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chapter 23 : Training Grounds


" It seems I have a lot of work to be done.

After registering our names and party members in the guild.

I found that both Reina and Sylvia was traumatized when they were raped by Orcs inside the dungeon.


members of your party has experienced a traumatic event in their life, because of this there is a high chance that these members will start to panic in certain situations or regress into a shocked state.

of course they have no idea about it, I only found out when I checked on my terminal to rearrange a few items stored inside and suddenly the notification popped out.

this is going to be problematic in the near future, but since Kim wanted me to take care of them for her sake I needed to find a solution and soon enough when I checked my map on the terminal, it showed a large group of Bandits converging in a single location.

It was the perfect opportunity, subjugate bandits and solve my problem with these two women.

Win-Win , it was like killing two birds with one stone.

we travelled for about 5 hours until we reached our destination.

upon arriving, both Reina and Sylvia became extremely worried about the safety of the group, seeing the large camp of bandits hidden in the forest wasn't something to scoff at.

however, me and Kim were just nonchalantly walking towards a wall on the north side of the bandit encampment.

The two just followed us reluctantly from behind.

When we reached the wall, I found that it was about 50 ft. high and made up entirely of wood, which made things a lot easier for me.

I stepped ahead, immediately pointed my finger on the wall and said the words "lighting bolt"

From my finger came out my max level and favorite spell that no longer required me to cast any incantations due to my over usage.

the lighting magic shot out into the direction of the wall, destroying it and leaving a large hole in their defences, pieces of debris were scattered everywhere and the look of the men on the other side of the wall almost made me laugh because they were stupified beyond belief.

I walked inside the camp like a final boss making a grand entrance, wearing my natural indifferent  and expressionless face, accompanied by a black swordswomen gave the intended effect towards the bandits.

unfortunately, both Sylvia and Reina were frozen stiff, standing behind us, it would have been great if they just walked to our side and gave an imposing smile, that would be enough to make these bandits wet their pants.

( tsk... with only this much and these two are already shaking in their boots... I need to fix them up if their going to be in my party, I guess this leaves me no choice but to re-educate them. )

while I was thinking of ways to cure the trauma of both Reina and Sylvia, Kim dashed forward and began disposing all the Bandits that have unsheathed their weapons.

Reina: " Kim!!! be careful! don't run off on your own! "

I look towards Reina who shouted to Kim when she saw her carelessly running towards the enemy, well if I didn't know Kim personally I would also be worried, but the reality is quite the opposite.

It was the bandits who were being careless when they didn't run away when they saw Kim quickly approaching them.

They realized it too late when Kim jumped into the air.

I'm not sure if seeing Kim's black laced panties made the bandits lose focus or become dazed by her beauty.

however, when ethereal blades started appearing from thin air, it was already over.

Kim: " [ blade santuary ]

The group of men around Kim just fell to the ground with their sliced up body parts, changing the green grass to a deeper color of red.

Reina's face visibly paled when she realized what had happened.

Kim, didn't waste any time and started running towards the only entrance to the camp to prevent other bandits from escaping.

Leaving the three of us behind.

Sylvia prepared her bow and arrows when she saw that another group of bandits were approaching us, however she was panicking and unable to draw her weapon towards the enemy, dropping arrows left and right like a child.

I was begining to worry about the future of our group, if this keeps up no good will ever come of it.

Since Sylvia was being useless, and Reina just stood there like a statue, I figured that it would be better if I did it myself.

I raised my right hand towards the incoming group of 30 to 40 bandits and said the words "chain lightning"

From my hand, came a thick stream of lightning magic that flew towards my target, there was a bright flash of light when I used my spell, and when the light vanished, it revealed the dead bodies of the bandits, all of which were burned to a crisp, and all of them were beyond recognizable.

I took out my terminal and checked their status to see what was wrong, and what I saw was unexpected.

[ Flower Garden ]

Party Information Window

experience distribution : individual share

Level79 ( fallen one )
hp: 500/500
mp: 449,146/450,810

Level65 ( blade dancer )
hp: 1,250/1,250
mp: 96,230/98,520

level10 ( healer )
hp: 100/100
mp: 300/300

Level10 ( archer )
hp: 130/130
mp: 200/200

At first it didn't quite register into my head, but after a minute of staring into the screen, I was finally made aware of the bane in my existence...

( what the hell is this!? those two are practically noobs!!! )

It was my mistake to assume that rank D adventurers had an average level of 30, I tried rubbing my eyes to see if I was mistaken, but no matter how hard I try, the numbers written on my terminal didn't change.

I silently glance at the two hoping to find any redeeming feature other than their gravure idol bodies, but sadly none.

They were newbie adventurers that got trapped inside a dungeon, raped by Orcs, and now i'm stuck with them.

I sighed inwardly on my unfortunate discovery, not only do I need to free them of their trauma, I also have to train both of them diligently to make up for the huge level difference.

Well, the level can easily be achieved with the help of Athen, but increasing both their level immediately without proper knowledge and skill would be useless.

Both of them needed hands on experience, and with this in mind, I prepared my first task for the two.

I walked up beside them and gave them my orders, it was simple.

Aria : " I'm going to kill a lot of people today and both of you are probably just going to stand here and watch, which isn't something that I can allow.

they both listened obediently and nodded in agreement.

Its true, they needed to earn their keep, they had to do something.

Aria : " The first order of business is to tie up a few prisoners that I will be choosing, i'm sure both of you can do something as simple as this correct?

Reina : " I know how to properly tie up people, it isn't difficult.

Sylvia : " This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I guess this is the only thing that we can do to help.

Aria : " Perfect, now follow me...

I walked around the camp killing bandits after I sealed up the hole that I made in the wall earlier, it wasn't hard, I just destroyed the supports on each side and the entire thing collapsed and the job was done.

Looking towards the direction of the entrance of the bandit camp and hearing the loud screams from a far told me that Kim was diligently doing her job.

by now everyone was running away towards the exit in hopes of escaping the white haired girl, death by electrocution was really frightening if I may say so myself, and so they were willing to take their chance with the lone swordswoman.

After going about in search of my chosen few, I was able to produce a lot of good looking bandit prisoners, some even decided to surrender voluntarily when they found that I wasn't harming the men that had above average faces, their ages varied from young to adults.

All of them had nice chiseled bodies, and all of them were tied up on wooden posts that was conveniently available for use,  who knew that there would come a day that they will be the ones tied up in their own camp instead.

Satisfied with the number of prisoners, I began my next task for the two new members.

Aria : " alright, time to get started, your all probably wondering why we decided to tie you up?

I pause for a while and looked at all my delicious prisoners, trying to pick my most suitable example among the rest, and when I found him staring at me, I quickly approached the young man.

Aria : " Nice to meet you Oniichan~ , do you happen to know? the reason why I had all of you tied up? tehehe~

I licked my lips, and looked at the young man infront of me.

The young man was confused, but he shook his head because he didn't know what to answer.

Then I placed my right hand on his crotch and started to " Cop~a~feel " and he looked at me with surprise in his eyes.

The rest of the bandits grinned and some even laughed seeing this and both Reina and Sylvia was blushing like ripe tomatoes.

satisfied with their reaction, I carefully undressed the young man's pants and it completely revealed his rock hard and pulsing cock.

I smiled when I saw that a little bit of white pre-cum was coming out of the tip, then I grabbed hold of his cock and started stroking it vigorously while looking at his face.

Aria : " Oniichan~ do you think i'm pretty, do you want me to lick this filthy cock? do you huh? or would you rather have this cock of yours rub the walls of my wet pussy?

I looked at him impishly, while stroking his cock up and down.

young bandit : " I want to rub it inside of you!!! and yes your absolutely beautiful!!! let me fuck you!!!

satisfied with his answer, and boosting my self confidence after hearing such praise, i replied in my sweetest voice.

Aria : " I'm so happy tehehe, but first I want to see this filthy cock shoot out your white milk, and if you manage to reach a distance of 5 meters, I just might let you stick it inside me.

I stroked his rock hard cock at the same speed as I was peeling potatoes for dinner, and soon enough he convulsed and his hot sperm shot out like an angry volcano.

Then I unsheathed a sharp dagger that I acquired from one of the bandits after having disarmed all of their weapons.

It was a swift movement that took his life immediately as I pressed the dagger into his heart. Blood spurted out from his chest like waterfalls.

He died, and had his last erection.

I looked at the shocked expressions of all the bandits and pale faces of Reina and Sylvia before removing the dagger from his chest and began to speak...

Aria : " This game is called russian roulette, Reina, Sylvia, your goal is to make all these men shoot their cum before claiming their lives. The rules are simple, you can use any method available, but please bare in mind that if you lose, I will have them all rape you just like the Orcs, and once they are done,

I will give both of you the most painful death imaginable that you would wish that I would have just left you to the Orcs instead.

Then, I showed the two of them my most innocent smile and moved to sit at a nearby rock and motioned my hand for them to begin.

Sylvia : " Are you kidding me!?

Reina : " What kind of sick joke is this miss Aria!?

Aria : " Oh I assure you its no joke, you both know quite well what i'm capable of, if you value your lives, you better start making these bandits feel heaven on earth.

The first one to move was Reina, as expected, she had more talent with these things because of her healer profession.

then Sylvia also started, after seeing her friend.

Both were blushing and clearly embarrassed at what they were doing but this was absolutely necessary if they want to live, otherwise they would soon join the ranks of their former members.

it was quite enjoyable seeing the bandits trying their damn hardest not to cum, but my girls were very determined.

at first a mere handjob was enough to achieve the desired effect but after seeing their comrades killed one by one gave them fear like no other.

" Hih! get away from me no! no!!!

" Stay away from me you witch!!!

Reina : " I'll make you feel a lot better.

Sylvia : " hehe, your trying hard to resist, its really cute.

At first, I thought that it would take longer for them to get used to this but I was surprised that after their third and second kill, both girls were completely transformed.

Reina effectively used her knowledge with the human body and performed miracles that I never thought was even possible, one after another bandits fell limp to her techniques, and they were killed mercilessly using her scepter.

The wonderful sight of a beautiful healer bashing the face of a man until the flesh started to peel off from his skull, gave me chills going down my spine.

Sylvia with her lacking knowledge, improvised with her own body, using her breasts, her tongue and even went as far as rubbing the cock of the bandit in between her wet legs.

and finally executing him and many others by launching her arrows at close proximity, she really enjoyed their screaming while their bodies were pierced with 5 to 12 arrows before finally dying.

when Kim returned to us, I had already achieved my desired outcome, the two women had been completely reborn into a worthy member of our party.

I was no longer disappointed.

Both Reina and Sylvia had now become my pride and joy.

Their eyes were fierce, and full of life.

No longer chained by their sad memories.

[ Flower Garden ]

Party Information Window

experience distribution : individual share

Level79 ( fallen one )
hp: 500/500
mp: 448,146/450,810

Level65 ( blade dancer )
hp: 1,250/1,250
mp: 23,169/98,520

level12 ( nurse from hell )
hp: 300/300
mp: 500/500

Level12 ( close range sniper )
hp: 530/530
mp: 450/450

Kim : " did something happen while I was away?

Aria : " huh? not that I know of... why?

Kim : " these two seem a bit different from earlier.

Reina : " Ahahaha, Kim your just imagining things, right Sylvia...

Sylvia : " yeah maybe your just tired Kim, anyway Boss Aria... uhm... is there any other nearby bandits in this location. i'm sure we can get quite a good killing from all the loot in their camps.

Aria : " for now, we are going to call it a day, collect all the treasures that you find and bring it with us, I'll send a coordinator here after we get back to the guild to process our rewards, i just hope that we can atleast get paid more than 40 gold pieces after all the trouble we went through, this job is hard.

Kim : " you barely did anything, I was the only one guarding the exit and close to 600 bandits poured in my location, while you three are just sitting around in this place, and whats the deal with these half naked corpses.

Aria - Sylvia - Reina : " its a secret~


we got back safely to the guild and got promoted to rank B after our efforts of keeping peace and order.

because of our good deeds, the roads to our village has become a lot safer and soon more and more people will come and turn our village into a thriving metropolis.

this is just my first step.

for now we are happily greeted by Lotte waving at us from a far in our old run down house.

I need to get to work at the kitchen as soon as possible because she is hopeless when it comes to cooking.

but what's this?

a blonde woman wearing maids clothing is staring daggers at me.

Is she applying for a job?

we stopped infront of her as she gracefully took a bow and greeted us.

" Greetings, may I know which one of you is Mistress Aria?

Aria : " that would be me. " I raised my hand in affirmation.

She smiled cheerfully, before throwing countless dining knives, forks, spoons and other silverwares towards my direction, its been a long day, what did I get myself into now!?


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