The King of Frost

The King of Frost

by Ancient King

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Alex was a normal teen that always keep to himself. Until he was killed by accident. Where his soul was forcibly summoned by this so call GOD and given a second chance in another world 

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Ancient King

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It's ok for a new author

This story caught my interest but it needs improvements to make it my fav. The MC is ok but change the personality a little but leave the feminine/cute features as his look but make him hate people mistaking him as a girl, leave him as a male, don't make him OP from start. Too little content and details for a chapter, the prologue is too dull, quick, lack in detail. Has errors in spelling by a bit, grammatical errors were more, capitalization for some like after " the first letter is captial if a character is saying it. Suggestion: let the MC start as a newborn celestial tiger after he reincarnates and his humanoid form will be acquired through challenges and make him learn magic and physical combal and maybe crafts a little.( Fan of LGBTwink)

*Note: Don't use tables (the blue boxes) as filler or to extend the chapter to make it longer

Read other novels for references or to help with the writing style such as Fantasial Apocalypse, The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound, Heavenward on Golden Wings, Dungeon Core/ Realm Heart etc.