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Vol.2 Chapter 2 : a cup of tea under the moonlight


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Warning! Mature Content, Not for Children, Not for Adults acting like children, & Not for members of the Lily Faction

chapter 2 : a cup of tea under the moonlight

The smile on Aria's face, sent shivers running down Fuuka's spine and she immediately stood up from her chair and walked towards the exit. Seeing this, her companions Grey and Kaidus sent her a confused look and both decided to follow her out after excusing themselves from the group.

Fuuka avoided the stares of the other guests sitting at their respective tables and walked steadily while mumbling something to herself, she made her way out of the grand dining hall, and continued to walk until she was finally infront of the large door where they came from, behind her was the receptionist's table and her two companions.

She held up her hand towards the door's handle and turned it, then proceeded to pull it open. After finishing her task with little effort, she stepped out and looked at her surroundings.

Suddenly, the girl's calm face was replaced with fear and worry, trying hard to prevent herself from trembling at the sight infront of them.

Other than the two birds playing Chess on the side as if it was the most normal thing to do in this situation, or the big red bird lying on its back and scratching it's tummy while munching on hay nonchalantly, everything else surrounding them was pure darkness, the entire inn and the small patch of land around it was encased inside a large sphere of dark miasma.

Fuuka, bit her lip, turned around and faced her two companions who also had the same troubled look on them and said.

" Lets go back to our rooms, ready all your equipment, this going to be a long night... " before she ran back inside and headed towards the third floor of the building.

The two men however went back to their table where the others was still eating dinner. Kaidus approached Aria and said.

" What are you trying to do?

" Huh? i'm eating dinner...? " the girl quickly replied.

" Stop playing around!!!tell us what is happening outside!!! " Kaidus shouted, causing the other people at the table to look at him.

Kim, tried to stand up but she was quickly pulled back to their seat when Aria grabbed her arm. Then, Aria stared at Kaidus with an annoyed look on her face before speaking.

" Oniichan, if you don't want to die helplessly, I suggest you calm down, and equip your armor and weapons first before anything else.

After hearing this, Grey pulled his friend's arm and dragged him along.

" Kaidus! lets go... " he said while taking a glance at the young girl.

" Tsk... "

" Don't cause any problems, we still have no clue what is happening. " Grey whispered to Kaidus.

" That's what i'm trying to find out. " Kaidus replied, a bit angry.

" You could have atleast asked, politely... " Grey countered.

Climbing the stairs and then opening the door to their room, both men hurriedly equiped their armors and weapons. Kaidus, checked his daggers one by one and Grey also inspected his sword before placing it on his back, when the two of them finished, they heard a knock on their door and Grey quickly called out to the person behind it to come in.

Fuuka quickly opened the door and went inside their room, the girl wore her complete leather set, and had two metal knuckles equipped on both her hands.

" We might be in danger here. " the girl said, and looked at her companions.

" What do you suggest we do? " Grey asked.

" I for one, vote to get away from this place, as fast as possible. " Kaidus answered and waited for them to reply.

" That may be a good idea, but... you did see what the outside looks like, right? " Fuuka replied to him while looking at the floor boards.

" I think we should ask the girl about this, Aria was it? Grey interjected. " This should give us a bit of heads up, anyway, the other adventurers seem to be fine with it, I guess they know something we don't.

" Okay, lets go back down and talk to her. " Fuuka then turned around and went outside the room, the other men also followed her from behind.

However, when the three of them returned, all but a single woman remained, she was cleaning up the table and picking up the plates. Fuuka approached her and spoke.

" Excuse me my lady, do you happen to know where the others went? "

" oh my, your just in time, all of the other guests went outside already. " Lotte replied while looking at the blue haired girl. " Aria said that tonight is special, I think that it has something to do with a festival of some sort, I'm not really sure, if you ask her personally, she can tell you more about it.

" Thank you... " Fuuka gave her thanks and turned to her companions. " Lets go Grey, Kaidus. "

The trio quickly went towards the exit and stepped outside of the inn. When they arrived, everyone of the adventurers were lined up infront, looking at the white haired girl. Just when they were walking towards her, the girl began to  speak and everyone listened to her words.

" are you afraid? " she asked one of the adventurers, a young man, carrying an axe, as she stood infront of him.

" No!!! " the man answered, as if screaming to the little girl who was looking at him with cold eyes.

After a brief pause, the young girl spoke again, this time her voice was colder and void of any kind of emotion.

" well, you should be... "

" Pardon? " the man asked as if trying to confirm what the girl said.

" Fear isn't a weakness but an instinct that warns you in certain occasions, because if you are unable to feel fear, and you are suddenly faced with a stronger opponent, then it will only end up with you getting killed. so try to remember my words, if you begin to feel fear, then I suggest you run for your life.


there will come a time that despite being stricken with overwhelming fear that it almost makes your body freeze in terror, but you cannot in anyway afford to escape, then you can use a stronger fear to overcome your cowardice, let this fear give you strength, and who knows, some kind of miracle might happen. Fear is a friend, embrace it as a part of you and it will show you the way.

Why am I telling you this? some of you may ask.

all I can say is this.

We are heading towards Hell itself,

It would be stupid not to be afraid.

After her speech, the white haired girl went and sat down on a chair beside a small table. then a maid carrying a pot, poured hot liquid on a cup, and the white haired girl took it and began to drink.

" Hmm... you are getting better at making tea Beatrice. "

" I'm glad you like it. " the maid replied.

After tasting the tea that the maid gave her, Aria looked towards the men and women before speaking.

" Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy your hunt and try to comeback alive. "

With a wave of Aria's hand, the dark miasma covering the entire area around them, began to dissapate, but instead of feeling relieved. Fuuka, Grey, and Kaidus was filled with overwhelming terror.

They wanted to run as faraway as possible, but it seems that it was an impossible task.

Fuuka fell on her knees.

Kaidus gritted his teeth.

Grey grasped on his sword tightly.

They felt fear, they wanted to run, but how can they escape?

All around them, as far as the eye can see. Countless Werewolves filled the Gigantic Cave and a large number of them were quickly running towards their position. Their eyes glowed and their claws and teeth were sharp. The werewolves here was a lot bigger, their fur was black as night, and their muscles was even larger than the barbarian's that was eating barbeque right beside their table.

Fuuka, then spoke with a trembling voice.

" Where is this place? why did you bring us here!? "

The white haired girl, placed her cup down on the table and licked her lips.

" Welcome to Perdulin's Labyrinth. "

With the sound of clashing metal, the group of werewolves arrived and one adventurer was immediately killed, it was the young man carrying an axe.

his headless body fell on the ground, while the black werewolf was holding onto the young man's head and walking towards them.

When the werewolf was infront of Aria, it stopped and looked at the white haired girl sitting near the table then at the maid who was standing beside her.

The werewolf then began to sniff them both, and it reflexively stepped back afterwards

Aria, seeing this, smiled at the werewolf as if it was a cute puppy.

Then the werewolf turned its gaze towards the girl who was sprawled on the ground and the two men who was standing beside her.

The Beast then opened his mouth and began to speak.

" I Smell Your Fear. " before it started walking towards Fuuka, Grey and Kaidus.

After hearing its words, Aria was surprised and immediately spoke.

" Holy Shit! These guys can talk!? "


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