Deck of Souls

by Luciferia

Original ONGOING Action Drama Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Release Schedule: Tuesday & Friday nights.

Note: No harem.
Note: This series has occasional dark elements.

Gods, demons, and heroes. Typical MMO fare—or so I thought.

When my guild dragged me into Jeriskyr Online, I expected I’d be playing the latest VR game. Nothing could have been further from the truth. You see, the gods like to trade people. Chosen by the gods of Jeriskyr and betrayed by my own, I found out that this virtual world is all too real.

Now, I must choose between my own people and a cocky incubus.

It should be an easy decision, yet I find my loyalties torn between the tyrannical and backwards Issradian Empire, or the oppressed demon kingdom, Nabyr-zahn. To embrace injustice or betray my own race.

Or maybe I’ll just burn it all down.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
[B1] Chapter One: End of an Era ago
[B1] Chapter Two: Are you serious? ago
[B1] Chapter Three: Arrangements ago
[B1] Chapter Four: Demo ago
[B1] Chapter Five: NDA ago
[B1] Chapter Six: Intelligence ago
[B1] Chapter Seven: Lore Dive ago
[B1] Chapter Eight: Loading... ago
[B1] Chapter Nine: Close Encounters of the Demon Kind ago
[B1] Chapter Ten: On Deaf Ears ago
[B1] Chapter Eleven: Demanding Deities ago
[B1] Chapter Twelve: Faded Hope ago
[B1] Chapter Thirteen: Summons ago
[B1] Chapter Fourteen: Cejari-ir ago
[B1] Chapter Fifteen: Earth ago
[B1] Chapter Sixteen: Not a Date ago
[B1] Chapter Seventeen: A Day In ago
[B1] Chapter Eighteen: Lessons Learned, Lessons Ignored ago
[B1] Chapter Nineteen: Blurred Intentions ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty: A King's Decision ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-One: The Wager ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-Two: Reprimand ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-Three: Moonfire ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-Four: Settling In ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-Five: Distance ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-Six: Worries ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Grandmasters ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-Eight: Totally a Date ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-Nine: Pulsing the Brakes ago
[B1] Chapter Thirty: Tangled Strings ago
[B1] Chapter Thirty-One: Marionette ago
[B1] Chapter Thirty-Two: The Demon King's Consort ago
[B1] Chapter Thirty-Three: We Can Rebuild ago
[B1] Chapter Thirty-Four: A Slime is Fine Too ago
[B1] Chapter Thirty-Five: Worms ago
[B1] Chapter Thirty-Six: Morning Council ago
[B1] Chapter Thirty-Seven: Additional Responsibility ago
[B1] Chapter Thirty-Eight: Excursion ago
[B1] Chapter Thirty-Nine: Making Plans ago
[B1] Chapter Forty: Kids Say the Darnedest Things ago
[B1] Chapter Forty-One: Ice & Snow ago
[B1] Chapter Forty-Two: Rehlr-saffir ago
[B1] Chapter Forty-Three: Testing the Waters ago
[B1] Chapter Forty-Four: Flies in the Ointment ago
[B1] Chapter Forty-Five: Soulbound ago
[B2] Chapter One: Taking Up Arms ago
[B2] Chapter Two: Taking the Reins ago
[B2] Chapter Three: A Fleeting Comfort ago
[B2] Chapter Four: Rising Suspicion ago
[B2] Chapter Five: Homecoming ago
[NSFW][B2] Chapter Six: Ravenous ago
[B2] Chapter Seven: Humanity ago
[B2] Chapter Eight: Planning for the Future ago
[B2] Chapter Nine: Dungeon ago
[B2] Chapter Ten: Scuffles ago
[B2] Chapter Eleven: Cravings ago

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  • Overall Score

Very good writing, story pacing can be improved

Romance main plot with action as the sub-plot. Was expecting the opposite, so when the romance dragged over many chapter without much development nor progress to the story, or when the focus seem to be so much on the flirting rather than the urgency I thought to expect from saving a friend from slavery, and many common tropes that a romance story will use when chasing one another, it just didn't turn out my cup of tea.

Other than that, if you like romance fantasy stories, the writing style is very well done, world building seems solid and planned out

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Quality writing, few issues

Let me start by saying the writing and grammar are solid, I have no problem in the author's skill in clean story telling.

As someone who has read too many webnovels; where the author tells of a Superhuman MC; a being everyone loves, is super capable, and can be a shoulder that any and all allies can lean on and not worry. I am not a fan of this trope, but even more so the lack human personality. If the story is told in first person, the MC's thought process behind their decisions should be written, so readers can merge into their perspective. The robotic telling of sequence of events isn't the way humans think, I believe it's a very bad habit in first person writing.

Cerys wasn't shown through consistant action to be reliable at finding clever ways around problems in times of stress; like Taylor from the webnovel Worm. Instead, Cerys was shown to be a hyper human being; by finishing guides for 97 different class combinations without sacrificing sleep. I don't have a problem with that per se, I have an issue with the author asking us to believe a summary of what she did without letting the MC show merit through actions we were previously shown.


I believe the stories that give life or personality into the MC are the gems that shine even in the collective of RR.

Alexis Keane
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Soooo, this review might seem a bit premature, since it's been [checks watch] 30 minutes since this has been uploaded. But I don't care... it's just that good... (I've also read some of the chapters yet to be released, so shush...)


The style is enjoyable and tightly controlled. There a not a lot of wasted words and all in all it contributes toward a well-wrought story that flows nicely and keeps you engaged no matter the situation. The MC's perspective is interwoven nicely with this and helps to add a nice balance of verve and humor to help engage and sustain the narrative.


The story is good with plenty of good setup, foreshadowing, and twists. It can be a little slow at times, but regardless it is extremely entertaining and the world it is set in is absolutely exquisite. That being said, this will not appeal to everyone. Dick [coughs]... I mean, Deck of Souls is predominantly a character driven romance plot set in a fantasy world, somewhat like Throne of Glass, or A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. If you liked those however, you'll find yourself spellbound by this.


Grammar is good, except that author misspelled first word of title, should be an i instead of an e...


This is the main draw of this novel, and may I just say that it is glorious. The characters are engaging, dynamic, and, most importantly, hilarious. Each character is varied and has a life of their own leading to an extremely entertaining and colorful cast that really brings the story to life. Some characters are a little extreme, as to be unrealistic, but meh [shrugs] I'll take it, it's part of what makes the story so entertaining. Character relationships are similarly well done and you'll find yourself screaming at your screen "Just f*** already."... alas, that seems unlikely to happen as the author is evil and seems to take a perverse pleasure in... [devolves into angry grumbling]


tl;dr if you're a fan of romance heavy fantasy novels (Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, etc.) then this is a great read. Dick of Souls is great.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A different and great story

I really enjoy this story. Sometimes I become frustrated with it but it's a refreshing take on a well-used trope. I look forwards to seeing more of this in the future though I am not entirely sure of how it will develop and there might be a real risk of the story taking a turn for the worse. But hopefully that won't happen and until then I will devotedly keep reading. The main issue with this story is that it's not a story I feel like reading all the time whenever it comes out like I do with many other fictions. Instead I tend to save a few chapters up until I get the urge to read Deck and then I read through them in one go.

Hendrik Ottersbach
  • Overall Score

The story is professional written and is from an overall view pretty intriguing. The author manages quickly to make us feel with the protagonist. This is normally something good, but in this case makes the disturbing things that the protagonist sees and feels way to close and uncomfortable for me. I don't know why almost all of the novels in which rape, forced prostitution and other situations where the protagonist helplessly has watch or experience similar occurrences, has been written by female authors. I personally think it is more disturbing for male readers. Depending on the group the author wants to target with her work this may need adjustment to not get the reader overly emotionally involved in such bad feelings.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Review until chapter 18. Story baits us with fantasy/drama/action tag but it isn’t. Prologue was interesting albeit long, with interesting premise of ultra realistic VRMMO which is actually another world(when you play you get transported into a faux body). MC depicted as strong female lead, chief of a famous guild, responsible for intelligent strategies and builds. She evens creates the best 97 builds before joining the game and we get excited to know which she’ll pick and how her guild will fare.

The ‘game’ world is dark with demon vs humans war story line, with slavery, rape and other despicable acts, and we wait for the MC to choose a side and start developing the story, but it doesn’t happen.

Story gets convoluted really fast with gods choosing making her as a champion for the human or demon race even before she starts playing and she’ll live the game without being able to go back to earth. Sure, great, sounds cool, let’s go. But instead we get several chapters of intense flirting and dating in real world with the MC and a suitor from the game world that gets transferred to earth just because he asked for it?! Sigh...

Nothing really happens aside for flirting and the suitor being in awe for earth’s technology. There’s also some info dump but for the most part it’s just meaningless dialogue. MC goes from strong independent woman to a ‘tsundere’ and weak girl that need protecting. Demon king has multiple personalities going from berserker who attacks other demons in middle of war for stupid reasons to random playboy that flirts and tries to bang the MC every single line.

I slugged through chapter 11 to 18 and decided to drop because it was just too boring and inconsistent. In Chap 18 she was still outside the ‘game’ world making yet another tour in her city(and it was still day 2 from 7 for said tour). Felt bad since the grammar, writing skills and premise were quite good, but this feels more like a love story/soap opera. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Really really promising!

I'm joining the other early review and declare this a favorite! I'm coming from a five-chapter high, so I might be a bit too euphoric about what is basically a preview to a book, but even a preview can tell you a lot: 

The grammar and style is perfect, almost no typos, no repetitions, no nothing. The quality is that of a published book. 

It's hard to say much about the story itself yet. It's definitely not a rushed beginning, but at the same time, it's not boring at all, since so much is happening. We see some bad-ass action from the main character and get a first glimpse of the world of Jeriskyr - in an actual, honest to god demo. 

We also get to know the main character, which seems to be a very capable, strong-willed, but not too pig-headed young-ish woman. There's not much known about her yet apart from the fact that she is the leader of a very successful gaming guild and lives in a very high-class apartment building, so apparently she has some money. While there is no real depth to her yet, I'm sure it will come in time. Same with the secondary characters, there is nothing much to say yet, but at this stage that's natural. Five chapters is not a lot to go on after all. And I really appreciate how the author tells us a lot without info-dumping, so I wouldn't change a thing.

To sum it up, I already love Deck of Souls and can't wait for more updates!

  • Overall Score

I read only 9 chapters and I'm already hooked to this novel. Its a little too early say anything concrete about the novel but what I've read shows this story is just amazing. And it doesnt hurt that the MC is a badass who wants to dominate the game before she even set foot in it. 

Looking forward to how the story will play out in the future and good luck to the author.

  • Overall Score

READ THIS STORY! You won't regret it.

I've never been one for reviews or ratings but, for this one, I absolutely MUST leave a review. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY and it only has 15 chapters at the moment. The MC is amazingly well thought out and deep, the story had me hooked from the start and it just kept getting better. I don't normally read stories with female MC because they (the story) tend to be boring, stupid, poorly written or somehow incredibly sexist(towards one or both genders). This has none of that. This is an interesting read with a good show of humanities darker elements without being too much. These first 15 chapters alone have made me look for and start reading the other fictions of this author, with full intent to buy their published works when I am able.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Really Great Book for the Patient Type!

If patience isn't your strong suite this title may be hit or miss for you. 


-Attention to detail, grammer, and world building

-Female MC

-LitRpg that shares space with the real world

-Slow pacing for explorer type readers, think of it as a high versus low resolution image, Far more data sage, but outstanding quality of work.



-Alice is indeed in Wonderland. So optimistic I want her to die already.

-Slow pacing. Not really a con for me at all though, just people who are skimmers or casuals might have trouble jumping in. Think (Change: New World)

-Tsundere Cerys is Tsundere.. Nuff said

-Idris isn't a Vampire. Bches love Vamps.




PS: HUGOLEOFER, if you read the tags it has romance, as does her other 5 or six books. Are you casual?