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chapter 5 : Valkyrie's End

Outworld, GlastHeim, The final bastion of the Order of Freia.

The lush green fields have been replaced by the burning remains of countless corpses that littered the ground. Angels and other divine Entities all splattered on the floor of the fortress, Summoned monsters and other familiars running around all over the place insearch for enemies.

" Ibaraki!!!  Saya!!! Where are you!!! "  a girl with blue hair called out while desperately swinging her Huge Weapon against countless enemies the size of giants.

" AI, tell me exactly where I need to go. I don't care how many of these monsters I need to cut down, I'm going to go there and help them. "

[ Don't be ridiculous!!! you were told to escape and help guide the others, Don't let Freia's sacrifice end up in vain. ]

" How can I run away and leave them here!? no matter how bad the situation may be, i'm sure together we will be able to overcome it! "

[ Foolish child!!! why are you being so persistent!!! do you not care for your life!? ]

" Then are you telling me to just abandon my family in their time of need!? They are all that I have!!! I would rather die beside them than run away from our enemies, I don't expect a machine program like you would understand how I feel!!! "

[ It's because I understand that I want you to run away!!! stop being selfish!!! I may only be a software program to most of you but it hurts to see everyone get killed and all I could do is watch!!! all of you are my precious family!!! Stop treating me as an object!!! Fuuka it's time for you to grow up and stop being a spoiled child!!! ]

" I'm sorry but I can't " she gave a quick reply while tears fell from her blue eyes as she continued to slash down on a great number of foes. " I can't go on without them, Saya, Ibaraki, and my precious Freia, I don't care what happens to me as long as I can keep them safe... I'm sorry AI... "

after a slight pause the world terminal answered her.

[ 25 kilometers north west, keep going on this direction and you will encounter a total of 132,098 enemies ranging from Juggernaut class and Fortess class Imperators, Devourers, and small fry fodders... Fuuka, all of you will die you know, I already did the calculations, this was the reason why Freia wanted you to leave and both Ibaraki and Saya agreed it was the best decision to stay behind in order to buy some time. ]

" I've never really listened to what they told before so why would I start now? they can give me all the scolding that they want after this is over. "

[ I guess, me telling you to runaway was of no use afterall. ]

" We'll come back... I promise. "

[ Shut up baka!  -_-  you can go die a miserable death for all I care. ]

" Thank you AIchan~ " after wiping the tears on her eyes, Fuuka activated her weapon.

" Piercing through the heaven's, show them your merciful gaze and end their pitiful life. Awaken!!! <Gungnir> "

[ notice! ]

you have released the limiter on your weapon Gungnir!

increases the following stats by 1,000

you have recieved the title: Limit Breaker!
increases your battle prowess continuously while in combat.

negative effects after use:
level resets to 1
temporary memory loss
Gungnir will be transferred back to the grand vault.
use of the weapon will be restricted until retrieved with the permission of Freia.

without waiting for a go signal, Fuuka lashed out on everything that was within the reach of her weapon, multiple enemies were cut down like a hot knife going through butter.

it didn't matter what she was up against, her weapon < Gungnir > would mercilessly deal with every single one of them.

five Delnaga Juggernauts went towards her when the group noticed the increase in power levels, these were monster that were magically enhanced that increases their intelligence, allowing them to make full use of their overwhelming size and strength.

Wielding the giants crosses that served as blunt force weapons, aimed in crushing their foes, these 50 foot abominations that looked like humans without any skin and bulging muscles wearing heavy armor ran towards her.

Fuuka raised her spear and made a horizontal sweep that gave out a dark after image infront of her, as soon as she finished the five giant's stood in place and soon the upper part of their bodies fell to the ground with blood splashing all over.

Faced with immense power, the monsters, angels and all other creatures were not fazed, instead, they continued their assault, aiming for the young girl's life.

Wave after wave of enemies came upon the lone warrior and she effortlessly dealt with everything, while slowly increasing her strength by the effects of her weapon.

She then steadied her aim infront and put all of her strength into her legs in an attempt to dash forward and pierce through the army that blocked her path.

Fuuka : " Piercing Charge! " in an explosive attack using the pointed edge of Gungnir and the pushing power from her legs and feet, She dashed straight into the wall of enemies with unbelievable speed and focus, causing a thundering shockwave behind her.

All that stood in her way was shredded to bits and pieces, leaving behind a line of blood and mangled flesh in her wake.

When her charge ended, she launched another ground shattering attack that left the monsters and divine entities a moment to realize what was happening.

Fuuka : " Brandish Spear! " as she pushed her spear infront of her with surprising force, the shockwave that was quickly chasing up from behind her connected with her attack, which made the area infront to immediately distort followed by a large explosion that decimated 3 kilometers worth of area and enemies ahead of her to turn into nothing.

more and more enemies quickly filled the empty land like a flood and Fuuka stared at them with fury in her eyes.

Fuuka : " Wait for me, i'm coming. " she spoke before continuing with her rampage.


Perdulin's Labyrinth, Second Level, Caverns of Despair.

[ notice! ]

you have accepted your new class!

[ Brynhildr of Darkness ]

in the past, a few maidens have chosen to take up arms and fight as a warrior to wage war against the other divine's. during that time these noble women were mercilessly killed and have been erased from the pages of history. they have been thought to be banished from this realm along with their knowledge and power, miraculously, their divine patron seemed to have found a way to bring them back to this realm by a stroke of luck.

your patron seem to have had most of her memories erased, but with the passing of time, her power increases. join your sisters and together, reclaim what is rightfully yours.

let it be known, that the progenitor Aria has returned and with her, the others will follow.

The blue haired girl stood up and patted the dirt off from herself, and after looking at the blue window infront of her, she then faced the other young girl that was standing at her side.

" Weapon. " Fuuka only said this single word while looking at Aria expectantly.

" Excuse me? what weapon? " The girl replied.

after giving out a sigh of resignation, using her left hand, Fuuka grabbed the back of Aria's head to pull her close and kissed her on the lips. Kim's jaw dropped open after seeing the display and Aria's eyes were wide with shock.

afterwards, Fuuka placed her right hand on top of Aria chest and it began to emit a bright light, then her hand suddenly plunged deep into the girl's chest

When she pulled back her hand, she clenched it to form a fist and slammed it at the empty space on her side, cracks began to quickly form on thin air with the sound of breaking glass. When large pieces of it fell on the ground, the rift that it made revealed an empty void on the other side of the hole. Fuuka looked into it and grabbed a piece of the darkness and tried to pull it out.

The cracks increased and the hole became larger, with one final attempt, she managed to pull something out from the darkness. Grasping its handle, she made a couple of practice swings before looking at the werewolf that was standing close to them and bearing its sharp fangs and claws.

when the black miasma finally settled down, it revealed a gigantic weapon, it looked like a big slab of pointed iron attached to a handle, the girl was effortlessly swinging it around like it was made of feathers and it emitted an aura of darkness.

Fuuka : " now then, time to give you back all the pain and humiliation that you gave me. " Pointing her finger at the black werewolf, she motioned it to attack her while provoking the beast. " Come here Doggy, lets play. "

chapter end...


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