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Chapter 20 : Doll House


I don't know exactly what's going on, but I think that I was the reason why Kim was crying.

The moment she told me those words, my face lit up like fire for the first time.

I needed to do something for her but what?

Then, I was reminded of the two women that I left inside the labyrinth.

She was begging me to save them.

How can I be so heartless.

" Aria you idiot!!! " I said to myself.

After she released my arms.

I immediately ran back towards the dungeon.

Upon entering, I quickly changed back to my birthda... combat suit and equipped both "Ebony & Ivory"

" Girls there's been a change of plans.  Take out all the monsters that stands in my way, and  make it quick. "

[ notice! ]

[ Initiating Program ]

[ Ebony & Ivory ]

[ Online ]

" Pft!Ahahahaha! "

" Oh... i'm gonna enjoy this for as long as possible. "

" Girls, i'm in a bit of a hurry, shall we get started? "

Ebony & Ivory: " Leave it to us. "

The rest of the scene was a bit uneventful.

It was like a walk in the park for me... wait let me correct myself... more like a really long run in a really large park.

First level of Perdulin's Labyrinth... After being greeted by the two giant statues in the entrance, I encountered the first monsters.

[ Slime ]
lvl 5
hp: 100/100
mp: 25/25

skills: acid body, physical resistance ( medium )

these are small disgusting, sticky perverts that mostly try to melt your clothes, and loves to see women naked.

one hit from Ebony and Ivory was more than enough to kill them but since the labyrinth was acting up recently, I used exploding bullets to decimate them because of their constant crawling over walls and ceilings gave me chills in my spine. I ran inside their area and fired about five bullets in total, leaving behind a burning sea of destruction in my wake.

moving on...

The next area was a bit larger, it was a forest, deep inside the labyrinth. During my first trip, we had to let Centor scout the whole area. I found that the monsters here were diverse, ranging from fox's, wolves, horned rabbits, treants, tigresses, and many more. despite being inside a dungeon, the whole place was bright as day, because the trees itself was emitting light.

The level of monsters here ranged from lvl6 - lvl14 all of which are violent, the most dangerous ones were the cute horned rabbits, they were so cuddly that one time I wanted to take one as a pet, however it lunged at me with his thick, long and black horn that almost made me wet myself from terror of being penetrated, thus I immediately branded it as a perveted creature and made Barm crush them underneath his feet, after he made lots and lots of bloody rabbit pancakes, I ordered him to eat the rest.

This time, I opted to use my guns to kill any monsters that came my way as I travelled towards the center of the forest. One hour later, I was finally in view of the temple, this was the entrance to the second level.

I wasn't sure earlier, how that little group was able to make their way to the second level of the labyrinth until I remembered the transdimentional gate that I used.

So basically, both me and them were to blame for what happened.

Its my fault for using such a large scale portal and their fault for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Moving inside...

The welcoming committee consisted of undead, mostly your regular ones.

There was skeletons, zombies, phantoms, wraits and other things that were supposed to be burried but refused.

The levels of the monsters inside the temple were lvl15 - lvl25

Making my way towards the basement level

And fighting some death knights...

I finally reached the second level of the labyrinth after thirty minutes.

exiting the temple, the next order of business was to navigate through the maze.

The maze was a fun playground for kids and I could definitely enjoy playing hide and seek, if not for the werewolves and minotaurs that kept on chasing you endlessly.

I changed my bullets to silver, infused with some really nasty poison, to deal with the big bad wolves, and for the minotaurs I simply gave two bullets flying towards their eyes, it was enough to get them off my back permanently.

when I made it passed the whole maze, it was another long and argues run in a number of caves and tunnels.

These were the parts where the two women was last seen.

upon arrival, the scene infront of me didn't change much from the time that we left.

the same group of Orcs were still there, making a bee line towards the two naked and helpless women.

They seem to be enjoying themselves judging by the stupid smile on their faces whenever the Orcs sprayed their Monster juice inside them, which made me stop and think if i'm really doing the right thing.

But because i'm in a holy mission given to me by Kim, I had to put an end to all this madness.

" ahem... ahem... excuse me ladies and genitals, sorry to put a damper on your fun, but this club is officially closed. "

The Orcs, being Orcs just made grumping sounds and started to move towards my direction.

and me, being Aria just up and killed them all as they made their way towards me.

when the last Orc finally bit the dust, and had his last erection.

I went to where the two women was and made an unfortunate discovery.

" ugh... disgusting... why do I have do to this... "

I spoke this in my mind, not wanting to cause any friction between me and the captives, as I looked at their sperm covered bodies, I tried to give them both my best sales face before I dropped the bomb on them but I guess my eyes gave me away so I just sat down beside them and offered some words of comfort while placing my hands on both of the women's abdomen.

" This is gonna hurt... a bit. " who am I kidding, this is gonna hurt like hell!!!

" but its better than getting pregnant with an Orc. " given the choice, I would do this to myself no questions asked.

" Try to endure as much as possible, I dont want you both dying on me after all the trouble I went through. "

Without waiting for a reply, I proceeded to apply my [ lightning ] magic on both women, they screamed for a moment so I increased the intensity to shut them up, until they completely lost consciousness.

When I was finished, I checked upon them to see if they were still alive and I gave out a sigh of relief after finding out that they were still breathing. with the shock treatment, these two won't have any problems with unwanted Orc pregnancy.

I took them out of the labyrinth and brought them infront of Athen to be healed.

Feeling tired and worn out, I took a seat under a nearby tree to get a little bit of rest.

When I saw Kim making her way towards me, I hugged my knees and prepared for the worst.

I thought she was going to slap my face again for taking too long to save the two women.

She sat beside me and looked at my face before finally speaking.

" Thank you Aria... " she said to me.

Wierd, this is wierd...

its a strange feeling welling up inside me, but it feels nice.

" Are you really fine with it? I mean, staying with me and all... " I said to her not bothering to look at her.

without me asking her, Kim leaned her head on my shoulder and said.

" Nothing else would make me happier. "

I gave out a smile without  me noticing.

It felt like I was flying on cloud nine.

We rested for a good amount of time until I decided for us that it was time to go.

Arriving back in front of Lotte's house, I was contemplating on what words I would give to her.

Hearing our group.

Lotte stepped out and saw the three naked women on top of Centor and ran quickly to see their condition.

There was no need for too many words, she helped me and Kim to bring them inside the house and layed each of the women on their own beds.

" Lotte I... " I tried to tell her what happened but she just cut me off.

" Its alright Aria, I think I know what happened, Gavin knew the dangers that came with this profession, he fought bravely in order to protect his members but in the end it wasn't enough. "

( Oh my God! I completely forgot about it, but it seems this misunderstanding is in my best interest so i'm just gonna stay quiet for now. )

" I'm sorry, when we came back they were the only ones left alive... "

I walked up towards her and embraced her from the back.

Lotte cried and I pretended to shed some tears for the now deceased unfaithful husband.

when she finally stopped crying, I took my leave and went to see Prim inside her room.

for an old house, it had a lot of spare rooms which made me think that this place used to be an inn.

I knocked on the door and entered the room.

Prim was laying on the bed still unconscious.

I went to her side and noticed that she was mumbling some words, I leaned my head closer so that I could hear what it was, the next thing that happened almost gave a heart attack.

" Beatrice... "

" Beatrice? " a name? I wonder...

Suddenly Prim grabbed my head and guided my lips towards hers, then she gave me a kiss.

( whoa!!! what the!? )

" Mmmm..mmp...Puwaah... " tsk this woman....

I managed to free myself from her hands with ease and I found that she was still unconscious, go figure...

Then, I looked towards the door when I thought I heard a sound coming from it, but nobody was there.

( probably just my imagination )

After covering Prim's body with a blanket, I went downstairs to prepare dinner. The number of people increased a lot so i'm gonna go all out.


After cooking enough food for everyone, I asked Lotte to see the condition of the other three guests if they are able to eat dinner with the rest of us.

Then I went to our room, upon entering, Kim who was sitting by the window immediately stood up and went towards me.

I was really looking forward to being alone with her.

Closing the door behind me and facing her direction.

I saw Kim's right hand flying at break neck speed and going for my face...

The next thing I knew, I was on floor of our bedroom.

She hit me...

She just hit me again...

Thanks to my passive skills, it didn't hurt, but I took a lot of mental and emotional damage.

Why did she hit me? why???

Tears quickly ran down my face.

She picked me up from the ground by grabbing the collar of my dress using both her hands.

I closed my eyes during this time, I've had enough... no more... please...

Then, to my surprise...

Kim, kissed me and her tongue invaded my mouth.

I felt her saliva, mixing with mine.

It was sweet like honey.

I wanted to push her away, but my strength was quickly fading and I was unable to resist her.

( what is this??? )

( whats going on??? )

when our lips separated.

She quickly threw me on top of the bed.

This time, I was still crying but I wasn't sure exactly what I was feeling anymore.

" Kim?....hik....sniff.....hik..... "

She leaned closer to me and whispered to my ear.

" Aria, I hate you so much... "

Then, she softly took a bite.

chapter end...




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