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chapter 24 : Combat Maid

They say life is full of surprises.

One day your spending a wonderful time with your loved one's.

and the next day, they are gone.

I used to live with my parents in a small house on a backwater village.

It was hard to get by, but we managed to survive despite our meagre income.

our family was poor but we were happy.

that was until, the white flames destroyed everything.

The Empire of Deneriv decided to purge our small village because they said that the people here were going against the holy teachings, and Empress Victoria made it a point that no infidels were left unpunished.

Everyone was supposed to be killed.

How did I survive?


It was like fate was playing a cruel joke on me, and i'm not sure if me being alive today was a part of their grand design of things.

I can still remember it clearly, how my parents were burned alive and had a smile on their face knowing that I would live.

The empire's soldiers and royal knight that came had a mission, and their goal was to kill everyone... it was a culling...

when a Knight took off her helmet revealing her red hair and white skin and the tears that came pouring down from her eyes.

it was enough to cause anyone to lose their sanity, but I endured, all for a chance at getting my vengeance at the unholy empire.

Prim : " I'm sorry, but I can only save one person from this village, and I chose her. The moment the empire gave its sacred order, even if I hadn't accepted this, others will take my place, so I took it upon myself to make sure that atleast she will be spared from death in exchange for my servitude, Please Forgive me...

Man : " you don't have to apologize, just promise us that you will keep her safe Prim...

Woman : " remember Beatrice, your father and I will keep watching over you even if we are gone, we love you so much.

Beatrice : " No... no!!! Father! Mother!!! don't do this Prim I beg of you!!! Don't!!!!!!

The White Flames devoured their lives in an instant, there was no pain, no screaming, they just died and left their daughter forever...

In a single night, the small village where I lived was erased, children, women, and elderly were killed.

even a mere infant wasn't shown mercy, piles of bodies were stacked on top of one another.

I was the only one left, this was my sin, and this was my burden.

Prim, took me under her care and gave me work as a personal maid, it was a good life, the Empire was truly prosperous.

She treated me as a friend and not as a mere servant, but my desire to avenge my loved ones was burning like the flames that took their lives.

So I made up my mind to use whatever means necessary to destroy the Empress and everything that she has built up to now.

Prim was only a tool for me to use, and I took advantage of her emotions to manipulate her into doing my bidding.

I made Prim as my lover, and she in turn gave me strength and influence.

its funny how powerless I was back then, unable to protect the one's dear to me, and left at the mercy of other people.

now I stand face to face with an image of my past.

a mere child...

a child that destroyed a battalion of elites, and left my useless lover battered and broken.

Life, really is full of surprises...

now i'm here, in an almost identical village, with the same goal.

" i'm taking my knight back, and everyone else has to be killed. " I whispered to myself getting ready to do the almost impossible task infront of me, this was the only way...

This child has to die... in-order for me to achieve my goals.


Aria: " everyone step back!!! that maid is dangerous!!!

I yelled and pushed Kim and the other girls away from me before she managed to attack, her cute face in contrast with her blue maid's dress told me that she had an impeccable fashion sense, it was something that is truly fearsome.

A barrage of butter knives, dining forks and spoons along with identical silverwares were heading towards me.

I reflexively activate my Mana Barrier to protect me from her, the attack at first seemed weak, but my little girl intuition was telling me otherwise.

and I was correct...

my ultimate mana barrier that allowed no attacks to get through to me as long as I have enough mana pool, was easily neglected.

I watched as the first butter knife quickly penetrated my protection and soon enough the rest of the silverwares followed!

Aria: " I knew it! " I was a bit surprised but she didn't catch me off guard.

The next thing I did was to nimbly roll to my right and then performed a backward somersault to avoid her deadly attack.

When I landed, I kicked on the ground causing a large piece of earth to come up and then the sound of something hitting it from the other side could be heard.

Aria: " would you look at that... I never would have taught that those dinnerwares were made up of the same sky metal, you guys sure have it easy don't you.

hearing my words, the maid replied...

Maid: " It seems you really did defeat the White Flame Executioner, at first I thought that you did something underhanded to win but now i'm certain. Tell me... how did you do it?

Aria: " would you believe me if I told you that she surrendered peacefully, after I begged her to.

Maid: " Thats a wonderful idea, should I beg  you to surrender your life to me, would you do it?

Aria: " Not a chance, and I don't plan on hiring a maid that throws stuff at her masters whenever she just feels like it, go back to whatever maid cafe you came from and never comeback!

Maid: " I didn't come here to get a job!!!

Aria: " Then get the hell out of my sight!!!

We screamed at each other before charging forward with our weapons.

I hated maids for as long as I could remember. The first boy that I liked, fell in love with them, by the time I had confessed my feelings it was already too late. these maids took everything... and I stood there as my tears fell on my tablet p.c. the words written on it were " I love maids " this was his reply before he scurried off to somewhere else.

these maids and their magic that makes food delicious by chanting a few slutty words, and making a cute pause afterwards is an insult not just to me but to everyone else who puts a lot of effort to cook delicious food, what's more, is her ridiculously large breasts that are as big as Prim's is sometime that I cannot allow!

Aria: " Drop dead you thieving cat!!! "

Maid: " Prepare to meet your maker!!! "

I wiped the floor with her...

Once she tried to avoid my lightning bolt, I caught one of her butter knife in mid-air and took hold of the handle.


You have obtained a butter knife made of sky metal imbued with holy magic.

the terminal has unlocked a skill from obtaining the weapon.

[White Flame Tormentor]

- a series of piercing blows using a short blade. -

20 hit combo!

ignores target defence!

Time begins to slow down, as I easily parried flying knives, dinner forks, and spoons of all sizes and many others.

then I jumped up, towards the maid's position as she frantically launches innumerable weapons from out of no where.

I showed an evil grin as I quickly inch my way towards her.

The butter knife in my hand begins to light up in white flames, and the shock from the maid's eyes were clearly evident.

The fear, The inevitable death, and the white haired girl descended upon the maid.

Aria : " DIE!!!!!! "

The first strike was enough to bring her down to the solid ground and fisures began to form immediately from where she landed, then her body bounced up because of the extreme impact and the maid coughed up blood from her mouth.

but her punishment was far from over.

then the maid's fearful gaze was met by the cold blue eyes of the little girl infront of her.

followed by white flames and the rest of the divine strikes fury!

Aria : " White Flame Tormentor!!! "

In an explosion of white fire, the whole area was engulfed in smoke and dust, while large chunks of rocks gets thrown out in all directions.


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