and the "childhood friends's" father.

Eliana Latif

No harem? Checked

OP MC? Checked

Big bust FL? Checked

Super duper endearing and meaningful plot? Checked. 

Looking forward to the next chapter!


one of the best in it's genre

I'm bad at writing reviews so I will keep it nice and simple. when you look at TOC you see 12 chapters. it would be better to say that it has 120 chapters instead of 12, as for the reason...well his chapters are the lengthiest ones I have ever seen... world building is brilliant, characters are ALIVE and yea... if you like +18 novels then you should read it...


interesting relaxed ero-romance

this is a good casual read for anyone who enjoys erotic romance. the great points about the story are that its simple, fun and a good casual read when you're not looking for anything too heavy. sure the background might not be unique, some characters might be cliche and worldbuilding might be next to nil but what this story has is a good bit of raunchy fun

if you liked cd's other novel 'what is it like to be eternal' you are sure to like this one as well.


Lord Lupax

This chapter contains a very interisting world building, sympathic protagonists and a very well written explicit scene. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.


More than meets the eye

At it's core it's a light hearted smut story.

But whether you like the smut or not (personally I got tired of it pretty fast, it's boring and plain as far as smut goes...) you'll probably stay for the world building and characters.

Although the pacing is dreadfully slow, and the format of the chapters (I mean 90 god damn pages per chapter, it's unwieldy to read as a webnovel!) is abysmal. There's an obscene amount of 'fluff' text in here which is basically just repetitive flirting between the MC and his girlfriend, and pointlessly lengthy scenes where nothing is really happening...

But underneath it all there's actually a good story here, although it doesn't start out as much of a story at first to be completely honest... It feels like the first 6 chapters were used for worldbuilding and introducing the main characters, and normally this would be ok, but for this story that's 500 pages, that's enough text for a complete story! Just to introduce the setting and characters!

Now don't get me wrong, even if it waas pointlessly lengthy and full of 'fluff' text, it was still an enjoyable read (as long as I know how to use skimming to my advantage when I spot pointless text, a practiced skill since I started reading on this website for sure!) but the story really started to get interesting around chapter 7, and I was mostly reading this story because I'm incredibly bored and have nothing to do (or I'd never have considered reading a story with a ridiculous title like this...)

But when I got to the 11th chapter I was finally actually hooked, and after chapter 13 I was at the edge of my seat. Although sadly that's all that's been published.

The only really serious complaints I have is the chapter format, these unwieldy chapter lengths have to end, they need to be segregated, you could chop these chapters into 4 parts each and we'd still have LONG chapters... That's how large they are. It wouldn't really take much effort for the author to do exactly that however, and segregate each chapter into 4 separate parts. This would make the story much easier to read, at least in the webnovel format.

The other serious complaint or rather criticism are the perspective changes to the girlfriend's perspective. Now I'm not much of a fan of perspective changes normally but it's a bit different in this case obviously since she's a main character in the same sense that robin is a main character in batman...

So since she's such an important character that spens 99% of her time with the MC anyways, and the perspective changes are actually done so that there's minimal overlap (e.g. it isn't a re-telling of events from her perspective, it's a continuation of events from her perspective, which is the only good way to use perspective changes)... Normally it'd be fine, except...

She's really boring. It's easy to tell how she thinks from the protagonists point of view so there's no real point in changing to her perspective except maybe when they're separated, and even then, it should only be brief so that the reader gets a sense of what she's been doing, but there were cases where (what feels like) entire chapters were written from her perspective, and it just really felt like it might as well have been from the protagonist's perspective most of the time.

He's the guy with all the information and plans, she's the sidekick with big boobs and dick on her brain. In other words, all the important thoughts happen in his head, not hears, which is why the lengthy perspective changes to her side annoyed me. She's just not a very interesting character after the first few chapters when we've gotten to know her (She was ok at first but gradually it became apparent that she's just a complete and utter Mary Sue). She barely even thinks for herself, and even managed to get annoying a few times in the last chapter I read. The protagonist was stupid too, I mean I don't want to spoil anything, but sitting around and having a lengthy conversation when your life is in imminent and immediate danger is not very smart of either of them.

It also gets confusing sometimes, because after the perspective changes it's still written in first person. Now if these perspective changes were short, this wouldn't be much of a problem, but with the obscenely long chapters and therefore obscenely long perspective changes, it all becomes muddled up and sometimes I forget which perspective I'm even reading from.

It gets worse, again because of the chapter length by the time I finish a chapter I don't even remember how it started, I sometimes feel like the stuff that happened halfway through a chapter was in the last chapter, and something in the beginning was 2 or 3 chapters ago.

Little things like that can add up and be a bit irritating because these are all things the author could have easily avoided or planned out a bit more carefully.

But at the end of the day, it's still a good story so it gets a good rating. Style score is rock bottom tho. Almost.


Update: The story as it turns out was only good until the point where I wrote this review. After that the protagonist is just at the top of the power scale, nothing and no one can compete with him, all his plans work out perfectly, he is a god, like literally a god among gods at this point. Any suspension is dead, excitement replaced by boredom.


I Totally Love It.

Man this is truly an amazing novel, well as expected of corpsedead. After reading your other works i was totally looking forward to this but due to studies and exams i was not able to but i still checked from time to time and now i have read it and i love it.

Well going to story, i could say that this novel is truly polished even more than 'What Is It Like To Be Eternal?' and even the power system and explanations are pretty nice and well i am still waiting for more chapters so get 'en rollin' bro


Great story,great romance and great grammar..Well done man,I havent read good romance for quite some time.

Ignore this since its about 200 characters..Sigh so annoying xD




Longest chapters i ever read

It's a good story. The chapters are really long so be warned and take your time. It's heavily focused on dialoge and interaction between the main characters. Those dialoges can be exchausting.The story progresses slowly (a liittle to slow in my opinion) and is more focused on character development. 


This is a really great story and even though it starts kinda fast it doesn't feels out of place and fits just right with the way the story is written, the characters are great as well the plot,  and the problems the MC and FL have to deal with feels like it could also happen in real life as well the insecurity between it but that makes it even better maybe is just me but I rather have a story like this with lovely couple and not a harem but that's just me; this story is really worth it.