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chapter 21 : Our First


The long day has finally ended.

We managed to survive thanks to Aria, and also helped others to escape from the dungeon.

Thinking back on what happened, we were definitely lucky to be able to comeback in one piece.

I was really thankful that she came for us during our time of need, despite what happened between us.

When we finished putting all the three women to their own rooms.

I went back outside to check on Centor, aswell as to properly thank him for what he's done all this time.

He and Athen were still lost for words regarding me and Aria but they didn't push for any explanation.

They were just happy that everything worked out the way it did.

Finishing our conversation, I went back inside the house looking for Aria.

I found Lotte sitting near the fire place.

Walking up to her, I asked where Aria might have gone to, and she quickly told me that she went upstairs, probably to check on the three guests.

Excusing myself and thanking her for allowing us to stay even though we were complete strangers to her.

She just replied by bowing her head and telling me that she now considered us as part of the family so its just normal, Lotte also told me that we could stay as long as we want since this house was too big for just one person to live in, and that she appreciated the company more than ever.

noticing the sad face that she was making, I made my way upstairs, not wanting to re-open any wounds, and also to give the woman a time for herself to grieve her loss.

Making quick strides up the stairs, I quickly noticed that the third room had its door open.

Thinking that Aria was inside the room, I walked towards it.

When I peeked inside, I saw Aria leaning forward and the red haired knight was holding Aria's face and kissing her while she was on the bed.

I left the two of them immediately...

Grasping the katana that was on my waist, I tried my best to hold myself from running back inside the room and killing the red head.

It seems Aria is quite fond of the knight and I was surprised that she would kiss another woman, even after what I told her.

" She's your replacement... "

damn it!

The words that she said at the labyrinth was making me more irritated at myself and the prickling in my chest was getting more and more intolerable.

I was getting angry.

Getting angry at the red haired knight and most especially on Aria for taking my feelings lightly.

I shut myself inside our room and decided to wait for her until she came back.

Jumping on top of the bed was one of the things that I enjoyed doing but this time it wasn't enough.

so I tried sleeping, but I can't seem to fall asleep.

then I decided to do some push-ups, didn't work...

and a lot more other stuff, hoping to calm myself down.

After many failed attempts, I considered it to be hopeless and just sat on a chair right beside the window.

" she's your replacement... "


her words were whispering in my ears and I was begining to lose my temper.

( we need to have a serious talk later, Oneechan~ )

It was already getting dark outside and I was losing my patience.

I was waiting for roughly two hours and she's still not showing up.

then I got an idea, on what the reason might be, and I wasn't pleased by it...

( wait!? what if? no it can't be. )

( did the two of them go all the way!? )

this time, my anger was in its highest point, and her not showing up wasn't helping the situation.

I was about to get out of the room and go back to check on the two of them, until I heard the door opening.

( Finally!!! )

I look to my side and saw Aria smiling from ear to ear...

It was one of the brightest smiles I have ever seen on her for the first time.

( she replaced me... that red haired bitch!!! unforgivable!!! definitely unforgivable!!! )

I stood up and approached Aria.

I was Mad, really mad at what she did to me behind my back.

The next thing I did was raise my hand and swung it towards her face.

Then, she fell on the floor like a puppet that lost its strings.

( heh... it felt good when I hit her. )

I picked her up from the ground and pulled her face towards me.

Aria was sniffling like a little girl and tears were falling from her eyes.

Who knew that the cold blooded killer was able to make such a face.

The strongest mage and summoner that I know was crying infront of me.

weak, so weak, she looked really weak, and even though I hit her on the face she wasn't fighting back.

It felt like, I could get my way with her.

I wanted to see more of that weakness, I wanted to see what was behind her strength.

during all this, my anger was being replaced with something else.

( what is this... what's this feeling welling up inside me... )

Without thinking, I pressed my lips upon hers and stuck my tongue inside her mouth.

She opened her eyes wide with shock and I looked straight at them while sucking up every bit of liquid that her mouth was giving me.

Aria was trying to push me away, but surprisingly there wasn't any strength in any of it, so I managed to pull her even closer.

what I was doing to her felt good, really good...

( so this is what you two must have been doing. this is unfair, even though you have me... )

I threw her at the bed afterwards.

Licking my lips, I pushed her down to prevent her from escaping.

" Kim?....hik....sniff......hik...... " she called out to me.

Hearing her call out my name made me feel like I wanted to do more.

I leaned forward and whispered to her ear.

" Aria.... I hate you so much. " I said this and immediately bit her ear.

suddenly more tears came out of her eyes and she had a really sad expression as I watched her from the corner of my vision.

" You said that loved me... were you lying that time?... hik..sniff.... " she said this, while trying to compose herself.

" well Aria, if you want me to love you, then your gonna have to do what I say. "

I replied to her question while letting my tongue slide up and down her neck.

" Alright... I will... " she said in return, Aria was a bit embarrassed, so I think she knew where this was going.

After hearing her approval, I propped myself up using my left arm, while I was still sitting on top of her.

" good girl... open your mouth while I give you your reward. "

she quickly opened her mouth as told.

I watched her as she gulped down the liquid that came pouring down from my mouth like it was fresh water.

and slowly, her head was rising up until her tongue managed to touch the tip of my own.

" Hmm... who told you that you can do whatever you want? bad girls need to be punished. "

Then I gave her another deep and passionate kiss while I slowly led her head back down using my right hand that was placed behind her neck.

afterwards, I unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her pair of soft growing mounds held up together by her pink underwear.

I took her undergarment off with ease and I finally saw her bare breasts, not failing to notice that her nipples were also standing erect.

" what do we have here? tell me, do know what comes next? "

she shook her head, and in turn I gave out an impish smile before taking off my black upper garments and black laced panties.

I leaned towards her close enough for our nipples to be able to play with each.

it feels absolutely amazing as they brushed up and down from one another.

Aria looked straight into my eyes with passion, as I gazed upon them.

She then placed her arms around my neck and said.

" I love you Kim... if its you, then you can do whatever you want with me... "

I smiled and gave Aria a light kiss, then said to her in a soft voice.

" Raise your butt, i'm going to take off your skirt and panties... "

She did so without complaining and I managed to undress her completely until I saw her cute and really wet little pussy.

Aria used her hand to cover it and told me that I shouldn't stare at it too much.

I removed her hand and allowed myself to taste a bit of what was dripping out of the tiny hole.

Shortly after, I led my tongue deeper into it.

Aria covered her mouth and tried her best not to make any sound, but as I continued to play around with my tongue inside her,  she was unable to hold out and begun to moan with pleasure.

" Ahnn~ Kim.. it feels good... "

She suddenly held my head tightly and pressed it against her tiny hole until finally...

Sweet tasting water sprayed onto my face...

I was surprised.

Aria was spasming and shaking uncontrolably.

She was panting really hard, and the smile on her face was telling me that she wanted more.

I held up my hand and willed my mana onto it.

from thin air an ethereal blade appeared almost instantly, and I slowly changed its shape to a familiar form.

remembering the Orcs and what they used on the two women that we rescued.

I formed my own version of it, and gave Aria an evil grin.

She looked at the thing that I made, and let her gaze slowly wander back to my eyes then said to me in a soft voice that almost seemed like a whisper.

" Its my first time... please be gentle... "

I pressed the tip on Aria's pussy and rubbed it vigorously before placing the other edge onto my own.

Slowly, I pushed... until both sides were embedded deep into us.

It hurt a little, but I was really happy that I was the one that took her first.

" Aria, I know it hurts because we are both women, but i'm sure it will eventually feel a lot better.  "

" Mmnnnn, it hurts a little but i'm alright. do whatever you want with me Kim... " her soft hands touched my face.

Then, I started moving my hips.

it still hurts but it was starting to feel really better, the repeated movements were also matched by Aria as she too began moving her hips.

The pounding of our flesh resounded  inside the room and it made me even more horny, so I placed more force into every movement.

I looked at Aria and saw her lewd smiling face, then I gave her another kiss.

Our tongues played with each, and our saliva mixed as we both greedily embraced one another, her nails were burying into my back but I paid it no heed, then She suddenly clamped down on me using her legs.

She is nearing her climax, and I was not far behind.

" Kim! Kim!!! I love you!!! "

" I love you too Aria... be mine! be mine forever!!! "

" Yes! YES!!! I'm yours!!!! Ahnn!!!!! "

" Ahnn~ AHNNN!!!!

we came at the same time...

the explosion of extreme pleasure coarsed all over our bodies.

We held each other close as the smell of our sweat permeated the air.

after a while, I looked at her then said...

" I don't really hate you Aria, I was just upset. "

" you hit me because you were upset? "

Hearing her words, I quickly stood up and dressed.

she was surprised at the sudden change in my behavior.

" Kim? Whats wrong? "

on my way to the door, I stopped and faced her.

" Aria you idiot! If you don't know why I was upset then I will keep on slapping your face until you do. hmmp! "

I left the room and slammed the door on the way out.

( tsk... next time I hit you, I'll make sure you go flying out the window. )


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