The Scourged Earth

by Mirrored

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Horror Sci-fi Cyberpunk Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

 Derrick is no ones hero.  He is barely dealing with his mundane life when all of humanity is forced to confront the extraordinary. Overnight, all across the world, mysterious machines appear. They offer people the chance to purchase almost anything they can think of. Weapons, medicine and even super human abilities are offered, seemingly for free.

But following these machines, come the Scourges. The most dangerous creatures, diseases and machines that infest the universe. Ever growing and battling, these empires of horror and hunger will overhelm and devour the Earth and its inhabitants. Unless Derrick and humanity can stand against all the horrors that battle between the stars.


My first Story, an attempt to turn the standard fantasy litrpg apocalypse into a Sci Fi. Trying for a slower build to power for the MC, so don't expect him to have cheat powers. I delight in helpful crticism so no holding back plz.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1.1 The World Changes ago
1.2 Hitting the Gym ago
1.3 Whet the Blades ago
Interlude: Gods and Monsters ago
1.4 Me and you in the Melee ago
1.5 Explosive Situation ago
1.6 Rest and Recuperation ago
1.7 Hunting Grounds ago
1.8 The Next Level ago
2.1 A New Day ago
2.2 A New Battlefield ago
2.3 Cakewalk ago
Interlude: Gods and Monsters II ago
2.4 Human Nature ago
2.5 Social Creatures ago
2.6 Moves ago
Interlude: Ghost Town ago
Just a Poll and some music suggestions. ago
2.7 Questions and Answers ago
2.8 Dark Gifts ago
2.9 Scavengers ago
2.10 Pull of Greed ago
2.11 Tyranny ago
3.1 Standing Out ago
3.2 Temptation and Meditation ago
3.3 Plots and Armor ago
Interlude: Hierarchies ago
3.4 Trust and Trials ago
3.5 Support ago
3.6 Confidence under Fire ago
3.7 Progress ago
3.8 Alien Rules I ago
Interlude: Subtle Beasts ago
3.9 Caught in the Fold ago
3.10 Alien Rules II ago
3.11 Talent ago
3.12 Commitment ago
4.1 The Basics I ago
4.2 The Basics II ago
4.3 Personal Growth ago
4.4 Personal Growth II ago
4.5 Personal Growth III ago
4.6 Oil and Water ago
4.7 Undercurrents ago
4.8 Faces and Voices ago
4.9 Seizing Power ago
4.10 Meeting New People ago
4.11 Meeting New People II ago
4.12 Making an Impression ago
4.13 Unneighbourly ago
4.14 Tools and Traps ago
4.15 Nemesis ago
Interlude: Priorities ago
4.16 Nemesis II ago
4.17 What Lurks Beneath ago
5.1 Wake Up Call ago
5.2 No Good Deed ago
5.3 Goes Unpunished ago
5.4 Bargains ago
5.5 Responsibility ago
5.6 Rushing Ahead ago
5.7 Heart of the Matter ago
5.8 Under your Skin ago
5.9 Under Your Skin II ago
5.10 Fog of War ago
5.11 Fog of War II ago
5.12 Party Tricks I ago
5.13 Party Tricks II ago
5.14 Deleterious ago
5.15 Celebration ago
Interlude: Complications ago
Editing, Scheduling and Patreon Announcement ago
6.1 Without a Hitch ago
6.2 Limits ago
6.3 Litigation ago
6.4 Helpless ago
6.5 Innovation ago

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chebrol santosh
  • Overall Score

Found a good read at last

  1.  Amazing story rarely done lit rpg scifi that is actually good to read thanks for story
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Thoroughly engaging and well crafted.

This story is thoroughly engaging and at times artfully crafted. The MC has a slow and difficult progression path, his gains feel hard fought and his victories are therefore more gratifying. 


Plot wise, the standard trope has been refreshed here, classic LitRPG in a Sci-Fi setting, with a gritty modernism and pessimistic tone. There are several hints about off world and eons spanning plot lines that could be used to further a web serial that quite frankly has a great deal of readability and ongoing potential.

Excellent action scenes, good pay offs, witty and at times humorous, dark and edgy enough to realise a definite post apocalyptic feel.




Not many, MC can be difficult to empathise with eat times. Companions and ‘colleagues’ could be filled out a bit and more rounded but this can come with more development.

Forshadowing can be slightly heavy handed but again, it isn’t bad, it kind of matches the tone and pace. 


Overal, I can’t recommend this story enough. Well done to the author - he has created an engaging story that has the potential to really grab hold of you. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed. 




  • Overall Score
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First time I rage quit a story with so much potential

This review is up to chapter 3.5

Despite the fact that the author has supposedly 'revised' the chapters and all of them are the second version/revised version, I found 1 up to 14 grammar issues in every single chapter. Every single one up to the last one I read had issues.

Its extremely distracting and it takes you away from the whole thing when you have so many errors. Even more so when sometimes you find three to four in the same paragraph.

This novel has way too many inconsistencies. Many people found several of them and I made sure to comment every single one plus extra ones I found a long the way, yet the author never addressed this issues. I rage quit the novel once the MC was 'saved' for having a Trait he never bought. That is literally the definition of armor plot or whatever, idk. I just can't handle that much.

The plot is good u know, overall, but the inconsistencies happen far too often to not notice them.

I like the style in general. But there were some 'coincidences' throughout the story that just looked kinda cliched or too plot-armor-ish.

The characters are not horribly fleshed out or anything, its just that they leave no real impression. It takes several chapters to get a grasp of a characters whole personality. The MC also acts like "You haven't seen what I have seen" quite sooner than you would expect without going through any kind of dark phase of sadness/horror/depression or anything like the others do. 

  • Overall Score

EPIC!!! I love the style and pacing. the character are also realistic and pragmatic and i honestly find it endearing, hope to see it become a widely recognized fiction. It fits the bill if you are also fan of the legend of Randidly ghosthound

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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I have read till the latest chapter and I am definitely hooked. The story has good content and the the chatachar definition is good. 

Some interludes feel random but all in all it's worth reading. The MC is not some superpowered guy but someone who slowly improves and the characters are introduced in a smoother way without feeling it being forced into the plot. 

Definitely looking forward to more .

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Best novel on RRL by a landslide

 A complete joy to read. It starts simple enough, and gradually grows in depth. Well paced, good characters, and good grammar. A real gem. Read through it all in two days, and almost cried when I got caught up. 

It handles the reasons for the apocalypse flawlessly, and makes for incredibly interesting situations, usually in the interludes, which are well placed, and the perfect ratio of info dump to plot.

The action is well detailed, but not enough to be offputting. The characters have depth and reasons for being. The MC has a troubled past, but refuses to let it stop him from doing his best. He's no goody two shoes, but he's no psycopath, with a healthy balance of survival, and understanding the importance of having strong allies, and a healthy community. 

There are a few grammar mistakes, but few and far between, and never bad enough that you can't understand the intent. 

All in all, it is by far my favorite novel on this entire site. Absolutely incredible.

Zombie Unicorne
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The best litrpg apocalypse out here

Trully one of the best, do check this story out.

What I think that set this story apart from the ilk like it, is that you feel that things are actually at stake. Normally it would be society broken down in the first hout but not in this story, therefore there is something more at stake rather mere survival. You really feel that should they fail, they would be all dead and thats rare in this kind of sub-genre where any utako loser could eek out a living despite everything being blown over.

Also, what I also like about is that the main character isn't super duper lucky, getting a secret class or getting a boost by killing the first monster or any once a billion thing. He gets the same tool as everybody, only differentiating himself through hard-work and being a callous sociopath.

Speaking of a sociopath, you don't get that allot but it just make sense in this kind of setting. Often times I would cringe when we have some self-righteous prick as an mc in a setting where survival is key but having the MC in this story suit it very well, where you have nothing to worry about but yourself and having your mind elsewhere would prove fatale.

Thx for the stoy mr author and I hope you continue your work.

  • Overall Score

Apostrophes needed! (Ch9 20th November)

A good start to a book, enticing and decently engaging but the apostrophe use is appalling. Now, I’m normally easily able to skim through bad grammar and make the most of it, but for some reason apostrophes really matter. Missing conjunctions and poor tenses are easy but this? Somehow not.

if you think you can manage the apostrophes give it a go, it certainly seems a good read and you’ll only lose a little time if you’re wrong. What could it hurt?


please fix up the apostrophes, it will make the story flow far more smoothly. If you ever end up fixing the apostrophes shoot me a pm and I’ll reread the story and amand the rating.

thanks for writing.

  • Overall Score

A novel that deserves more than its current ranking it should be in the top 5

  • Overall Score

Top 10 best done Litrpg novels on Royalroadl.

Solid world building and character developement. Epitome of a good Litrpg novel.