He lay in bed shortly after Tom had left. But there was no thought of sleep. Instead, his mind circled back to the fascinating specimen that he had met today. Back to those brown eyes that had ensnared him, the face that had lit up when he heard about the possibility of doing this secret plan. To those tempting looking lips that had looked so kissable. He wondered what it would feel like to taste them, slide his tongue between them and kiss him deeply. Feel the stubble of beard under his hands when he caressed those cheeks with his hands.

How would it feel if those lips wrapped themselves around his cock? He moaned in need as he imagined feeling the tongue swirl around his glans, feel the soft nubs of the tongue brushing over the sensitive tip. His hand wandered to a bottle of hand lotion, slapped the handle twice and rubbed the cream between his fingers.

How would it feel, he wondered as his hand slid over the tip of his dick and encircled it. Was he a licker, a sucker or a biter? Would he run his tongue around the base of his cock and slowly follow the length up to the tip? Or would he use his teeth to nip him gently? Would those beautifully stubbled cheeks hollow out when he sucked him? Would he be slowly moving his hand up and down with a strong grip or would he prefer to bob his entire head up and down?

For a moment he imagined him taking his dick into his mouth, sucking powerfully and slowly gliding down his dick. Deeper and deeper it would vanish between those beautiful lips. Until he could feel the roof of Tom’s mouth vanish from the tip of his dick as it proceeded to go deeper. Deeper. He could almost feel him swallow. Could feel the muscles of the throat working around him, teasing him. Moaning he let his hand work around the tip, then glide slowly down to the base of his cock. Mimicking the motion of his mind. How would it feel to fuck him? To slide into that sunburned body, let his own pale fingers wander over the hard belly and wrap themselves around his shoulders. To thrust into him over and over again, feeling his hot dick bounce against his belly with every thrust, slapping against his skin?

Ben groaned and pressed his head back into the pillow, arching his back. His hips jerked lightly and precum erupted in small spurts against his hand. He would fuck him hard, would thrust him and at let him fondle himself. He would relish the feeling of his own balls slapping against Tom’s, would relish the feeling to penetrate him over and over, to dominate him so thoroughly that…
Moaning loudly, he thrust his hip upward into his hand. A long rope of cum erupted from his dick, pooling on his naked belly. Another followed and another. Ben stroked himself a few more times then reached for tissues to clean himself.

To bad that Tom wasn’t here right now, Ben thought. He would have loved to see that pink tongue dart out as he slowly licked the cum from his belly.



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