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chapter 1 : Flower Garden Inn

Permudalin's Village, Base Camp, infront of a large three story building in the outskirts.

With the discovery of a new dungeon, and the roads have been made a lot safer because of constant requests coming from the guild to keep up public safety, the village has started to grow and develop, more and more people are coming from different places just to experience the adventures that are within the Labyrinth.

Treasure seekers, Scholars, and even Warriors are coming, all for the promise of achieving fame and glory. Young and adults a like are filled with excitement and the village is full of life.

New forges and tailoring shops are popping up and have started up business when they heard the news.

Here in this small village is where we will start our new adventures.

" yeah, yeah that's just great and all but what are we going to do now huh? " a young man with black trimmed hair asked in a tired voice to his companion. " all the other inn's are fully booked, and if this one is the same then we are going to be forced to camp outside. "

" then, lets just hope for the best ehehe. " the other answered him seemingly apologetic in tone, a man with gray  hair and wearing light armor.

" Kaidus! stop being a pain in the ass, your complaining like a girl, i'm seriously going to take some points off of you. Grey is doing his best to find us a place to stay so just be patient. " a young girl with short blue hair just above her shoulders wearing two black ribbons on both sides of her head slightly above the ears and wearing leather armor, scolded the other and then proceeded to look at the door infront.

" Fuuka is right Kaidus, i'm really doing my best, its just that I never thought that there would be a lot of people migrating to this region, even I was surprised at the numbers. " Grey followed up in an attempt to justify his shortcomings.

" it's your fault for not listening to me when I said that we should hurry. besides i'm not sure camping outside is a good idea, look over there you two, do you see that humongous birdlike creature there, tied to a carriage, and the other two smaller birds beside it? i'm telling you now, this is the first time i've seen something like that. if there are wilder birds like that roaming around at night, there's no chance in hell that I would be able to sleep outside, I have no interest in getting eaten alive when i'm in the middle of sleeping, and don't even say to me that we can just take turns keeping watch, both of you tend to fall asleep during your turns, and I end up not getting any rest the entire night, I've had enough of it, so we are definitely going to find a safe place and thats final! " Kaidus rattled them and took the handle of the door and went inside the building, ahead of the two.

When Kaidus entered, his eyes immediately gets frozen in place, what he saw inside was Heaven, metaphorically speaking.

Two big breasted oneesan's, both wearing plain white flowing blouse with lots of frills and intricate designs, sitting  behind a counter and staring at him, while giving out their brightest smiles.

He only gets called back to his senses when the two greeted him cheerfully, and motioned him to come closer.

" Welcome to Flower Garden master, are you here for business? or perhaps pleasure? " the girl with pink long hair, smiled at him impishly.

" Fufufu, I like the way you look at us master, it feels like you're slowly taking off our clothes. " the other girl with short brown hair looked at him from top to bottom while licking her lips.

seeing this form of display, the young man replied.

" i'm sorry, I think this place isn't what my companions and I are looking for hehehe... can you please tell me, if there are any other inn's located near this area, other that the one's inside the village, we've been looking for a place to rest but it seems our luck is just running out. " Kaidus fidgeting while he attempted to ask the two.

" Dear customer, are you saying what I think your saying? " the girl with pink hair glared at him while still showing an innocent smile.

" Hey Bub! are you telling us that our inn isn't up to your standards!? you've got quite the nerve!!! " the other girl grabbed his clothes with both hands and pulled him closer and she looked really pissed while she shouted at him.

" Huh!? no... it's not that i swear... i thought this place is... uhm hehehe... " Kaidus, tried to escape but the girl was holding onto him like a vice, fortunately his two companions entered aswell after hearing the commotion.

" Wha... whats going on!? " Fuuka panicked and tried to help Kaidus. " Let go of him!!! "

" Hey! hey... guys take it easy, try to explain whats happening here Kaidus, why are the clerks assaulting you? " Grey questioned Kaidus while trying to calm down the two clerks.

" I'm sorry! it's a misunderstanding! please forgive my rudeness! " Kaidus shouted in despair until the girl finally decided to let go.

" Tsk... next time, try to choose your words bub! you're practically new in our village, and here you are bad mouthing other people. " the violent girl, scolded him for his behaviour.

" Thats right! our inn maybe located on the outskirts but i'll have you know that our service is the best. " the girl with pink hair puffed out her chest while bragging about, and the rest just listened.

" I apologize for my friend's behaviour, please forgive him, we are just looking for a place to stay and we've practically searched everywhere, until we came upon this establishment. " Grey tried to point the conversation forward, and looked at the two clerks.

" Well I guess its fine, so your group is looking for a place to stay huh? your in luck, we happen to have a few more rooms available, so what will it be then? " The girl with pink hair, spoke to grey while playing with her hair.

" Finally! " Fuuka cheerfully exclaimed before turning to both her companions. "  Grey, Kaidus, I'd like to have a room for myself, you two can just share. "

" This settles it then, Uhm... we would like to get a room for my lady friend here and another for the two of us. " Grey said  and then proceeded to ask for how much it will cost. " So... how much will it cost to pay for a whole week? "

" that would be 1 gold per person, you will get two rooms, one for the girl and the other room will have 2 beds for you and your friend, but since you're planning to stay for a whole week, it will be 21 gold coins, that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, the bath is paid separately and we will charge you 5 silver coins everytime. " The pink haired girl smiled while explaining it to there group.

" Here you go. " Grey took out a bag and placed 21 gold coins on top of the counter.

" Thank you so much! these are your keys, the rooms are located on the newly built third floor of this building, oh... and my name is Reina and this here is Sylvia, she will accompany you to each of your rooms. " Reina spoke and Sylvia made her way around the counter.

" It's a pleasure to meet you, My name is Grey, the girl's name is Fuuka and the other one is Kaidus. "

" Likewise, right this way please. " Sylvia smiled at them and motioned the three to follow her as she opened a door on the right of the large counter, while Reina simply waved at the group.

Upon entering, Grey, Kaidus and Fuuka saw a wide/spacious area with a number of tables and chairs lined up neatly and a few other people enjoying their meals. the group was immediately entranced by the Delicious smell of food and they couldn't help but have their stomachs growl with hunger, hearing this, Sylvia smiled at them and said that they could go back down after they have seen their respective rooms and settled each of their luggage.

Climbing the stairs, and reaching the third floor of the wooden building, Sylvia pointed at two rooms with her hand, and looked at the three.

" these are your rooms, number 32 for the girl and room number 33 for the men, I'll go ahead and ask the cook to prepare dinner for 3 more guests, once you're done here just go back to the mess hall on the first floor, enjoy your stay. " Sylvia quietly went back downstairs after that.

" Wow! guys! look at my room!!! " Fuuka exclaimed and the two followed her inside. " See this? it's like a nobles suite I feel like a princess. "

" It's really nice, I wonder what our room looks like, come on Kaidus, lets take a peek at our own room. " Grey spoke and patted Kaidus to follow him.

Unfortunately, it wasn't what they had expected, the room was plain unlike what Fuuka had, there was two beds and a single desk with a chair in the middle, and a single cabinet on the side for storing bags and clothes. Fuuka's room on the otherhand was decorated with white curtains and flower vases, a queen sized bed was in the middle, and there was also a beautiful dresser with a large mirror on the corner.

" Ahahaha!!! those clerks must really hate you Kaidus, too bad Grey is also getting the short end of the stick because of you. " Fuuka laughed and teased the two others which in turn just sighed in resignation.

" I'm going to properly apologies tomorrow but for now this is fine, atleast we don't have to sleep outside, anyway i'm hungry if both of you are finished lets head on downstairs, I'm really looking forward to dinner. " Kaidus then placed his bag on top of the bed and went outside of the room, Fuuka and Grey after dropping their own stuff, followed him afterwards.

In front of the large room, Kaidus tried his best to look for a table but it seems all were currently occupied, behind him, Fuuka and Grey also stood while moving their heads in the same manner until Fuuka noticed a young girl sitting alone at a large rectangular table, enough for 12 people, she then approached the young girl and politely asked for her attention.

" uhm... excuse me young girl... may I speak with you for a moment? " Fuuka spoke and waited for a reply.

" Yes? you need me for something? " The young girl answered her, she had white twin tailed hair, and snow white skin, wearing a simple white buttoned shirt and black skirt.

" Actually, I do, see... me and my friends are looking for a table but it seems all are occupied and since your the only one sitting here, I was just wondering if you can share it with us.

The young girl looked at Fuuka and her two companions and suddenly the corner of her lips rised up to form a smile before she replied in her mocking voice.

" I refuse... "

" Hehehe... are you perhaps waiting for your companions? " Fuuka tried to smile but she was obviously not amused with the girl's behaviour.

" Nope... I just wanted this whole table for myself. " The white haired girl said as if she was entitled to it.

The corner of Fuuka's eyes twitched and she tried to contain her anger, but the white haired girl was looking down on them and her evil grin was more than what Fuuka could ever hope to handle. Enraged by this, Fuuka grabbed the girl's buttoned shirt and started yelling at her.

" Look here brat! i'm being polite in asking you to share this table with us, if your not expecting anyone else then why are you refusing!!! " Fuuka wanted to say a lot more but she was cut short when the young girl held her face and gave a deep and passionate kiss, The girl's tongue invaded Fuuka's mouth but she was surprised at what was happening so she couldn't react immediately.

" Puwah♥ tehehe, I'm just kidding Big sister, you can sit here with me if you want, by the way my name is Aria, can you perhaps tell me yours?

" Ha... ahh yes... uhm... its Fuuka... wait, why did you just kiss me? " Fuuka's face was blushing red like a tomato and she wanted the girl, Aria to answer her.

" Big sister Fuuka was trying to invade my personal space so i just wanted to teach her a lesson tehehe♥ " Aria replied, after pulling Fuuka to a seat next to her.

The two men stood in shock, both Grey and Kaidus liked Fuuka a lot and they have been competing with each other for a very long time, they couldn't believe what just happened, in the end they just silently took their own seat at the table, and soon enough a blonde haired girl wearing a blue maid's dress approached them with hurried steps, and slammed her hand on the table infront of Aria.

" Aria-sama! you can't just kiss our guests indiscriminately, what if a wierd rumor started to go around, this is going to affect our image! and I told you to wait inside your room while I prepare your dinner.

" It's alright Beatrice, i'm actually waiting for Kim and Prim to return and I wanted to greet them, besides, its almost time, I wanted to try out the next level.

" Next level? " Fuuka asked, a bit confused.

" Don't mind it Big sister... " Aria replied quickly

Just then, the door from the reception area opened up and two figures went in, one was a red haired woman, wearing white plated armor and the other was a young girl wearing Black light armor and had black hair going up to her waist.

" Ahh welcome back Prim, Kim-sama " Beatrice greeted them and went back to work. " I'll be excusing my self Aria-sama. "

" please do, i'll see you later. " Aria waved off the maid and looked at the two other figures coming towards her. " Welcome back ♥ "

" We're home, I really missed you ♥ " Kim said before moving in towards Aria and kissing her on the lips, both of them played with each others tongue for a long time before Prim interrupted them.

" Ahem... Master, we have successfully dealt with the assasins, it would take a while before another hunting party is sent for my head, until then we are free to do as we please, but this excessive display of affection is a bit too much don't you think?

Kim was sitting on the same chair as Aria and groping the girl's chest, causing Aria to moan while Fuuka, Grey, and Kaidus stared at them with disbelief.

" Stop raining on my parade Prim, besides we are the only ones here. " Kim said, not minding the hungry stares of the other guests around their table.

" Lets continue this later, anyway, I would like to introduce you to our new guests, Kim, Prim, this is Fuuka and her companions, say hello . " Aria smiled and looked at the blue haired girl.

" ahh, Hi my name is Fuuka it's a pleasure to meet you. ( these girls are dangerous. ) this is Grey, and the other one is Kaidus.

" Good evening. " Grey nodded

" Hello, Kim, Prim " Kaidus greeted the other two aswell.

" We're actually here because of the newly discovered Labyrinth in this region and my companions and I would like to experience it for ourselves. " Fuuka added after the introduction " I'm quite surprised to see that there are a lot of female warriors here, its a good feeling to know that other women also like to venture out.

" About that, i was just wondering how old are you miss Kim? " Grey curiously asked.

" Don't you know it's rude to ask about a woman's age sir Grey? " Aria gave an impish smile while gently rubbing Kim's legs from under the table and Kim hearing this glared at Grey before speaking.

" I'm 14 years old, and if you begin to think of dirty thoughts i'm going to cut off your balls. " She replied and then proceeded to lick Aria's neck while watching Grey from the corner of her eyes.

Grey quickly fell silent after hearing this threat, then Kaidus decided to join in on the conversation.

" You all look like experienced individuals, tell me, have you entered the Labyrinth already?

" Yes we have, and quite a number of times already, to tell you the truth, we will be heading there after dinner. " Prim answered him.

" Wait!? your seriously going back there at night? don't you think its dangerous?

" Thats precisely the reason, monsters are more aggressive making the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. " Prim gave an evil grin which gave Kaidus a chill run down his spine.

" I see... "

" Enough talk, Lets eat dinner, it would be hard to fight on an empty stomach, Lotte and I cooked a lot of delicious food, I really hope you guys will enjoy it. " Aria then stood up, and called Beatrice and both of them disappeared behind another door. moments later, they returned with food and placed it on top of the long table.

The food was absolutely divine, there was roasted wild boar, stir fried vegetables, Lotte's soup of Life ( former soup of death ) sweet tasting bread, and wine.

when the group started eating, Sylvia, Reina, Beatrice and Lotte joined them and chatted while enjoying the food.

Fuuka was blushing while staring at Aria and Kim feeding each other, Grey and Kaidus on the otherhand was enjoying the view, being surrounded by a lot of beautiful women.

Other guests were also enjoying their food and talked amongst themselves, until Fuuka noticed something strange.

" Uhm... excuse me Aria... can I ask you a question? " a bit nervous, Fuuka called onto the white haired girl.

" Hmm? what is it Fuuka? "

" Is it just me or don't you find it wierd that everyone is wearing their weapons and armor as if they were heading out to battle?

" Huh? oh that... well didn't you hear Prim earlier, we will be heading to the labyrinth after dinner, and about that, I was also wondering why you guys aren't wearing your gear. " Aria replied to the confused Fuuka while eating.

" What!? wait what are you talking about!? "

" Don't tell me you don't know? anyway, I suggest you wear your gears, we will be attacked immediately after we arrive, you guys still have time, go back upstairs and dress up. I'm sorry, I forgot to properly welcome you. This is Flower Garden Inn, my Mobile Dungeon Exploration Hotel, I really hope you enjoy your stay ♥


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