New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness

New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness

by nikostar

After being betrayed, framed and kicked down to the ground, our protagonist was sentenced to life imprisonment. But a few days later, a global disaster occurred, people from all nations migrated to underground refuges.

As a prisoner, he thought his life was over, abandoned by everyone. However, he wakes up, greeted by Gaia, the person responsible for New Earth.

New Earth was a second chance for him, watch as he builds up his own dungeon and become known by all as the Emperor of Madness.

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4th Anniversary
Word Count (16)
Table of Contents
182 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: New beginning ago
Chapter 2: Five's teacher ago
Chapter 3: The Core of Madness ago
Chapter 4: The first lesson ago
Chapter 5: Observing and taking notes ago
Chapter 6: Second Floor ago
Chapter 7: Communal room ago
Chapter 8: The past ago
Chapter 9: Afternoon lesson ago
Chapter 10: Level up ago
Chapter 11: Goblin Village ago
Chapter 12: Death ago
Chapter 13: Planning ago
Chapter 14: As if nothing happened ago
Chapter 15: Arrival of the players ago
Chapter 16: Observing the players ago
Chapter 17: Plotting against each other ago
Chapter 18: Sketching ago
Chapter 19: Gunpowder ago
Chapter 20: Finally ready ago
Chapter 21: Modifications ago
Chapter 22: Start of the plan ago
Chapter 23: The battle of the 4th floor ago
Chapter 24: Arrival of the other guilds ago
Chapter 25: Corrupted Servants ago
Chapter 26: Such a mess ago
Chapter 27: The monsters' reaction ago
Chapter 28: World Scavenger ago
Chapter 29: Threats ago
Chapter 30: Kroff arrives ago
Chapter 31: The deal with Kroff ago
Chapter 32: Harriet's choice ago
Chapter 33: The core's reaction ago
Chapter 34: Meeting Gaia again ago
Chapter 35: Farewell ago
Chapter 36: The town ago
Chapter 37: Staying at the camp ago
Chapter 38: Identification ago
Chapter 39: Escape   ago
Chapter 40: Mysterious cloaked figure (1)   ago
Chapter 41: Mysterious cloaked figure (2)   ago
Chapter 42: Barbarians   ago
Chapter 43: The cave   ago
Chapter 44: Founding the dungeon   ago
Chapter 45: Dreidus   ago
Chapter 46: The first floor   ago
Chapter 47: Exploration of the children   ago
Chapter 48: Earning DP   ago
Chapter 49: Deal with the barbarians   ago
Chapter 50: Story of the Black Iron Tribe   ago
Chapter 51: Skeletons   ago
Chapter 52: Use of the fireflies   ago
Chapter 53: Going to the second floor   ago
Chapter 54: Battle form   ago
Chapter 55: Battle of the Labyrinth (1)   ago
Chapter 56: Battle of the Labyrinth (2)   ago
Chapter 57: Battle of the Labyrinth (3)   ago
Chapter 58: Post-battle ago
Chapter 59: Earnings   ago
Chapter 60: The truth behind death   ago
Chapter 61: The third floor   ago
Chapter 62: New monsters   ago
Chapter 63: Development of the dungeon   ago
Chapter 64: Development of the barbarians   ago
Chapter 65: Trial   ago
Chapter 66: Strange behavior   ago
Chapter 67: Start of the trial   ago
Chapter 68: Defence   ago
Chapter 69: Arrival of the kings   ago
Chapter 70: Clash   ago
Chapter 71: Sacred Ground   ago
Chapter 72: The fall of a king   ago
Chapter 73: Choice of the Forest Tiger King   ago
Chapter 74: End of the trial   ago
Chapter 75: Brewing storm   ago
Chapter 76: The meeting of the Harpies   ago
Chapter 77: Shooting stars   ago
Chapter 78: The update   ago
Chapter 79: Glowing harpies   ago
Chapter 80: Influencing the drops   ago
Chapter 81: Improving one’s luck   ago
Chapter 82: A new companion ago
Chapter 83: Change of plans   ago
Chapter 84: A new floor   ago
Chapter 85: Kidnapping? ago
Chapter 86: A harpy and a child   ago
Chapter 87: Attack the dungeon?   ago
Chapter 88: Return of Blue Lagoon   ago
Chapter 89: Contact   ago
Chapter 90: Deal ago
Chapter 91: A question ago
Chapter 92: What do you say? ago
Chapter 93: Circle of truth ago
Chapter 94: Fifth floor ago
Chapter 95: Similar thoughts ago
Chapter 96: Crafting ago
Chapter 97: Should not be greedy ago
Chapter 98: Disguised angel ago
Chapter 99: Invitation ago
Chapter 100: Preparations ago
Chapter 101: Departure ago
Chapter 102: Meeting the tribes ago
Chapter 103: Visitor in the night ago
Chapter 104: Totem spirit ago
Chapter 105: So much DP ago
Chapter 106: A sheep ago
Chapter 107: Tolden Encampment ago
Chapter 108: A player ago
Chapter 109: Psychic attacks ago
Chapter 110: The masters appear ago
Chapter 111: Earthbound curse ago
Chapter 112: Battle(1) ago
Chapter 113: Battle(2) ago
Chapter 114: Battle(3) ago
Chapter 115: Battle(4)   ago
Chapter 116: Battle(5)   ago
Chapter 117: An even more terrifying opponent   ago
Chapter 118: A glimpse at the lore   ago
Chapter 119: Inside the dungeon core   ago
Chapter 120: Movement from the tribes ago
Chapter 121: Balance is key ago
Chapter 122: Mini Update ago
Chapter 123: Departure ago
Chapter 124: Merging the Tribes ago
Chapter 125: Start of the auction ago
Chapter 126: Blood ago
Chapter 127: The four alliances ago
Chapter 128: Bugtopia (1) ago
Chapter 129: Bugtopia (2) ago
Chapter 130: Karyn, the elf ago
Chapter 131: The 101st item ago
Chapter 132: Iris ago
Chapter 133: Answers ago
Chapter 134: Return ago
Chapter 135: Bountiful harvest (1) ago
Chapter 136: Bountiful harvest (2) ago
Chapter 137: Meteor ago
Chapter 138: Changes ago
Chapter 139: The crafting team ago
Chapter 140: Necromancy ago
Chapter 141: Peace ago
Chapter 142: Declaration of war ago
Chapter 143: Dungeon meeting ago
Chapter 144: Quest ago
Chapter 145: Entering the secret room ago
Chapter 146: Quest failure ago
Chapter 147: Taking down the scouts ago
Chapter 148: Start of the battle ago
Chapter 149: The totem spirits appear ago
Chapter 150: The might of the totem spirits ago
Chapter 151: Flame riders ago
Chapter 152: Unexpected proposal   ago
Chapter 153: Conflict within the alliance ago
Chapter 154: Grade 4 Scroll ago
Chapter 155: A new skill ago
Chapter 156: Fighting back ago
Chapter 157: Failure and celebrations ago
Chapter 158: Epilogue ago
Chapter 159: Conflict at the central plains ago
Chapter 160: Count Desmond (1) ago
Chapter 161: Count Desmond (2) ago
Chapter 162: Profiting off others ago
Chapter 163: Cobalt Eagle ago
Chapter 164: Mysterious occurrences ago
Chapter 165: The third trial ago
Chapter 166: Voiding the contract (1) ago
Chapter 167: Voiding the contract (2) ago
Chapter 168: Tour of the unwanted guest ago
Chapter 169: Vicious Rhino Tribe ago
Chapter 170: Evolution ago
Chapter 171: New Boss monsters ago
Chapter 172: Completing the quest ago
Chapter 173: The enemy of my enemy is my friend ago
Chapter 174: Licensing ago
Chapter 175: Stopped at the gate ago
Chapter 176: Trains ago
Chapter 177: Meeting an old friend ago
Chapter 178: A moment alone ago
Chapter 179: Long distance conversation ago
Chapter 180: New quest ago
Chapter 181: Summoning the totem spirits ago
Chapter 182: The Seed of Ingeniosity ago

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The title is currently a Lie

Review after 39 chapters.

The story has a severe lack of madness, and dungeon building by the MC. The first 34 chapters were spent in the training dungeon, with nothing much taking place til the last 5 chapters. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I started this story not expecting a dark story based on the tags, but I did expect a mad dungeon master out for revenge. Instead we get an unhappy MC who refuses to be a dungeon master.

At this point in the story you won't get what you expect based in the title and synopsis.


okay read with some issues

(as of chapter 75)

'The Dungeon of Madness' tells the story of a convict that gets a new chance by, as a dungeon, being an antagonist in a VR-MMORPG. After a training period he is sent out and establishes his dungeon in a lucrative location. He does not have much time before the first true challenge arrives.

Style: Told in third-person internal style mostly by the protagonist 'Five' but there have been a small number of other people introduced that way. In many parts the writing style feels a bit ungraceful.

Story: The story is both about the dungeon core's human form and his dungeon. Because of the training period the dungeon is established quite late in the story (chapter 44). The pacing is fine.

Grammar: Often there are run-on sentences that are unwieldy and sometimes even plain wrong. The rest is medium.

Character: Some contradictions in how the protagonist is presented versus how he acts. The characters' motives are often one-dimensional and some behave quite stupid (another reviewer used the term "wuxia nonsense" and I concur).

All in all a nice read but not great literature.


Not good. Lots of verbal diarrhea

As of chapter 34? 30 something, the protaganist hasnt built his dungeon yet.........


Written by someone who loves wuxia and xianxia characters. From the characters act and speak, its very similar to bad wuxias.

"Our baron is coming here shortly, you'd best step aside!"

"This man is clearly stronger than me, but i cant lose face!"

"If you wont join my faction, then ill just have to deal with you!"

And so much more generic wuxia nonsense.


It's basically trash. Don't waste your time.

Longer version (as of chapter 82):

    The story has two major weaknesses: characterization and plot. The characters are all described as being one thing, while being shown to be multiple other, incapatible things. This is not intentional. The author simply can't see the conflict because they have no understanding of what the words they have written about the characters' personalities and motivations actually mean.

    The main driver of these numerous discrepencies is the so called "plot", which is just a series of poorly tied together cliches that the author doesn't really understand either. They're playing connect the dots and not caring if the dots should even be connected, or if they miss vital dots along the way. The whole thing is a trainwreck, and I'm tired of wasting my time on it.

    O, and the MC also really, really sucks at being a dungeon core, or using his brain in general. For those of you that would be willing to look passed the other things if that part was well done, know that it definitely isn't.


Good start, but OOC decisions

This story was really good until the end of the first arc. And then it rapidly took a nosedive due to a completely out of character decision by the main character.

The mc had just come out of a high risk situation with massive profits, but then what does he do? Abandons the people that came with him in good faith for supposed "freedom" and goes along on his way.

Will follow along for a few chapters more and see whether the story improves or stays the same.



I like it quite a lot

Keep going, never stop writing :) there is too few dungeon story writers who finsh what they are working on.. also the lack off long dungeon storys.


I really love this! The only problem is the grammar. Though you improved a lot compared to the first chapters. Your writing is amazing, really. Maybe you should pace the events and everything would be better.

Best of the wishes and hope you keep on writing!



I am enjoying the story.

Your grammer and spelling are on point and your characters feel alive.

my only gripe is that you used the Sci-Fi Tag. Unless you are planning on having a lot more outside interaction it really doesn't fit.


I read the first 10 chapters today and I enjoyed it very much. The existing characters seem realistic enough to have real thoughts and aspirations. The world in general appears rather intriguing as well. I am looking forward to what's to come.

Happy to have you here Nikostar ^^