Getting bad rankings. Whats the problem?
Too slow. He should be Goku already!
13.37% 13.37% of votes
Not LITRPG enough. We love stats, tables and math.
25.42% 25.42% of votes
Boring MC. Why no psycho killer with a harem and too much free time?
5.75% 5.75% of votes
Everyone is an asshole. Fair enough, I'm a pessimist, I admit it.
18.63% 18.63% of votes
Too good for RoyalRoad.
30.03% 30.03% of votes
Writing style. I am bad and should feel bad.
3.73% 3.73% of votes
Too many emotions. I didn't come to RoyalRoad to feel things.
2.36% 2.36% of votes
I hate the world(building). The Scourged Earth specifically.
0.71% 0.71% of votes
Total: 1825 vote(s)

So, my ranking had been going down lately. The entire point of this story is that I grow as a writer. Haters please tell me why? Never let it be said I am not open to critisism.

Everyone gets two votes.

As a bonus for contributing, here is some alien invasion themed music I don't hate. (It's New wave/Synth wave/Dark wave stuff.)

Volkor X - This Means War [FULL ALBUM]


Hollywood Burns "Invaders" [Full Album - 2018]


Perturbator - "Dangerous Days" [Full Album - Official]


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