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chapter 4 : Reincarnated Hero

Perdulin's Labyrinth, Second Level

The adventurers in Flower Garden Inn has engaged the vast amount of werewolves and managed to hold out on their own, among the group that had exceptional combat skills were led by a barbarian named Beowulf and another rogue named Zack, each group was decimating the pack of monsters and the rest followed their example.

Kim, Reina, Sylvia, and Prim decided to fight on their own and picked a spot far from the other groups.

Using Kim's fluid style of fighting, she immediately dispatched large amounts of enemies by forming ethereal blades and cutting off anything that dared to come near her hurricane of death.

Valentine used her flames and her tremendous piercing power, giving no chance for the werewolves to defend against her, and all of her enemies gets helplessly burned with a gaping hole in the middle of their bodies.

Reina, with the new class that Aria had given her, is no longer a support healer that stays in the rear, away from the battle. The Nurse From Hell, wielding her giant spiked mace, turned the werewolves into patches of disheveled flesh and those that chose to avoid her are bombarded by healing magic, that does the opposite effect, aiming at the heart, the brain, the lung and causing these parts to explode due to abnormal growth of tissues by forced overhealing. The next time you are wounded, remember to steer clear from this woman because she would be more than willing to help tend to your wounds... and kill you in the process.

Sylvia upon recieving her new class, chose to throw away the bow and arrow, and instead opted to use a weapon that Aria had given personally. It was a weapon made for long distance assasinations, a large sniper rifle that uses her own mana to launch magic bullets with devastating force. however... Sylvia was a close ranged sniper, so Aria included a sharp blade to be placed on the front of the weapon for ease in switching to melee combat, and Aria christened this other worldly weapon to be known as "Bayoneta" seeing the cute young girl running towards the fray and screaming in ecstasy as she cuts down her enemies and blasts a hole on those that tried to runaway in terror, other adventurers could only admire her from a distance.

the large battle was progressing smoothly, so when Kim noticed that the number of enemies were begining to thin out, she decided to leave it for the rest and went back to Aria's side, walking towards her, she noticed that Aria was watching a group of adventurers which turned out to be the ones that had shared dinner with them.

making quick strides and killing off a few more werewolves that stood on her way, Kim finally reached the place where Aria and Beatrice was staying.

Upon seeing the girl that was sprawled on the cold ground with tears falling from her eyes, Kim immediately pinched Aria's cheek and proceeded to scold her beloved.

" Aww! Ouch... stop it Kim it hurts!!! " Aria screamed in protest

" Oh... really now, it hurts? " Kim replied in an uncaring tone.

" Awww... Aw!!! Stop!!! " Aria pleaded to Kim.

" Fine... tell me Aria, why are you bullying our new guests?

" Hmpf! i'm not bullying anyone.

Kim became annoyed with Aria's attitude towards their guests and she pushed forward.
" If your not, then why is that girl crying then? i'm sure you have something to do about it right?

" It's not my fault! they were complaining about being brought here, even though they were the one's that said they wanted to experience the adventures inside the newly discovered labyrinth, and now that they are actually here, they keep filing these complaints. Ugh... this girl even called me insane! I mean can you believe that? It also felt like they were looking to reimburse their money! as if I would allow such a thing to happen!!! If they want to refund their money, then it would be better if they just died in a ditch somewhere. Listen to me Kim, i'm the victim here!!! you should be consoling me instead.

upon hearing this, Kim rubbed her temples and gave out a sigh.
" Aria you... nevermind... tell you what, perhaps it would be better if you thought about this for a moment, is the business doing fine?

Aria puffed out her chest and proudly smiled.
" Fufufu... ofcourse it is, i'm the one managing it so there's nothing to worry about. after that werewolf kills off those two men, we'll have another free room for new guests, anyway... I'll do something about that girl later so just give me a kiss and congratulate me for doing a great job.

" Alright, stop right there... " Kim gave out a tired sigh " did you even think about it carefully? look Aria, people don't grow on trees. "

failing to understand Kim's words, Aria furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Kim before asking.
" Okay... your point exactly?

" If people keep on dying after coming to our inn don't you think others will find it troubling? I know your not directly killing adventurers but still, rumors will start going around until...

not having any idea of what will happen, Aria stood up and prodded Kim for an answer.
" Until what?

Kim leaned towards Aria, and softly whispered to her ears.
" Until no one else will come to stay in our Inn, and once all the adventurers here have all been killed because of you, we will be left with a really large and empty three storey house with no income...

( No income... )

( Noo... Incomee... )

( Nooo... Incomeee... )

( Noooo... Incomeeee... )

These words echoed in Aria's mind like a broken cassette player, left with a bit of a shock which was enough to drain all the color on her face, the white haired girl fell on her knees and she used both her arms to support her body as she stared blankly on the ground, cold sweat began to form on her back and her pupils were dilating in an unbelievable rate, and her breathing became heavy.


Kaidus and Grey were fighting off the lone werewolf and Fuuka was begining to get her act together, the black werewolf was really enjoying his new toys and made it a point to prolong their suffering.

Both men were lightly wounded from the werewolf's attack but their pride was being hurt because they knew that the beast was going easy on them.

Showing off its sharp teeth, it began to lash out on the group once more...

" Look out! " Grey warned, because of the incoming attack and he held his sword up to block it.

Seeing an opening, Kaidus immediately rushed in to get a hit, unfortunately the beast was quick on reacting and his daggers  were met by its claws.

" Tsk... this werewolf is too fast, I cant get a clean hit! " Kaidus voiced his discontent.

" Lets just focus on defending, its level is quite high, we don't want to make any mistakes. " Grey said as he looked at the beast, trying to find a way to deal with the monster infront of them.

" He's going to kill us both sooner or later, We need to find a way to escape.

" Grey! Kaidus! " Fuuka called out to both her companions while trying to steady her body.

Seeing her figure, Kaidus was pleased to know that Fuuka was now able to stand on her two feet. Grey also smiled at her then his gaze immediately went back towards their enemy.

Kaidus glanced at Fuuka from the corner of his eyes.
" Fuuka, run! escape while you still can. "

" No... " Fuuka quickly replied, refusing to leave them both.

" Hurry up and Run!!! " Kaidus yelled at her from the top of his lungs, trying to convey the danger that was slowly but surely coming for their lives.

" No!!! i'm not leaving!!! " Her tears began to flow once more and she knew that their death was nearing, having resigned to their fate, Fuuka atleast wanted to die along with her two friends... in her heart she didn't want them to lose their life, but what can she possibly do?


The werewolf charged forward and slashed horizontally using its claws and Grey tried to desperately block it, with every hit, his hands become less and less able to hold onto his blade and eventually his attempts to guard against the attacks soon faltered.

Seeing this, the werewolf clenched its fist and delivered a blow towards Grey, and he tried to recieve it by using his arms, as he had already dropped his sword to the ground. Upon impact, the werewolf's fist, launched Grey towards a nearby boulder, the force was enough to create small cracks on the stone and he quickly fell to the ground with a thud, his armor was able to protect his life, unfortunately, both his arms were crushed by the attack.

Kaidus tried his best to land an crucial wound using the small window of opportunity that his companion gave him, as the werewolf's attention was on Grey but to his surprise, the werewolf's pelt was like a thick leather armor that prevented his daggers from going through.

Kaidus kept on stabbing the werewolf's neck using the bladed edge of his weapon as he desperately hangs on the monster's back using all his strength, but soon enough, the enraged beast, pryed him off using its powerful arms and hands. The monster grabbed his right arm and raised him up, then it quickly delivered its sharp claws which landed on Kaidus's chest.

Blood quickly followed from the deep wound that the monster had created before throwing the man's body to the ground, then looking at his next target, which was Fuuka.

The girl stood bravely infront of their enemy and watched as the beast quickly made its way towards her.

Raising its powerful arms, it sent both its clenched hands downward, intent on crushing the poor girl's body with his strength.

Seeing this, Fuuka gracefully jumped back trying to safely avoid the attack, but the impact alone was strong enough that it sent a small shock wave in her immediate area, throwing her off to the distance along with small jagged rocks.

Landing on the ground and rolling a few times until finally coming to a halt.

Fuuka mustered all her remaining strength, despite the wounds that covered her body.

The downward strike that the werewolf made, although it missed, caused a number a small wounds on her body because of the rocks that managed to hit her.

Having the luck to barely avoid getting crushed but not the strength to keep on fighting, filled her heart with helplessness.

She was afraid...

She didn't want to die...

Her entire body was hurting...

Being in a daze, Fuuka didn't realize that the werewolf was already infront of her, until a sudden pain attacked the middle part of her body.

She was sent flying off another distance of 10 meters, coughing up blood while the world seemed as if everything was spinning. She landed on the ground, gasping for breadth.

Fear, attacked her once more...

this time, it was a lot stronger...

causing her whole body to shiver...

She knew it was almost time for them to die, hearing the steps of the ravage monster that was getting closer with every passing moment, and the pain that tormented her small body.

The fear increased...

it was overbearing...

It was too much for a young girl to handle, the girl cursed being in this dark place while her entire life quickly flashed before her eyes.

She smiled when she realized that it was actually true that people who are about to die gets to see their whole life playing back in their memory.

Her doting parents, the time she spent growing up, meeting Kaidus and Grey, their fun adventure and the beautiful sights that they saw, the happy faces of young children that welcomed them whenever they came to a different village.

and the Big Truck that was quickly making its way towards her after she picked up a small cellphone accessory that she planned on giving her boyfriend as a gift.


Fuuka's eyes widened in shock after remembering it. The fear in her heart vanished as if it was a funny joke, and she was unable to notice Kaidus and Grey screaming as if trying to catch the attention of the werewolf that was just a few meters away from taking her life.

suddenly, a soft and serene voice of a girl called out to her...

" Do you desire power?

Unable to speak, she tried to look up after slightly raising her head towards the voice, and as her eyes met the girl, she couldn't help but raise the corner of her lips to form a smile, and her eyes burned with determination.

Looking at Fuuka's eyes was enough to convey her feelings, there was no need for words, because her eyes were like a window to her very soul.

Aria raised her hand and from thin air, her terminal digitized with a few sparks of electricy coming from it, then Fuuka's body was completely bathed in white light...

Infront of Fuuka's eyes a blue window suddenly appeared.

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