The Scourged Earth

The Scourged Earth

by Mirrored

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

 Derrick is no ones hero.  He is barely dealing with his mundane life when all of humanity is forced to confront the extraordinary. Overnight, all across the world, mysterious machines appear. They offer people the chance to purchase almost anything they can think of. Weapons, medicine and even super human abilities are offered, seemingly for free.

But following these machines, come the Scourges. The most dangerous creatures, diseases and machines that infest the universe. Ever growing and battling, these empires of horror and hunger will overhelm and devour the Earth and its inhabitants. Unless Derrick and humanity can stand against all the horrors that battle between the stars.


My first Story, an attempt to turn the standard fantasy litrpg apocalypse into a Sci Fi. Trying for a slower build to power for the MC, so don't expect him to have cheat powers. I delight in helpful crticism so no holding back plz.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1.1 The World Changes ago
1.2 Hitting the Gym ago
1.3 Whet the Blades ago
Interlude: Gods and Monsters ago
1.4 Me and you in the Melee ago
1.5 Explosive Situation ago
1.6 Rest and Recuperation ago
1.7 Hunting Grounds ago
1.8 The Next Level ago
2.1 A New Day ago
2.2 A New Battlefield ago
2.3 Cakewalk ago
Interlude: Gods and Monsters II ago
2.4 Human Nature ago
2.5 Social Creatures ago
2.6 Moves ago
Interlude: Ghost Town ago
Just a Poll and some music suggestions. ago
2.7 Questions and Answers ago
2.8 Dark Gifts ago
2.9 Scavengers ago
2.10 Pull of Greed ago
2.11 Tyranny ago
3.1 Standing Out ago
3.2 Temptation and Meditation ago
3.3 Plots and Armor ago
Interlude: Hierarchies ago
3.4 Trust and Trials ago
3.5 Support ago
3.6 Confidence under Fire ago
3.7 Progress ago
3.8 Alien Rules I ago
Interlude: Subtle Beasts ago
3.9 Caught in the Fold ago
3.10 Alien Rules II ago
3.11 Talent ago
3.12 Commitment ago
4.1 The Basics I ago
4.2 The Basics II ago
4.3 Personal Growth ago
4.4 Personal Growth II ago
4.5 Personal Growth III ago
4.6 Oil and Water ago
4.7 Undercurrents ago
4.8 Faces and Voices ago
4.9 Seizing Power ago
4.10 Meeting New People ago
4.11 Meeting New People II ago
4.12 Making an Impression ago
4.13 Unneighbourly ago
4.14 Tools and Traps ago
4.15 Nemesis ago
Interlude: Priorities ago
4.16 Nemesis II ago
4.17 What Lurks Beneath ago
5.1 Wake Up Call ago
5.2 No Good Deed ago
5.3 Goes Unpunished ago
5.4 Bargains ago
5.5 Responsibility ago
5.6 Rushing Ahead ago
5.7 Heart of the Matter ago
5.8 Under your Skin ago
5.9 Under Your Skin II ago
5.10 Fog of War ago
5.11 Fog of War II ago
5.12 Party Tricks I ago
5.13 Party Tricks II ago
5.14 Deleterious ago
5.15 Celebration ago
Interlude: Complications ago
Editing, Scheduling and Patreon Announcement ago
6.1 Without a Hitch ago
6.2 Limits ago
6.3 Litigation ago
6.4 Helpless ago
6.5 Innovation ago
6.6 Abomination ago
6.7 Complications ago
6.8 Breakneck ago
6.9 Moving Targets ago
6.10 Moving Targets II ago
 6.11 Recoil ago
6.12 Wild Theories ago
Interlude: Unnatural ago
6.13 Reaching ago
6.14 Drama and Queens ago

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An oppressive apocalypse

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. There are minor grammatical errors, the main character gives speeches that are a little too edgy, and there aren’t that many chapters out.

All that being said I really enjoyed this.

It reminds me of Oxygen Leech in a way. Humanity survives by the skin of their teeth and claws their way out of despair to survive.

The characters are engaging and mostly act like real people. The Users acting as an empowered militia is a fun idea that is actually executed really well. Having three “branches” that support each other makes sense and creates a world where not everyone has to be a fighter.

The “Scourges” are alien forces that are so effective and deadly that entire galaxies fall to them. Having these foreign superpowers actually interact with each other and fight is super interesting as they start out small but grow exponentially more dangerous in unique ways.

By combining action that doesn’t rely on numbers with interesting and engaging alien archetypes Mirrored has created a world I’m eager to read more about.


sudden death hiatus cliff, but very enjoyable

Reviewed at: 6.14 Drama and Queens

i just binged this novel and it is very good. Give it a go.

Maybe the author will come back to it, because i can*t believe this story was unsuccessful. 

One of the best doom and gloom sudden apocalypse survival stories i have read. And i have read quite a few.


A really good story with an understandable and well thought out world. The System and its limitations are quite smartly done and something which is similar to what I assume is the result of a brainstorming session by more than one person and seeing what its logical end point is (by this I mean the end point of a System like technology fighting against extinction)


The Characterizations are pretty good and usually not heavy handed in its development, although it can feel clumsy when trying to be subtle.

Another thing, I would suggest not going for explicit sexual content and just gloss over it. The entire time I read this fic, one thing which was constant was the fact that I was already preparing myself for the cringefest of a sex scene I was sure was just around the corner. Dont avoid it if you feel you must, but please try to make it painless for writer and reader both.

Grammar wise, there are definately a few basic stand out problems. It is quite readable, but has a ton of spelling errors or wrong exact word choices that can be easily glossed over by a casual reader.

Its tenses are also quite a mess sometimes, but something which only time and practice can fix. A solid decision needs to be made in how the story should be portrayed. First person, or third? Flip floppping back and forth (sometimes just for a sentence or two) just makes it a jarring experience.


Overall a great story with a quality rarely seen in RoyalRoad or most any free to read sites.


Best post-apoc LitRPG/GameLit story

Highly recommended!

Just found the story today via comment on litrpg subreddit and read it all in one go. Definitely the best post-apoc story I've come across so far. Better than most published ones, too.


Read it!


Best apocalyptic LitRPG in my opinion

Of all the post-apocalyptic LitRPGs I've read, this is definatly the best. I've read System Apocalypse and RedMage/Advent, this is def better - better worldbuilding, better pacing, it's great. A+


Don't be discoureged by low amount of chapters

As I said in title you should really consider reading this one because it is amazing honestly. Also chapters are quite long so it makes for a longer read one might expect. I really like world building and the author built a unique apocalypse universe where system battles with aliens. Characters so far seem to be a bit one dimensional but it does not impact the story that progresses nicely and is both engaging and entertaining. Did I mention that there are no grammar problems? There aren't and that is a relief because i would't be writing this review or read at all othervise. All in all I would recommend this story to anyone on this site.


Unique Antagonist Factions and Organized Humanity

Reviewed at: 6.14 Drama and Queens

Of all the system apocalypses I've read, this one give me the most 'army' feel.  The system is the minimum necessary for humanity to survive, and it has limited resources it needs to prioritize.  That weird new metal with all the stat bonuses?  It's gonna break after a few battles, or maybe get dissolved right away if you fight the wrong enemy with it.  The Scourges are challenging and occasionally overwhelming.

This is such a good story because it *feels* like a real apocalypse.  Not 'I'm stuck in the wilderness/dungeon and get tons of abilities' but 'the city I was in fell apart around me, so I started gaining levels as part of a system-coordinated relief effort'.

This is on my favorites, and I hope the author one day continues updating.  There is a couple books worth of material here already, so it's still fine to read if on hiatus.


Loving it, please keep writing!!

Moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Looking forward to the next installment cool My only criticism is having to wait for more chapters tongue-out


litrpg whitout the bad part

contrary to most litrpg this story does'nt focus on the stat themself more on the world building, the mc have some power but he isn't the ultimate op so if you want a good little time waster it's a good story for that


The world building is good in this one. The threats as well as the system make sense and you can tell the author took the time to really flesh out the background to be believable. Where as in other stories the system is mysterious and threats just labeled as 'monsters', in this one things are much more clear. This gives things a gravity to them that isn't really there in a lot of other stories.

The other good thing is while the MC is special he's far from being the best. He feels like he could be a real person rather than just an obvious protagonist.