Birth of Mana

Birth of Mana

by Shou Kouyou

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Residents of the world today only know of the sky as a sheet of pure darkness. Alz is an elf who was separated from his parents at birth due to the village’s tradition. One day, Alz stumbles upon a relic from the past, learning about the world which once existed, where lights illuminated the skies. Inspired by this, the young Alz decided to go on an adventure, an adventure to explore the vast world he lived in.

Discover the world with Alz as he sets off on an adventure, experiencing many new encounters, and overcoming obstacles along the way as he slowly delved deeper into the truths behind the world.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This story is not fantasy-themed and not I didn't omit the fantasy tag by mistake. That said, there is meaning and significance to the title, except that it will be unveiled only much later into the story. Magical elements and the like will not be a factor in most of the story until the very end. 

tl;dr: This is not fantasy, magic doesn't play a role in the story.


Updates: Will try to post a chapter once every 2 days

PS. This is my first novel so there might be several issues in various aspects which I might not notice so comments are highly appreciated.


This is more to add pressure to myself rather than anything else... but anyways the story is now part of the pledge!

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Shou Kouyou

Shou Kouyou

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Advent of Darkness ago
Chapter 1: Beginning of Trials ago
Chapter 2: Arrival at Fourth Village ago
Chapter 3: Reunion and Homestay ago
Chapter 4: Warmth of a Family ago
Chapter 5: Tests ago
Chapter 6: Astounding Results ago
Chapter 7: Choice ago
Chapter 8: Two years later~ ago
Chapter 9: Disaster Strikes ago
Chapter 10: Escape ago
Chapter 11: Life-Changing Encounter ago
Chapter 12: Negativity, and the Unknown Device ago
Chapter 13: Preparing Essentials ago
Chapter 14: Victory and Return ago
Chapter 15: Loneliness ago
Chapter 16: The Archives ago
Chapter 17: A New Goal and First Success ago
Chapter 18: Departure and Return ago
Chapter 19: Pain of Loss ago
Chapter 20: Promise and Revenge ago
Chapter 21: Resolving Attachment and Unexpected Reunion ago
Chapter 22: Growth ago
Chapter 23: Revelation ago
Chapter 24: Polon's Darkness ago
Chapter 25: A Promise ago
Chapter 26: Return to Calla Tribe ago
Chapter 27: Audience with Council (1) ago
Chapter 28: Audience with Council (2) ago
Chapter 29: Grandfather's Inner Turmoil ago
Chapter 30: Reminiscence and Farewell ago
Chapter 31: Departure and Regrets ago
Chapter 32: Acknowledgement ago
Chapter 33: Undefeated Hugging Pillow and New Knowledge ago
Chapter 34: Crossing the Border. New Forest, New Species ago
Chapter 35: Arrival ago
Chapter 36: First Exposure ago
Chapter 37: Ruckus ago
Chapter 38: Meeting with Captain (1) ago
Chapter 39: Meeting with Captain (2) ago
Chapter 40: The Dust Settles ago
Chapter 41: New Culture ago
Chapter 42: Old Scars ago
Chapter 43: Unexpected Aid ago
Chapter 44: Message within the Flowers ago
Chapter 45: Envy ago
Chapter 46: New Home ago
Chapter 47: Visitors ago
Chapter 48: First Card and Visit to the Library ago
Chapter 49: Settling Down (1) ago
Chapter 50: Settling Down (2) ago
Chapter 51 - Oversight ago
Chapter 52 - First Encounter ago
Chapter 53 - Storytelling ago
Chapter 54 - Maya's Trouble ago
Chapter 55 - Trouble Brews ago
No release today, double release next ago
Chapter 56 - Repair ago
Chapter 57 - Maya's New Weapon ago
Chapter 58 - Request ago
Chapter 59 - Disease ago
Chapter 60 ago
Chapter 61 - Negotiation ago
Chapter 62 - Ambush ago
Chapter 63 - A Soft Radiance ago
Chapter 64 - The Golden Princess ago
Chapter 65 - Gamble ago
Chapter 66 - Treatment ago
Chapter 67 - Return ago
Chapter 68 - Report ago
Chapter 69 ago
Chapter 70 - Agony ago
Chapter 71 - The Queen (2x Length) ago
Chapter 72 - Court ago
Chapter 73 - State of Affairs ago
Chapter 74 - Post Meeting ago
Chapter 75 - Matters ago
Chapter 76 - Information ago
Chapter 77 Lull ago
Chapter 78 Indecisiveness ago
Notice ago

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I'm really disapointed in this story. From the very beginning the preview showed how the mc would go to the bunker and then set out on an adventure on his own to explore the new world, along with discovering the birth of mana. Good premise right? Well that all got messed up when he got back to his village and was bullied into this rejoined his tribe. Now with the the cliche after cliche, we again have to wait five tiny chapters for something interesting to happen, and ten chapters at the very least to get him to properly go onto his journey. I'm sorry, but I am done waiting for this story. I mean it took 15 chapters to get to the bunker, and another 15 until he was ready to leave. I hope you continue this project and learn from this experience.


A little slow at the beginning but has promise.

Hey, enjoying it so far! I am at Chapter 9 and as of right now; I would suggest adding a little more details about what exactly happened with the Towers. It seems a little rushed, out of order, and not clear. Another thing is that the story seems extremely slow going and you are adding too many unimportant details which aren't contributing to the progression of the story. I am not a writer by any means, only an avid reader. 


The story is well thought out and brilliantly written. The characters are real and you can easily connect with them. There is little to no grammar issues. Overall it is well worth the time spent reading the book.