The Scourged Earth

by Mirrored

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Horror Sci-fi Cyberpunk Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

 Derrick is no ones hero.  He is barely dealing with his mundane life when all of humanity is forced to confront the extraordinary. Overnight, all across the world, mysterious machines appear. They offer people the chance to purchase almost anything they can think of. Weapons, medicine and even super human abilities are offered, seemingly for free.

But following these machines, come the Scourges. The most dangerous creatures, diseases and machines that infest the universe. Ever growing and battling, these empires of horror and hunger will overhelm and devour the Earth and its inhabitants. Unless Derrick and humanity can stand against all the horrors that battle between the stars.


My first Story, an attempt to turn the standard fantasy litrpg apocalypse into a Sci Fi. Trying for a slower build to power for the MC, so don't expect him to have cheat powers. I delight in helpful crticism so no holding back plz.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1.1 The World Changes ago
1.2 Hitting the Gym ago
1.3 Whet the Blades ago
Interlude: Gods and Monsters ago
1.4 Me and you in the Melee ago
1.5 Explosive Situation ago
1.6 Rest and Recuperation ago
1.7 Hunting Grounds ago
1.8 The Next Level ago
2.1 A New Day ago
2.2 A New Battlefield ago
2.3 Cakewalk ago
Interlude: Gods and Monsters II ago
2.4 Human Nature ago
2.5 Social Creatures ago
2.6 Moves ago
Interlude: Ghost Town ago
Just a Poll and some music suggestions. ago
2.7 Questions and Answers ago
2.8 Dark Gifts ago
2.9 Scavengers ago
2.10 Pull of Greed ago
2.11 Tyranny ago
3.1 Standing Out ago
3.2 Temptation and Meditation ago
3.3 Plots and Armor ago
Interlude: Hierarchies ago
3.4 Trust and Trials ago
3.5 Support ago
3.6 Confidence under Fire ago
3.7 Progress ago
3.8 Alien Rules I ago
Interlude: Subtle Beasts ago
3.9 Caught in the Fold ago
3.10 Alien Rules II ago
3.11 Talent ago
3.12 Commitment ago
4.1 The Basics I ago
4.2 The Basics II ago
4.3 Personal Growth ago
4.4 Personal Growth II ago
4.5 Personal Growth III ago
4.6 Oil and Water ago
4.7 Undercurrents ago
4.8 Faces and Voices ago
4.9 Seizing Power ago
4.10 Meeting New People ago
4.11 Meeting New People II ago
4.12 Making an Impression ago
4.13 Unneighbourly ago
4.14 Tools and Traps ago
4.15 Nemesis ago
Interlude: Priorities ago
4.16 Nemesis II ago
4.17 What Lurks Beneath ago
5.1 Wake Up Call ago
5.2 No Good Deed ago
5.3 Goes Unpunished ago
5.4 Bargains ago
5.5 Responsibility ago
5.6 Rushing Ahead ago
5.7 Heart of the Matter ago
5.8 Under your Skin ago
5.9 Under Your Skin II ago
5.10 Fog of War ago
5.11 Fog of War II ago
5.12 Party Tricks I ago
5.13 Party Tricks II ago
5.14 Deleterious ago
5.15 Celebration ago
Interlude: Complications ago
Editing, Scheduling and Patreon Announcement ago
6.1 Without a Hitch ago
6.2 Limits ago
6.3 Litigation ago

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Apocalypse LitRPG without Fantasy

I first have to thank the author, for being able to create this sort of novel.


This novel features a unique combination of story elements, a Apocalypse system sci-fi without any Fantasy elements. And that makes this novel really great.


The villians, the Scourges are just so alien,  and do feel threatening through the story so far, with far more dangerous Scourges being hinted at.  On the other side, the system does seem well made, some sort of AI, but without actual consience, it requires other people to take decisions that require such.


The story so far has been interesting, developing enemies, restoration of  human civilization under the system. The way the characters act in the current apocalypse. All of this has been well done.


The grammar used in this novel has been overall constistent, with some mistakes here and there, but they do not hinder the reading experience at all.

Keep this on, you have created something truly special and i cant wait to see how this does develop.


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A grim dark Humanity FUCK YEAH! GAMELIT sci-fi post apocolytic world with a unique magic and setting. 

Its like cocaine. 

Style- Great. Long chapters, well done plots and storytelling. Creative enemies and abilites. Real danger and threat to every character. Author isn't afarid to cripple is main character for development and will keep you on the edge of your seat about it. 

Grammer- Haven't noticed any issues yet. For a native english speaker without an english degree i think this is fine. 

Story- Hooo boy, I love seeing humans fight and struggle and WIN. We are the top of the food chain currently, what if something came along we had NO CHANCE of beating but were told by an omnipresent being to try anyways, while it gave us some tools and help along the way. Well, i'd like to think we would stand up and fucking FIGHT. Thats exactly how humans act in this novel, granted, its mainly our good MC here, but its still great. Its so nice to see humans not just roll over and die. We are born fighters, its in our nature, all we knew before the 21st century was war and conflict. The Author seems to understand that. The scourges are unique and all come with different flavors and styles. The magic/ability system still confuses me a tiny but, but damn if it isn't neat. I imagine its supposed to be a little confusing, because lord knows, the characters sure as hell don't understand it. As of the latest chapter, I think 62? I'm finally starting to understand the difference between them. 



Character score- Motives, plots, a likeable Main character with Brains. The Author didn't fall for the trope of writing a character thats smarter than him, which is awesome. He makes mistakes, but also has some really good ideas and plans. The side cast is all fleshed out and well written with motives and plots as well. 

Overall- Read it. Its great. The magic system might confuse you but it starts to make sense later. 

  • Overall Score

Another great start from a great author

chapters are epic and are really long like the wandering inn love this 

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I am surprised that mispelling can make me dislike the whole work. The Scourged Earth is laden with mispelling. Than and then. Their and they're. Two classic errors which unfortunately appear too frequently, preventing me from loving this fiction, even when everything else is so gooood. Author, you might not even realize you've mispelled, but you did. Do something about it!

Author did right when pacing his story. His main character didn't suddenly thrive post apocalypse, but he cope and he adapt. The world didn't suddenly panic with inexplicable appearace of indestructible high tech box, but react logically and naturally. The world also react naturally when apocalypse happen, by being afraid and being dead mostly. I enjoyed reading how events unfold. Nothing is forced (much). A great sign of tempered story telling skill. (Please do something about the mispelling)

Author also didn't fixate in upgrading his main character. He progressed at natural rate. Never obsessed. This may help him avoid meaningless development later on. Because many fiction of this kind only care about stat. I particularly enjoyed main character interaction with people he met. Strictly because they are their own person. Truck driver did not ashamed he's there only as transport, the police officer being stubborn because she felt she's still duty-bound, the weabo teenager is still partially live in his own imagination, the bike gang leader is chill and frank with her taste in man, even the bitch Greta is delightful to read. Man, you're great with characterization. (Please do something about the mispelling)

I only like interlude when I loathe the main character. Please practice point-of-view discipline. Please let us uncover other character motivation through the eye of your main character, and only when it's relevant to him. (Also, please do something about the mispelling)

  • Overall Score
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LITRPG Meets Zombie Apocalypse

Great start, cant wait to see where it goes. English is very good few if any grammar issues. Nice character building for main and side characters.                              

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An explanation for Status

A seemingly well thought out story of a Status System fighting against nanotech civilizations that cross interstellar space with the smallest amount of material possible to take over inhabited planets.

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I'm enjoying the read a lot. I'm giving a high score to counter some of the negative ones that I just don't understand. The story is good, well written, mc is easily likable and relatable. World building is nicely done and easy to picture . Going in my top 5 with SD, MOL, and RG

  • Overall Score

The world building is good in this one. The threats as well as the system make sense and you can tell the author took the time to really flesh out the background to be believable. Where as in other stories the system is mysterious and threats just labeled as 'monsters', in this one things are much more clear. This gives things a gravity to them that isn't really there in a lot of other stories.

The other good thing is while the MC is special he's far from being the best. He feels like he could be a real person rather than just an obvious protagonist.

  • Overall Score

The only problem until now is that Derrick seems to take murder in stride without ever really dealing with the fact that the grey agents were humans or the PILE of human bodies around the siren... He is way too indifferent to be really relatable (the story in itself is really great but without more personal struggles it only becomes a long serie of missions and accidents)

Andross Guile
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Terrible grammar but a solid story

This is a solid story if it continues. It has its flaws particularly its syntax. Seriously, use editing software or get the real thing, an editor. The characters are complex with some interesting history or they're feral tabula rasas with massive personal issues.

Read if you enjoy urban apocalypse stories with elements of litrpg and scifi, speckled with eldritch horrors.